Love me some Bubs.

My obsession with The Sing Off may have only lasted one week, but it was a pleaseant one, filled with dreams of the sweet Bubs serenading me.... ahhh.

I obviously think the Bubs should have won (I will pretty much always pick the dreamy college boys, just FYI), but NOTA was cool too. Everyone is saying they were better 'musicians', and sure, I'll buy that. But the Bubs definitely shined brighter as performers (perhaps it was the sweaters? haha I'm a riot...).

Seriosuly though, I love the Bubs. Ben Folds was right (as he always is), they are what everyone wants college guys to be like. Plus they gave us the best celebrity collaboration of the night, singing with Nicole (she should probably ditch the Pussycat Dolls and sing with these guys all the time instead)....


The Ruins: Reunion thoughts:

1. Wes and Johanna were never engaged?
2. Johnny's hair is out of control and Kenny and Evan should not be friends with him.
3. KellyAnne = Crazy Eyes.
4. Dunbar & Katie, why were you even there?
5. Brad & Tori getting married in 4 months! Soooo cute.
6. And come on people, Evan and Kenny are not the 'mean girls.' In fact, Evan, will you marry me?


Golden Globes nominees! and my picks!

Who loves awards shows? Me! Me! Me! There is nothing better than camping out on your couch on a Sunday night with pizza, popcorn, and ice cream (what? It’s a long show!), and watching your favorite stars strut across the stage. Plus, I love the montages.

But you know what I love even more than the show itself? Getting the list of nominees and picking my favorites. In that brief moment, your ‘winners’ still have a shot at being the real winners. And even if my dreams are crushed come January 17, at least my favorites will be memorialized forever here at Addicted to Television:

BEST TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Big Love (HBO)Dexter (Showtime)House (Fox)Mad Men (AMC)True Blood (HBO)
Dexter, True Blood, and Mad Men are three of my absolute favorite shows, so it is great to see them all nominated! For the winner, I’m going to have to go with Mad Men (no worries, Dexter fans. You’ll get your awards in the acting category!). Mad Men not only put out great performances this year, but had huge storylines – JFK shooting, Betty finding Don’s true identity, a guy getting his foot run over with a lawn mower…

BEST TELEVISION SERIES – COMEDY OR MUSICAL 30 Rock (NBC)Entourage (HBO)Glee (FOX)Modern Family (ABC)The Office (NBC)
Duh, I’m going to pick Glee. It is probably the most original comedy out there right now. It isn’t just about a group of friends hanging out, or a family trying to get along, or a bunch of people working together- it has music! Plus, when was the last time a high school sitcom was engaging enough for adults to enjoy?

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Simon Baker, The MentalistMichael C. Hall, DexterJon Hamm, Mad MenHugh Laurie, HouseBill Paxton, Big Love
Awards voters love Jon Hamm (as do I), but this one has to go to Michael C. Hall for his stunning performance on Dexter. This season, we saw Dex rock a baby to sleep, go to counseling with his wife, give up his bachelor pad… oh yeah, and hunt down the Trinity Killer. The highlight of the season really was the Dexter/Trinity storyline (what? You thought LaGuerta/Batista was more interesting? Good try, but no), and I’m hoping Hall and Lithgow both get recognized for it.

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES –DRAMA Glenn Close, DamagesJanuary Jones, Mad MenJulianna Margulies, The Good WifeAnna Paquin, True BloodKyra Sedgwick, The Closer
January Jones, hands down. Did you know her ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, told her to quit acting? No, Asthon, you quit. January Jones was brilliant this season on Mad Men. In the span of one season, she had a baby, lost her father, went to Rome, began an affair with another man, uncovered the truth about her husband’s identity, and finally demanded a divorce and hopped on a plane to Reno. And she looked really pretty doing it too.

Alec Baldwin, 30 RockSteve Carell, The OfficeDavid Duchovny, CalifornicationThomas Jane, HungMatthew Morrison, Glee
Although I love Glee, I don’t understand Morrison’s nomination here. The show is great, but he is probably the least funny character on it. I’m gonna give this one to Carell, because I am sick of Baldwin winning all the time.

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES –COMEDY OR MUSICAL Toni Collette, United States of TaraCourteney Cox, Cougar TownEdie Falco, Nurse JackieTina Fey, 30 RockLea Michele, Glee
What an honor for Lea Michele to be nominated in this category! If I had to guess, I would give it to Collette or Fey, but it would be so awesome if Michele won, wouldn’t it? The category is for comedy or musical, so why not congratulate the one nominee who covers both? Michele is hilarious as stage-brat Rachel, and man oh man, can that girl sing. (Speaking of, I wonder if we will get a musical performance from the Glee cast. Wouldn’t that be a treat!)

