Was that a battle?

Anyone else think MTV's Battle of the Exes was a little light on the battling?

I was sort of hoping more of these exes would hate each other.... that something shady happened to make them dislike each other, even if it was off the air.

Mark and Robyn dated for a long time.... yet, they're named as exes who get along really well and can communicate. (Secret confession: I hope they win. Poor Robyn has been doing this for a long time.) Heather doesn't seem to have any resentment towards Dustin. Rachel claims Aneesa mistreated her... yet they seemed to be strategizing for the mission just fine. Cara Maria even called Abram 'babe'!!

So far, the biggest 'battle' is that one of the two still harbors feelings for the other. That's lame.

And all the CT/Diem will they/won't they is going to make me puke. They aren't some fairytale couple. Yes the whole taking the wig off thing was adorable when it happened.... but can I remind you that CT used to be a complete monster? Sure he hooked up with Shavon and that's 'disgusting', but remember what happened after that? The whole trying to kill Adam thing? I'm not over that.

I know it's only the first episode.... but bring on the fighting! the drama! the backstabbing!



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