"True Detective" Finale was perfect

Finally finished True Detective last night and I have to say - despite spending half the episode clutching Maverick out of fear - the ending was really.... beautiful.

Not how you expect to describe a serial killer drama, huh?

Sure, it was suspenseful. And a little violent. But it wasn't extreme. It didn't have to kill the main character (or characters, cough cough Game of Thrones). It didn't have to fill every minute with #OMGMoments (here's looking at you, Scandal).

It was a perfect cap to eight riveting hours of television.


You should be watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

I cannot express how much I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine. You should be watching it. Period.

Last week, I rewound and rewatched this scene more than twice.
Here is a nifty PowerPoint deck that explains why you should be watching, if my word isn't enough.

"Awkward" Season 4 Preview

a. Hi, yes I'm alive and still watching TV.
b. So excited for Awkward to be back. I'd say this is a guilty pleasure show for me, but I don't even feel guilty about it because this show is legit.
c. #TeamMatty
d. You're welcome.

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