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN A SERIES,MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION Michael Emerson, LostNeil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your MotherWilliam Hurt, DamagesJohn Lithgow, DexterJeremy Piven, Entourage
I hate that I am passing on Lost’s sole nomination, especially since Emerson was amazing as evil (or not evil?) Ben Linus this past year, but the award has to go to Lithgow for his creepy turn as the Trinity Killer on Dexter. From the moment we saw his bare buttocks in the first scene of the premiere, we couldn’t look away. And in his final moments, admit it, you felt some sympathy for the guy, didn’t you? Too bad that feeling didn’t last long. Now we can all hate him again.

Jane Lynch might play the same snappy alpha-female in everything (40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models, Talladega Nights, Two and a Half Men, Party Down), but the cutthroat high school cheerleading coach kills every scene on Glee. I would try to say something clever here, but nothing would be as great as what Sue would say. That’s why she is nominated for a Golden Globe and I’m not.

And a few thoughts…
I’m not going to call these ‘snub’s, but there were a few shows left of the ballot that surprised me.

Where was all the love for Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory? Both shows are putting out stellar seasons, not to mention having one of the best dramatic actors (Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad) and one of the best comedic actors (Jim Parsons, Big Bang) on TV right now.

And my all-time favorite show, Lost was really overlooked this year. True, the last season was confusing (even for me), but it is consistently one of the most thought provoking shows on television. I am hoping that they will be recognized next year, following their final season this spring.


the Dexter finale: not so happy ending

The Dexter finale last night was INTENSE. And those last few minutes really blew me away (and everyone else apparently too- 15 hours later, and 'Dexter' is still a trend topic on Twitter). I was literally left speechless at the end of the episode, but let me try and gather my thoughts here....

WARNING: If you have yet to watch the finale, do not read this post. It is not really thoughts on the episode itself, but more like thoughts on what's to come in the future.

How will Dex handle being a single dad? As if just being a husband and father wasn't tough enough for him this season, now he has to take on Aster, Cody, and little Harrison all on his own. Some people think they will go live with Rita or Paul's parents, but that wouldn't be any fun now would it? And considering how Dexter found Harrison in the end, I don't think he will be letting that little baby out of his site any time soon.

How will he cope? Usually, Dexter deals with emotion by, well, killing someone. He likes to get revenge. But what about this time? Trinity is already dead, and the only person left to blame for Rita's murder is Dexter himself. I hate to say it, but if he had listened to Harry to begin with, if he had killed Trinity when he had the chance, if he hadn't made so many 'mistakes', if he didn't carry this 'dark passenger' to begin with, Rita would still be alive.

Does Dexter still think he can change? In last night's finale, Dex was struggling with the idea of change; trying to decide if he could abandon his dark passenger; if he could make a 'getaway' (the name of episode). In his conversation with Rita, she tells him that he can move past his darkness. She tells him she loves and believes in him, and all this gives Dexter hope. But now that Rita is gone, now that he doesn't have that support, will he be able to change? Or better question, will he even want to? Without Rita's support, will his dark passenger be stronger than ever?

What will Miami Metro (or now the FBI) think of all this? He obviously has to report this one to police. Will he change the crime scene so it doesn't look like Trinity's doing? (Rita doesn't fit the bill of young, single woman for the bathtub killing). If he leaves it the same they will obviously know it was Trinity, and be looking for the next step in the cycle. Will Dexter complete the cycle for Trinity? If the cycle just stops, they will know something happened to Trinity. Should Dexter start looking for criminals in Miami to kill using Trinity's method (while at the same time satisfying his 'code')?

And when Batista sees a picture of Arthur Mitchell, will he recognize him? Will he get suspicious? I think so. In that opening scene, they made it very clear that Batista noticed Trinity. The glance that Batista gave was even in slow motion. Batista is a freakishly smart detective and probably wouldn't forget that he saw the man in the station just days before.

Speaking of pictures, will Arthur's family try to identify their friend 'Kyle'? He played a huge role in the last days of their father, the Trinity Killer. I can't imagine that they wouldn't bring him up to police.

