TV Guide: Wednesday Edition

Alex Mack's Larisa Oleynik Joins Hawaii Five-0
Poor girl. Will she always be Alex Mack? I mean, how underwhelming. I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed. But can you ever just be whelmed? See what I did there? Eh?

Bradley Cooper's Dad Dies
I'm sorry.... but why is this news? Was he famous? No, he was a stockbroker. The only reason this even matters (to TV Guide) is because his gf Renee Zellweger (I'm not even going to look up how to spell that correctly...) was supposed to present at the Golden Globes but stayed home to be wit 'er boi. How nice.

Good thing it was followed by a gazillion more perfect haircuts. 

Casting a New Spell

It may still be months away.... but boy, am I psyched for True Blood.


Parenthood, get real.

I've got a bone to pick with you, Parenthood.

You are usually real. Sure, you've got a huge, blended family with a crazy-ton of problems, but at least I can relate to them. But this new boss for Adam thing? No way.

Do companies hire young, hip talent all the time? Sure. Do slackers who made good money on start ups/tech companies sometimes become the boss? Of course.

But this guy you brought in is extreme. He isn't relatable, he isn't believable, he isn't likable. There are still ways you could put stress on his relationship with Adam - he could have come in with the same crazy, 'let's be pre-99' attitude, but maybe he shows it by throwing out all the old plans/shoes. Maybe he shows it by taking the staff out on a 'field trip'. Maybe he announces no more suits and ties. Maybe he comes in with a huge, over the top, shoot for the stars idea the clashes with Adam's modest, realistic attitude. I don't know....

It's just that I work with creative, 'hip' people. People that probably share a lot of this new boss' views about the importance of thinking, about innovation, about creativity. But I don't think they act like he does.

I just think there is, er was a way for Parenthood to have Adam clash with his new boss without resorting to such extreme measures as showing him getting high in his office and playing bball with his buddies.

WTF Dale.

First things first.... Daaaaaallllle.

Did you really call the cops on KT to get in good with the Omega Chis? Seriously? What were you thinking?!

And furthermore.... I thought you actually 'got' the Greek system. That you actually decided to rush because of what Evan said about brotherhood. But no. If you really 'got it,' you would have picked KT. That ginger at Omega Chi didn't care you existed. Cappie and Rusty love you. You're an idiot.

And moving on. (PS: What ever happened to Katherine?)

How do I feel about Casey being ZBZ house mom?
I assume that is what you are wondering, eh?

I feel good about it. From a storyline standpoint, it is a good way to keep the Greek system relevent to Casey, and thus, keep Casey relevent to the show. And from a personal standpoint, I think it is a good way for the show to illustrate life beyond the sorority college experience. Yes, she still lives in the house, but as you see in the premiere, that relationship is different. Being a collegian is way different than being an alumni.... but it is a good kind of different. It doesn't mean you can't still care or be involved or be Greek. Trust me on this.... I'm like real life, living, breathing Casey.

And that scene where she goes in to vote and Rebecca reminds her she isn't an active member.... sad sigh. 

Aww Hell No

I saw this magazine cover the other day and was disgusted. 

Did MTV tell you to get pregnant?
Did MTV tell you to hit Gary?
Did MTV tell you to get your baby's face tattooed on your stomach?

I don't know all the behind the scenes scoop.... but I'm pretty confident the answer to all those questions is 'aww hell no.'

You can blame a lot of things on TV, but this is not one of them. Take your $280,000 income and go take care of your baby.


Mike knows all.

Thanks, Mike Seaver.

And thank you, TV Guide for providing me with yet another ridiculous headline.


A puzzle for you.

Guesssssss who has Fringe Season 2 being delivered from Netflix today!?

Okay, that was too easy. It's me!

I'm so pumped to finally get back in to the show! I only wish it would have came over the holiday break when I spent approximately 4 hours a day watching Friends, Chopped or some stupid movie On Demand. Nevertheless, I'm so happy to be reunited with Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid. Oh and Broyles, too!


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