the Banana slips

Last night on the Gauntlet, the veterans finally lost a challenge and were forced to send one of their males packing. We all knew it would happen, and we all knew that when it did, as Robin put it, "S*&@'s gonna hit the fan."

And it did. Rookies voted Evan (my future husband!) into the Gauntlet and the veterans (or more appropriately CT) voted in the lovable Johnny Bananas. While they claim it is what Evan wanted, I don't think Evan ever wants to step on anyone's toes. Everyone was coming up to him like, 'Who do you want?' and he wasn't even answering. What a stressful spot to be in. I think enough is enough with this whole let them pick who they want stuff. What if the other team votes in a player you want off (for example, Beth), and she says she wants to go with a good player (for example, Coral). Are you going to be like, 'Okay, it is what she wants.' No way. And this isn't just for the veterans team, who we know will bring the drama. Eventually this is going to happen to the rookies too. The team needs to decide who is going in, because they are the only ones who know if they want to try to save the other player or send them home.

While he is a strong player, and reaaally good looking, Johnny Bananas always always always lets his temper get the best of him (then again, maybe that is a trait amongst all of the veteran males). Wish we had seen more of the partying JB and less of the yelling. And poor Casey, who will she make out with now?

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