"Oh yeah, and there was this guy Kyle Butler who started volunteering with us... then sh*t hit the fan and he tried to kill our Dad. Oh, and he was at our house when your SWAT team busted in."

No doubt they will first link this Kyle Butler to the other one who was murdered, but eventually the Mitchell family will start describing him and come up with some sort of sketch right? I mean, people come up with sketches of attackers they saw for just brief moments; this guy spent a lot of time with them.

And what if they see Dexter? Yes, he is pretty sneaky and may be able to avoid them if they come in the station. And yes, the case was handed over to the FBI, putting it far from the Miami Metro offices. But what if Dexter is on TV or the newspaper or something following Rita's murder? Will someone make the connection?

Will Rita take over as Dexter's subconscious? Harry is getting hella annoying. But I can't see Rita taking over since she doesn't even know he is a seriel killer. Julie Benz is cool and all, but I think she is probably unemployed.

Does baby Harrison now carry a dark passenger? Or better yet, does Dexter think his son carries a similar darkness? They were both 'born in blood' after all. Dexter may assume Harrison inherited the same dark passenger he did after seeing his mother murdered and start schooling him in the ways of the 'code'. Will Dexter create a junior seriel killer out of his son Harrison?

Pretty much, all of this is Dexter's worst fears realized. He never wanted to hurt his family (check, done that). He never wanted his son to inherit his darkness (check, probably done that). Dexter finally started to think he could control his dark passenger, but now he believes it is all just 'fate' and he no longer has control over his actions, over his darkness. Basically, it sucks to be him right now.

And a few final thoughts. I vote Lithgow and Hall both get Emmy's for their work this season, plus Dexter should at least be recognized for Best Drama.

Oh, and when does Season 5 start again?


The end of Glee... til April

TV Guide recap writer Natalie Abrams posed these questions following the mid-season finale of Glee last night. I would post my answers in the comments, but why would I do that when I have my own blog about TV? Silly, silly...

Are you happy that Will left his wife for Emma?
Clarification: Will did not leave Terri for Emma. He left her becasue she was psycho and controlling and annoying and, oh yeah, LIED about being pregnant with his child. That is why he left her. But if he had left her for Emma, yes, I would be happy. Emma = adorable and Terri = evil.

How do you think Sue will try to take the glee club down next?
I could not even begin to predict her next move. Maybe she will, now that she is suspended from McKinley and not coaching the Cheerios, transer to another school and become their glee coach. New schools bring new students, new teachers, new drama.

Should Finn and Rachel finally get together?
Duh, yes. And while you're at it, cast some hunky guy to help Kurt move on (maybe he could be a member of a rival glee club! Oh, the drama!).

What songs do you want to hear from the glee club in the New Year?
Anything that involves more Artie, Mercedes, and Rachel. They are my faves! And please, no more rapping (Sorry Mr. Schue).

Is it just me, or does New Directions need some serious dance lessons before they even try to take on Vocal Adrenaline?
Yes, totally. And a whole lot more people. It seemed like Vocal Adrenaline packed the stage, compared to New Directions' 12 members. Maybe now that Sue is gone all the Cheerios will quit and move over to Glee...

So there you have it, those are my thoughts on Glee. 'Glee!' (in a high-pitched voice like in the recaps...)


Are you offended by Jersey Shore?

I caught some bits and pieces of the Jesery Shore premiere last Thursday night on MTV and found myself mildly entertained. It is basically Real World- if all of the roommates were crazy partiers from the NY/NJ/RI area. I'm not going to watch it religiously, or probably even try to remember the 'stars' names, but if it's on... sure, I'll probably tune in.

Apparently, not everyone feels the same way.

Italian-Americans are pissed about this new show, sending in complaints to UNICO ('unique' in Italian, it is an Italian-American service organization). Plus, Domino's just pulled its advertising during the show's timeslot. Go to TV Guide to read the full story...


getting Lost in Season 1... again

In preparation for the final season of Lost, I decided it would be a good idea to try to watch all five previous seasons before the premiere on 2/2/10. I started one week ago (why yes, that is how I spent my Thanksgiving...), and so far have made it through 16 episodes. It is seriosuly so weird to see how all my Losties were interacting way back when. Here are some thoughts:

-the chemistry between Jack and Kate in the first couple of episodes is undeniable.. but then things get angsty, fast. Once Jack finds out she is the convict, once he finds out she made out with Sawyer (more on that in a minute), he gets totally weird. And now that I hate Jack, I find him more annoying than heroic.
-Were we skeptical of Locke from the beginning? I know he is a little creepy in the first couple episodes, but I always remember liking/trusting him. Now, when I watch, I wonder why we didn't all pull the crazy card earlier.
-Jack and his Dad both use the phrase, "And that's why the Red Sox will never win the series" (leading Sawyer to realize the relation). Later on, when Jack is Ben's prisoner, he will show him a video of the Sox winning (beating my beloved Cardinals). Is he from Boston or what?

