'Constant' Confusion - Lost 2/28

Just watched last night's episode of Lost. WTF. That was complicated. This 'time travel' issue is worse than the monster, dharma, polar bears, the black box- all of which we never got answers for. Last night's episode had so much info packed into it, I needed them to slow down. Like the auction scene with the Black Rock?! Whoa now. Coincidences in that episode (with help from the Lost redux)-

Penny's Dad is involved in an around-the-world sailing trip that gets Des stuck on the island. 
On last night's episode, Mr. Widmore buys a book relating the 'The Black Rock', you know, that huge, dynamite-filled boat that is now stuck in the middle of the island.
'The Black Rock' was owned by Magnus Hanso. 
The Hanso Foundation owned the Dharma Initiative.
Also, Ecko's stick told Locke, 'Look north, John 3:05' and the heading Frank used to get the helicopter off the island is North 305. Maybe Ecko was saying, 'Hey John, let's go home,' and not, 'Hey John, let's stay here and become an evil dictator,' after all. 

Best part of last night's episode? Des and Penny finally getting to talk to each other (awww)! Precious. Just precious. I hear there is a death coming up, but I am begging producers to let Des keep his promise and get back to his Penny ASAP. 


WTF. OMG (puke). WTF. Noooo!

That perfectly expresses my feelings during the Gauntlet III this week. No lie, I sit there with my computer and take notes, and those are the exact words I wrote down. I will explain...

WTF- on Tori saying she isn't going to compete in the Gauntlet. 

OMG (puke)- Could Melinda's loss be anymore dramatic? Her crying, Johanna crying, Danny swooping in to save her. And what is with all the couples?! Danny/Melinda, Frank/Jillian, Brad/Tori, Bananas/Casey, Ev/Brook, Derek/Paula, anyone else?

WTF- on voting MJ into the Gauntlet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No doubt that Nehemiah should have gone in. He totally lost it for the Rookies. As I was watching it though, they are getting ready to announce who is going in and they go to a commercial break (as usual), and I literally wrote down 'commercial breaks are never a good sign.' I'll say it again. WTF.

Noooo! To MJ losing, of course. First of all, I love him. Second of all, I despise Frank. And third, the rookies no longer stand a chance. They might as well have the finale next week. Ridiculous. 

Side note: Evan, I love you. You were a God this challenge. 

Sorry for my slacking...BIG Recaps.

So I have been slacking on my TV watching and I apologize. Believe me, it's hurting my feelings more than it's hurting yours, I'm sure. I'll just recap my TV thoughts from the week...

Lipstick Jungle 
I haven't ever watched this show, so I can't really judge, however, I did notice something last week that made me want to check it out. Two words- Andrew McCarthy. Yes, Brat Pack Andrew McCarthy. Yes, Weekend at Bernie's Andrew McCarthy. And most importantly, yes, Weekend at Bernie's 2 Andrew McCarthy. Those two movies are quite possibly two of my favorite comedies of all time, so just for that, I might give the new, watered down Sex and the City a chance on Thursday. 

Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew
This is partially in response to a comment posted earlier (post a comment!), and partially because I've been watching this show randomly the last couple weeks. Here are my concerns...One- where is Randy Jackson? Two- why is Mario Lopez hosting? Three- Can Lil'Mama dance? Four- Can JC dance? And five- Have they watched any of the routines from the UDA National Dance Team Championship this past February? I particularly recommend the robots of Floyd Central (they got first in varsity pom, as usual). I know it is not TV related (although it will air on ESPN sometime this spring, hopefully), but here is their routine, compliments varsitywired.com.

Anyway, as dumb as the judging/hosting/sponsoring of the show is, I still enjoy workin' it on the dance floor. Hands down best of the week- Status Quo's rendition of 'Crank Dat.' Crazy stunts. Great song. And one of the guys hurt his ankle the week before. Check, check, check it out, compliments therunitman at youtube.com

One Tree Hill (from 2/19)
This afternoon, I finally caught OTH from last week, so I don't really have to worry about giving anything away. Peyton saying she will let Lucas go? Yeah, right. And the whole thing about Lucas and Peyton's kiss remaining a secret? No way, Jose. Oh, and if Nathan thinks that no one will ever find out about him and that slutty nanny of his, he is delusional. Now, I have not watched the most recent episode (so I won't get to until Saturday! Darn CW!), but those are just some predictions. Oh, oh- but who loved that Lindsay pretty much proposed to herself. Like she found that ring and assumed it was for her, ha. That's gonna work out really well....

