Rumors that Dan Harmon is returning for Season 5 of 'Community'

Rumors that Dan Harmon is returning for Season 5 of Community, please please please be true. This season had some a few bright lights, but it lacked a certain punch. The writing was slow, obvious. The characters were so flat. Too many Jeff speeches and Britta psych evals.

What should have been one of the best episodes in history - the puppet ep - just sort of happened. What should have been an epic comeback/takeover - Chang - was resolved in a few minutes over FroYo.

Bring back Dan Harmon. And while you're at it, also bring back -

  • John Goodman and the AC repair school. 
  • More Leonard. 
  • More Magnum. 
  • Professor Duncan. 
  • Starburns via a dream or flashback ep. 
  • Michael K Williams and references to The Wire. 
  • Cougartown crossover. 


Surviving Jack

But why 1991?

Us & Them

Not a Ritter fan, but this is probably the most promising trailer (in comedy at least) I've seen so far this season.


Prediction: Cancelled. But I like Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi.

Gang Related

John Locke!


Could either be annoying or awesome.


Private Benjamin meets Down Periscope... but most importantly Geoff Stults.

The Millers

This cast, this concept... it could be so much better. This feels stale. Predictable. Two and a Half Men - ish.



The Crazy Ones

I'm actually NOT a Robin Williams fan, or a fan of the 'zany' advertising cliche. But I am a fan of James Wolk, who seems to be making a career out of playing the ad man (see Mad Men).


Sawyer cut his hair!

PS Don't like the Red from Once Upon a Time cast in this. She annoys me.


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