-In this first season, Locke's Helen is one of those phone sex girls (is there a name for that particular profession?), and he has been calling in to talk to her for months, but they don't really know each other. Does this line up with the relationship we know he has with Helen now? I don't think so...

-Every time I see Rose, especially when she talks about Bernard, I get so giddy for the episode when he comes back. They are so cute!

-Is Vincent the dog still around? Did he survive the time switch? I can't remember...

-Sawyer = smokin' hot.

-Sawyer + Kate = LOVE. Seriously. Every time he looks at her, my heart just breaks because I know how much he loves her. And when they kissed for the first time (ahhhh sigh) ..... She seriously needs to dump Jack in this final season.

-What ever happened to the polar bears? I feel like we haven't seen them in forever.

-Michael is evil. And no matter how hard I try, I can't like him.
-When Sayid frees Nadia from prison, he shoots a guard and then shoots himself.. hmm very Libby/Ben/Michael/Ana Lucia-ish...
-I feel like our castaways aren't freaking out enough about Rousseau and Ethan. Um, hi, there are other people on your island?! That is a big deal! HUGE deal actually. But they don't really seem to care...
-I thought we didn't get hints about Sun's pregnancy until later on, but there have already been some awkward moments on the 'baby' subject between her and Jin.
-Speaking of Sun, I always thought something would happen with her and Michael. Her saw her topless for goodness sake! Why didn't that ever develop?
That is all for now... I still have quite a bit of Season 1 left so stay tuned...

Terri Schuester. You are so evil.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Glee. I'm so happy Will finally realized she was lying about the pregnancy. Now, all he has to do is divorce her so him and Emma can live happily ever after.

Oh yes, and although there wasn't enough singing last night (no song until at least 20 minutes in!), 'Jump' and the song at the very end totally make up for it! Here is a link to the song, but no video (yet)...


Sorry... some thoughts

Okay, okay, I haven't posted in, like, forever, and I apologize for that. Now that we have hit the holiday season (um, December, where did you come from?!), a ton of shows are gearing up for season/mid-season finales. Here are some thoughts on how far we've come and where we are going...

Desperate Housewives
A plane is crashing in Wisteria Lane. Seriously, who would want to live on this street? Fires, tornadoes, murder, suicide, you name it, they've seen it. This Sunday, for the Desperate mid-season finale, someone is going to die. And not just any someone, this someone is rumored to be on the show from season one. McClusky? Julie? Carlos? Karl? My money is on one of those four... Oh, and Katherine? She is nuts. I hope the plane hits her too.

One Tree Hill
Wow-za. The times sure are a-changin' in Tree Hill. At the end of last week's episode, the only person making good decisions was Dan (trying to dump his evil wife/ex-skanky high schooler Rachel). Nathan going to Spain? Skills moving to LA? And maybe taking Mouth with him? Haley touring with Jamie? Seriously people. The show is called One Tree Hill. Emphasis on the 'Tree Hill'! You can't all leave and stick us with just suicidal Alex, over dramatic Brooke, and coke-addict Milli.

Best. Season. Ever. I should have been posting on it all along, best seriously, it is so good, I don't even know what to say. John Lithgow is seriously dominating as Trinity (Quad-ity now that he kills four in a cycle?). Michael C Hall is brilliant as always. Even Christine, who has bugged the crap out of me all season, was great in last week's episode when we saw her breaking down to her daddy the serial killer. And the previews for these last two episodes can only be described in one word: INTENSE.

Donny won. Who cares. New season coming in March. Let's hope for better.

Love doesn't express what I feel for this show. Last week's rendition of 'Imagine' with the deaf choir made me cry (not at all joking). Here is my one question: When is everyone going to find out it is Puck's baby?! Mercedes already knows and there is NO way she could keep that secret for this long. She needs to crack so that Finn can dump Quinn and fall madly in love with Rachel (or heck, even Kurt).

And coming soon (I swear): My thoughts on Fringe, FlashForward, The Ruins, and Community.


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