Lost (from 2/21)
Holy cow. So I was bad and read a spoiler on Watch with Kristin that said "Kate has a ____, and it is ____. You fill in the blanks." So the whole time I'm watching, I'm trying to guess. The obvious of course, Kate has a baby (duh), and it is Sawyer's. Too easy. Then at the end, when she is talking to Jack about coming to see 'us', I'm like hold the phone! Kate has a baby an it is Jack's. But there was still like 5 minutes left, so I knew that there had to be some other big twist coming in the last 3 seconds... Kate has a baby and it is Aaron! WTF?! 

Did not see that one coming. I think that this season is the best since the original, heart-pounding season 1. Who's with me? Don't get me wrong, I loved the second and third seasons- hatches, others, more survivors, ping pong tables, submarines, magic boxes, people getting shot left and right- what's not to love? But this season's mix of the flashforwards adds a whole new element of mystery. I want to know how it all fits together more than ever before!

Favorite scene of the night? When Kate is in the room talking to her mother and her mom asks to see her grandson. Kate gets up and walks over to the door and says, "We're finished." Bangs on the door and yells, "We're finished." Reminiscent of Jack and Kate's discussion of Ben's surgery when Kate tells him they are going to kill Sawyer in season 3's 'I Do.' By the way, even though I am 100% team Skate, that Jake scene happens to be one my favorite Lost scenes ever. Check it out below, compliments biggestmistakeever at youtube.com. 
Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please post below!


What's in a name? (Lost on the Web, 3rd ed.)

If you love Lost, you need to be reading Watch with Kristin at E!. Not only is she obsessed with the show just like the rest of us, but every week they do a 'Lost Redux' where they recap the week's episode. This info on the names of our new friends comes from Korbi, Kristin’s faithful sidekick.

Charlotte Staples Lewis = C.S. Lewis who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia

Daniel Faraday = Michael Faraday was a 19th-century pioneer of electromagnetism (pictured)

George Minkowski (guy on the boat who Jack first spoke to, and Miles tries to contact) = Howard Minkowski is a German mathematician said to be the first to introduce the concept of “space time”

Matthew Abaddon (the man behind the mission) = 'abaddon' is a biblical term meaning "guardian of the abyss"

Miles Straume = 'maelstrom'
is a word for a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool, or a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs (Dictionary.com). And by the way, anyone see a resemblence between him and the guy from the Dharma orientaion films?

Stars align with the pros- but which is the winning combo?

ADAM CAROLLA & JULIANNE HOUGH – Julianne has won two consecutive seasons (with Apollo and Helio) and has a good chance at winning again, no matter who her partner is. Her choreography is by far the best on the show.

CRISTIÁN DE LA FUENTE & CHERYL BURKE - Coming into her fifth season, Cheryl has won twice. She has had bad partners in the past (i.e. Wayne ‘the Pain’ Newton, pictured), and we all know how this show feels about models (Albert Reed, Josie Maran, Paulina Porizkova, Shandi Finnessey, etc.).

SHANNON ELIZABETH & DEREK HOUGH –This is only his second season, but with choreography skills second only to his little sis, this guy has a shot at the mirror ball trophy.

STEVE GUTTENBERG & ANNA TREBUNSKAYA – Anna was with my main man Albert Reed last season, and even though they went home early, I thought they were great. Besides, Steve’s got the whole short, goofy, guy thing going for him. On Oprah today, she asked if he felt out of his league, and he replied, “Yeah, I thought I was going to be on the Bachelor.” Oh, Stevey.

PENN JILLETTE & KYM JOHNSON – Kym was a runner-up with Joey back in season 4 (pictured), but I am predicting Penn will be more like this season’s version of Wayne Newton or Billy Ray.

MARIO & KARINA SMIRNOFF – Karina was runner-up with current boyfriend Mario Lopez back in season 3, and this Mario should have some dancing chops with all those soulful R&B videos, no?

MARLEE MATLIN & FABIAN SANCHEZ – Hmm fresh meat. Fabian is a newbie to DWTS, so we will see what happens…

PRISCILLA PRESLEY & LOUIS VAN AMSTEL - I have never seen a season with Louis on it, but this is supposedly his fourth stint on the show. Also, Priscilla claims she has been wanting to do the show for years. Will her drive be enough?

MONICA SELES & JONATHAN ROBERTS – Jonathon stayed on for far too long with Marie Osmond last season, but now he has a taste for the finals.

JASON TAYLOR & EDYTA SLIWINSKA – This is one hot match up (sorry that picture is fuzzy). We all know Edyta is gorgeous, but I saw Jason today on Oprah and he is fine. Plus, she is the only pro to have danced on all six seasons.

MARISSA JARET WINOKUR & TONY DOVOLANI – I thought Tony’s dancing last season with Dr.Quinn was boring, so hopefully Tracy Turnblad can help him get his groove back.

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI & MARK BALLAS – This might be a pair to beat. Mark was paired with Sabrina Bryan last season, who went home way too early, and athletes tend to do well in this competition (i.e. Apollo, Laila, Helio, etc.).

Who do you think will take home that gaudy mirror ball trophy? Comment below...

(photos courtesy southie3 at flickr.com)


Hills Preview!

The drama is back! And no, I'm not talking about all the great shows that will be returning now that the strike is over (although that is fantastic!). I'm talking about the most dramatic of all reality shows- The Hills. Lauren, Heidi, and the whole gang return Monday, March 24, with eight all new episodes. Check out this special sneak preview, compliments lazoo85 at youtube.com.

"This is the Gauntlet of the century"

Ryan was right. Tonight was the night for big Gauntlet battles. Let’s just start with the battle of all battles, the woman’s gauntlet.

First of all, the vets ‘lost’, which we will get to in a moment, and the two to go in…(que dramatic MTV commercial break)… Coral and Beth (gasp!). This really was the Gauntlet of the century and Ryan was right about another thing, people in America did want to see that. Beth and Coral are HUGE Challenge players, like legends, so for them to have to go head to head, and with the possibility of Coral actually losing (!) was even better. If Beth, the evil clown lady, had won, I would have cried. I think Evan (my main man) said it best, “No grandmothers allowed on the challenge.”

Before I move on to the dramatic male Gauntlet, just a few comments on the actual challenges.

1. Vet boys, as much as I hate you throwing missions, and as much as I know it will come back to bite you in the ass eventually, way to play it off really well (me being sarcastic). Evan screaming, Danny running in circles, all of you laughing at each other; when those girls catch on, they will literally kill you (especially your 8th man Ev).

2. Poor rookie girls. In that second challenge, you really sucked it up. I know they weighed 25 pounds, but it looked like you weren’t even trying! That was sad to watch.

Now, on to the most devastating Gauntlet of the season- the rookie male Gauntlet- We knew from the beginning that it would end up being Derek and Ryan in there (MTV is so good at foreshadowing), and when they picked Sliders as the game, I knew my boy was doomed. While I agree that Ryan was the right one to go in (Derek said himself earlier that it wasn’t a personal game anymore, but then wants to keep his bff? Sweet, but no thanks.), I never, ever, ever wanted him to win! Now the rookies seriously have no chance against the vets. It is their Nehemiah, MJ, Frank, and Ryan, versus vet powerhouses like CT, Evan, Kenny, Brad, and Danny. Good luck.

Now, as depressing as Derek leaving is for all of us, especially Paula (another couple goodbye, how precious. Puke.), here is a deleted scene courtesy MTV.com to give us hope. Maybe there are some bug eating missions Ryan can dominate…


The Italian Stallion returns!

That’s Amore, MTV, Sunday, March 2nd 10/9central

Those guys over at VH1 and MTV make the best reality shows, do they not? They are the originals, after all. From Real World to Charm School to Laguna to Tila Tequila and back again, these people are genius! And their newest show, That’s Amore with Domenico from Tila Tequila’s A Shot at Love, is going to be the next big hit! I remember watching A Shot at Love saying that they had to give that guy his own show- he is hilarious! With help from A Shot at Love’s crazy cowboy, Ashley, the Italian stallion will hope to find his one true American sweetheart from a group of 15 girls. 

Check out the trailer from MTV.com

The Stars have aligned... but are you impressed?

Tonight on the season finale of Dance War (How do we feel about the Team Bruno win? Told you that Zach kid would win!), they announced the twelve celebrities that will be dancing their ways into our homes (and our hearts) on the sixth season of Dancing with the Stars.

Drum roll please…

ADAM CAROLLA – TV and radio personality. Most famous for The Man Show and Loveline.

MONICA SELES (pictured) - Tennis champ.

CRISTIÁN DE LA FUENTE – Spanish TV Star. One of People’s ’50 Most Beautiful.’

STEVE GUTTENBERG – Actor. My favorite would have to be Three Men And A Baby.

MARIO - Singer and actor.

PRISCILLA PRESLEY (pictured) – Elvis’ wife. Oh yeah, and she is an actress and producer now too.

MARLEE MATLIN – won Best Actress Oscar at age 21 for her role in Children of a Lesser God.

JASON TAYLOR - Miami dolphins defensive end.

PENN JILLETTE- One-half of the famous illusionist team Penn & Teller.

MARISSA JARET WINOKUR - The original "Tracy Turnblad.”

SHANNON ELIZABETH (pictured)- Actress/model. Most known for American Pie.

KRISTI YAMAGUCHI - figure skater.

The show airs on Mondays and Tuesdays (Monday at 8/7 central, Tuesdays at 9/8 central, don’t ask me why they do that). This season is getting dramatic though; while the first week is a freebie again, two couples will be eliminated in the second week instead of one (dun dun duuun). I have to say, I’m not too impressed with the lineup this year (I mean how can you beat Dr.Quinn, Albert Reed, Sabrina Bryan, Wayne Newton…). Half the people I don’t know, but if I had to throw out a guess, I think Shannon Elizabeth will go home early, and Steve Guttenberg has the opportunity to win it all. According to Jimmy Kimmel, the show has something against good-looking people, and the winner is always a short goofy guy.

Dancing with the Stars, ABC, Monday, March 17, 8/7 central

(photos courtesy of MECU and O at flickr.com, and by flipchip at LasVegasVegas.com)


What Walkers do best...

Who loves it when all the Brothers & Sisters get silly on us? Me! Me! Me! I wish tonight's whole episode had been Kevin and Sarah in that gay bar singing karaoke! And how adorable was drunk Kevin? I think it is a requirement on the show for actors to be able to play drunk well. Oh, and Sarah and Graham? Hot. Please give us more of these two- the chemistry is unbelievable.
Best lines of the night-

"Let's go do what Walkers do best."
"Get drunk?"
-exchange between Sarah and Kevin

"Are you drunk dialing me?"
-Graham to Sarah

"Maybe I like being on the market."
-a very flirtatious/intoxicated Sarah to Graham



Our favorite reality competition is retuning in March, but who'll be doing the tango this season?

The new line-up of stars will be annoucned Monday, February 18, during the season finale of Carrie Ann and Bruno's show Dance War. Now, I haven't kept up with Dance War too much, but I watched it in the very beginning and had med student Zach pegged to win since his audition (Anyone know if he is still on it?). So check out the finale, at least just to find out who we will be watching shake it on the dance floor next month (or just check back here Monday morning because I'm sure I'll post it...)

One dumb reality show I will NOT be watching...

Don't get me wrong- there are a lot of dumb reality shows that I love (i.e. Dancing with the Stars, The Hills, Laguna, Real World, the list goes on...), but some of these are just ridiculous. Most of the really bad ones just have dumb concepts, but this one also has a dumb name...

Drum roll please...

The Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious

Don’t be fooled- this is not a search for another Doll (how many girls are in that group anyway?), but instead, it is creating a whole separate girl group, Girlicious. The ‘new’ group supposedly has a ‘new look, new sound, and whole new attitude’ (that’s why the Pussycat Dolls are sponsoring them I guess). Hosted by the ever so talented Mark McGrath, choreographer and Doll-maker Robin Antin is using her creative eye to sift through the 15 contestants and choose the ones to make up her ‘original’ girl group.

If you are bored and watch to check it out it premieres Monday, Feb 18, at 9/8 central on the CW.

(photo courtesy joeltelling at flickr.com)


Crazies on Daytime TV

I don't usually watch daytime television, especially not Dr.Phil, but today I was at work and they had it on. Holy cow! These are some crazy people.

So this married (now seperated) couple comes on the show accusing each other of lieing, among other things. Elizabeth says her husband, Matt, is a pathological liar, con man, and alcoholic. He says he is a doctor, has a huge house in Florida, his father died three weeks ago, and he has cancer, all of which may (or, more likely, may not) be true. Matt says Elizabeth is a sociopath and accuses her of having inappropriate sexual relations with her son.

Hold on, it gets better.

Randy and Rhonda are a married couple and friends of Matt's. They have taken him into their home and are helping him deal with his 'final phase' (because of the 'cancer'). And by 'dealing,' they mean letting him sleep in their bed with them. Or sometimes just sleeping with Rhonda, while Randy sleeps in a seperate room.

The best part is, this Matt fellow kept yelling at Dr.Phil, saying things like, "Whatever, it is your show... It is for entertainment... You are obviously on my wife's side... You have more money than me...I'll leave right now...I didn't come on here to get attacked" (that was when the audience was laughing at him, oops). At one point, he even told the Doc that he would give up custody of his two daughters and just let him adopt them. Whaaa?

Psychos? Yes. Worst part is Elizabeth and Matt are currently battling for custody of the two girls. They took lie detector tests, but I'm not sure how all that turned out (I am at work, afterall). Check out all the details, including a helpful tipsheet on how not to get 'conned', at Dr.Phil's website.

(photo courtesy greggoconnell at flickr.com)

Lost on the Web (Valentine's edition)

Strike update:

Get out your calendars and mark it down-

Last episode (#7) of Lost airs on March 13, and it will return on April 24. Damon Lindelof, the show's mastermind, advises us to "hold on to [our] hats."

Speaking of Lost, there is no doubt you have heard of the famed bermuda triangle of love that is Jack-Kate-Sawyer, but what about Jawyer? Yeah, you heard me. This is one of many Jawyer videos you can find on youtube, and they are all just hilarious. Brilliant editing by lostaway! Happy Valentine's Day!

‘I don’t mind, you don’t matter’

Another brilliant quote from Kenny (I love him).

Who went home: Janelle and Zach

What made me smile:

1. Kenny, Eric, Coral, and Evan trying to get Eric into that life jacket.

2. MJ running up in the sand, blond locks blowing in the wind (I’ve been waiting to see one of my Philly boys – him or Landon- back on a challenge!). He has great potential, but hopefully, he steps it up in the challenges and shaves his head (ala Zach).

What made me want to puke:

1. Danny and Melinda. Please put them in the Guantlet ASAP, because I’m betting that if they go in, they will lose, and thus, go home.

2. Frank and Jillian. Good lord, you two are annoying. And dramatic. Geez, I thought Frank was going to have a seizure when she was in the Gauntlet.

What made me sad:

1. Zach going home. I think he had a lot of potential to be a good player, and to be one of those fun guys that are staples to the show (i.e. Evan, Kenny, Bananas, etc.). I would have been much happier had Frank left.

2. Evan plotting with Kenny. I know you need to ‘trim the fat,’ but leave all that bashing up to CT (I already dislike him…).

The only reason they clapped was because I told them you’re retarded.

Note to CW: As annoying as K-Fed is, please keep inviting him back on the show and feeding him cheesy lines like that one so we all can sit at home and laugh. Thank you.

Who was totally blown away by Peyton kissing Lucas at the end of the episode? (Not me.) Now, who was totally blown away by Lucas kissing her back? (Me!) And then, who was completely and totally blown away by Lucas proposing the Lindsey in the final moments? (Me! Me! Me!) While I used to be a Leyton hater, now I’m totally rooting for them. Move over Lindsey.

Here are some notes to the other Tree Hillers:

Mouth: Thank you for dumping the cougar and giving us back the guy we all know and love! Now go get that Milli…

Haley: Puh-lease give Nathan a break! If you only knew how good he was being!

Quinton: Thank you, thank you, thank you for punching K-Fed.

Nathan: Keep those lights off and curtains closed. If you cheat on Haley (or me) with that slutty nanny I will die.

Slut (she is not good enough to be called by her real name): Back off

(photo courtesy boymeetswurld at flickr.com)

PSA - October Road

People, people, people- you NEED to be watching this show! The citizens of Knights Ridge need you right now. So far, there is no news on any new episodes for the show or another season. I can’t imagine ending my love affair with Nick Garrett and Eddie Latekka right now, so seriously, I’m begging you! Monday, ABC, 9/8 central. Be there or be square.

Family Reunion

Was I the only one ecstatic to be reunited with the Walkers on Sunday night? Where did that come from? No new episodes for weeks, and then BAM!, a solid episode. I only wish ABC had done more promos so this lovely little family would have had more viewers tune in.

I’m totally rooting for Sarah and Steven Weber (the guy from Wings), but I don’t know how much longer I can handle their playful banter. Hopefully this relationship will progress a little in the new episodes.

I’m also overjoyed to see Lena go- hopefully this is the last we see of the little troublemaker.

But the big question this week is what we think of the Kevin-Scotty-Jason Triangle (not really a triangle, just two rays pointing out from Kevin in the center). While Jason is obviously the hunkier of the two, I’m feelin’ Scotty at the moment, and so is Kevin. But seriously, how long do you think that will last? Feel free to weigh in on your feelings in the comments below…


So... funny story

Yesterday one of my friends says to me, "Danielle, I was watching this stupid show today and even though I turned it off after like 2 minutes, I knew it was probably something you liked."
"Oh, really," I reply. "What show was it?"

"I don't know," they answered. 'Girl Gossip' or something?"

Ha ha. Yes it is true, Gossip Girl on the CW is one of my guiltiest pleasures. I cannot get enough of these rich high schoolers running around NYC partying like rockstars. Is it realistic? No way. But is it entertaining? Hell yeah!

(photo courtesy of cchiao at flickr.com)


FINALLY, THE STRIKE IS OVER! Thank the good lord that we finally get our shows back and can stop watching endless hours of reality shows (or the bad ones at least). For more strike info, check out Watch with Kristin at E!online, and she will give you all the dish. 

Recently on the site, she talked to a bunch of TV execs about what is happening with our favorite shows. Here is the scoop on some of my faves...

30 Rock: (One of the shows I don't watch, but wish I did) Expect five to nine more episodes in April and May. (NBC)

Brothers & Sisters: First off, thank God for that new episode on Sunday night (I love me some Walkers!). Sadly though, they are only filming four more episodes to air during May sweeps. (ABC)

Desperate Housewives: Expect six or seven more episodes from these lovely ladies during May sweeps. (ABC)

Dexter: (another show I wish I watched) A third season is promised, but when? No one knows. (Showtime)

Friday Night Lights: (another one I wish I watched) We all know the last episode aired last Friday, but what is the exact fate for the series? It will most likely be up to the fans to save this one. (NBC)

Gossip Girl: The CW's new baby will be back 'as soon as possible,' according to Executive Producer Josh Schwartz. The CW has requested nine more episodes for this season. (CW)

Grey's Anatomy: We can expect more episodes to air in April and May, however, I don't know how much I care anymore. I wasn't too impressed with the season we saw earlier this fall, so they better work harder to win me back. Hopefully, the addition of Joshua Jackson will help. (ABC)

Heroes: (wish I had time) It won't be back this season, but may premiere in late summer instead of the fall. (NBC)

Lost: while they still have new episodes left, they are expected to produce more for the season. I hope so! I didn't wait months and months for only eight new episodes! (ABC)

Mad Men: (another one, man I need more TV time!) According to Executive Producer Matt Weiner, they are already back in production and are expecting to air by summer. (AMC)

October Road: Again, loved the new episode on Monday! There are three new episodes left, but no word on more episodes or a future season. Please y'all, start watching this show! Nick and Eddie are reason enough! (ABC)

The Office: (I know, I can't believe I don't watch it either) Expect six to ten new episodes this season. (NBC)

One Tree Hill: They have about six new episodes left, and the CW has requested five or six more to finish out the season. Yipee! (CW)

Pushing Daisies: First of all, if you have never watched this show get on ABC.com and check it out! It is a charming series! Executive Producer Bryan Fuller says the crew won't be back in the studio until March, and that was regardless of the strike outcome. That means the season they had this fall (six lovely episodes I believe) makes up season one, but hopefully, this won't be the end of the Pie Maker! (ABC)

The Tudors: Season two is starting next month. (Showtime)


Lost on the Web (first edition)

So, I'm kind of a nerd and look at Lost stuff online- blogs, theories, videos, pictures, etc. This is my way to pay homage to the brilliance of all my fellow fans out there.
Funniest Lost blog post I've seen-

Check it out!


What are you doing on Friday?

Rumor has it, Friday Night Lights is in danger of getting the ax. Their last new episode airs Friday night, so everyone should tune in! Personally, I have never watched the show, but it has always been on my lists of shows I wanted to watch. And I can't watch it if it gets cancelled! So help a girl out!

Friday Night Lights
9/8 central

Lipstick Jungle premieres tonight

Will you be catching the premiere of Lipstick Jungle tonight? I think it is a total Sex and the City copy cat, and I didn't even like that show, so I will not be tuning in (plus, I am at work...). But who knows, it may become my newest guilty pleasure...
What do you think about this 'new' show? Feel free to comment below....

the Banana slips

Last night on the Gauntlet, the veterans finally lost a challenge and were forced to send one of their males packing. We all knew it would happen, and we all knew that when it did, as Robin put it, "S*&@'s gonna hit the fan."

And it did. Rookies voted Evan (my future husband!) into the Gauntlet and the veterans (or more appropriately CT) voted in the lovable Johnny Bananas. While they claim it is what Evan wanted, I don't think Evan ever wants to step on anyone's toes. Everyone was coming up to him like, 'Who do you want?' and he wasn't even answering. What a stressful spot to be in. I think enough is enough with this whole let them pick who they want stuff. What if the other team votes in a player you want off (for example, Beth), and she says she wants to go with a good player (for example, Coral). Are you going to be like, 'Okay, it is what she wants.' No way. And this isn't just for the veterans team, who we know will bring the drama. Eventually this is going to happen to the rookies too. The team needs to decide who is going in, because they are the only ones who know if they want to try to save the other player or send them home.

While he is a strong player, and reaaally good looking, Johnny Bananas always always always lets his temper get the best of him (then again, maybe that is a trait amongst all of the veteran males). Wish we had seen more of the partying JB and less of the yelling. And poor Casey, who will she make out with now?

Finally, I'm Lost!

So I finally watched the Lost premiere last night (yeah, just in time to miss it again tonight! eerrrr). Anyway, this new season totally puts a spin on everything we thought we knew about the show. In the past, we were watching flashbacks to get to know the characters, but now with the flash forwards, everything changes. It is like we know how it is going to end but we have no clue how it gets there! And we are going to have to wait a couple years just to figure it all out (maybe longer if the dumb strike doesn't end!).

Like in the premiere, Hurley screaming he is one of the 'Oceanic Six?!' Kate, Jack, him, maybe that dead dude from last season (he could have been one of the rescuers...); that is at least three survivors already. What about the rest of them?! And, there is no doubt in my mind that Lost producers will start knockin' people off left and right, now that they know when it is ending and don't need the big players to keep the show going.

Speaking of big players, please do not kill Sawyer! How sad was it for him and Kate to chose different sides? Hopefully they reunite ASAP because I can't stand to see Kate loving on the wussy Jack instead of Sawyer.

My only disappointment with the premiere was a fairweather tribute to Charlie. I did not did not like him coming back as a ghost or whatever. I wish Hurley had seen the numbers, or had seen one of the rescuers or others that we don't even know yet. Then we would have been like, 'who is this dude?' But no, Charlie as a ghost. Fine, whatev. And the other characters weren't as sad as I would have hoped. Hurley does the whole Charlie speech at the end, but all those other people that were with Jack and Kate didn't even know he died yet. Why weren't they like, 'WTF?! What happened?' Disappointing.

Looking forward to a great season though.....


Hello, world.

Hello, world.

This is my brand-new blog about all things television. It is true, I am addicted to TV. I hear admitting you have a problem is the first step.

This blog is my outlet to vent about all my favorite (and not-so-favorite) television programs. Hopefully this will keep me from talking to my friends about it all the time (they are started to get annoyed I think).

There is nothing I loathe more than this current writer's strike. Here are a few of my favorite shows that are currently showing new episodes:

One Tree Hill
Rob & Big
The Gauntlet III


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