(Im)Perfect Couples

Last night, after watching the finale of the Sing Off (what did you think?!), I caught a preview of Perfect Couples.

And it was.... eh.

It has good people in it.... Olivia Munn, girl from It's Always Sunny, the guy from Worst Week, Janice from FlashForward (who, sorry I only see as a lesbian CIA agent/traitor)... but something about it was off.

Maybe because it was a preview, but it moved really fast and jumped around a lot. It was sort of jarring to watch.

Maybe it was because the humor is more fitting for a zany comedy (a la 30 Rock) or a cable comedy (a la My Boys or It's Always Sunny). I was expecting more sitcom humor, so it may have just caught me off guard.

And then this morning, I read Ken Tucker's review on EW.com and totally agree with this comment of his:
"The show is cast with good performers, including Olivia Munn (The Daily Show, Attack of the Show) as Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Ellis — “The Waitress” on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia — as Amy, and Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week) as Dave. But the abrupt scenes, titled sequences (“Stepping In It”), and tiresome repetition (we get it, we get it: they all want more sex) all work against any kind of welcoming comic rhythm."
Agreed, Ken.

By the way, when I googled 'Perfect Couples' looking for images from the show, one of the first results was a picture of Cory and Topanga. Boy Meets World for the win!

Also by the way.... in most the google pictures I found, Kyle Howard was showed in the cast in place of Worst Week's Kyle Bornheimer. Weird. See...

The Sing Off Finale!

Okay, I'll admit.... I watched the last half hour or so (fail), but I will say I was super happy with the final two groups. They have been my favorites throughout. I liked Committed more in the beginning of the competitor, and started liking Street Corner Symphony more in the end. Here are two of my favorite performances from the winners (Committed) and runners up (Street Corner Symphony).


The Final Challenge

Let's just get right to it.... How do I feel about Red team winning?


I didn't want them to win based on how they played the game towards the end (regarding Brandon and Paula), but that little montage of Brad's past challenge days made me happy he came out with a win. Call me sentimental, whatever. It did, however, make me wish Paula was there with him in the end though. After 7 Challenges, that girl deserves a win.

And the losers.....

Gray. Ah, what a clusterf&#k. How do you go into a final with the MOST players (5) and end with 3? Seriously, has that ever happened? Losing one person in a final is bad enough, but two? Ridiculous. I wish that TJ ould have told them they were DQed because they lost a player. That is how it was when Eric was taken away on Gauntlet III. Other than that, I'm disappointed in Sarah. She made it to the final on The Ruins with just KellyAnne and competed so so well... and here, well, she sucked. As for Abe? Ugh, I just hope this is his last challenge. He is so annoying.

Oh, and I feel bad for Laurel. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I do. And coming in second twice in a row sucks. I hope she wins soon.

And Blue. What a fight. I could have watched the Jen and Emily show for the whole hour. I wished D would have been there with them.... Maybe then they would have had a chance at winning. Either way, both Jen and Emily have established themselves as strong players (I always worried Jen was more bark than bite....) and hopefully they'll be back on another challenge soon.

Speaking of.... when is the next one?! I'm so ready.

And a quick side note..... Why bring in CT and Tina for one Gulag? I wish they would ahve been incorporated into the show more. Maybe they should do a season American Gladiators style, where the contestants have to compete against 'heavy hitters' like Tina and CT in order to win. Hmmmm.... MTV, hear me?


Who Shot Paul Young?

Desperate Housewives has been accused of jumping shark once or twice a few times. But I actually think this season is getting back on track.... Sure, it started off with a child mix up at the hospital, Susan doing internet porn erotic cleaning, and the addition of super annoying Renee. But all of those story lines have evolved into something more realistic, more mature.... just better
  • Eva Longoria has done some of her best work in the whole Grace storyline, and it will be interesting to see what happens now that Juanita knows Grace is Gaby's daughter. 
  • Now that all the dumb hoopla about Susan's stint on the Internet is over, we get to see what her money troubles are really like. Mike is away in Alaska working and she's a nanny for her BFF Lynette. 
  • And Renee, while still annoying, has proved her worth on the lane. She loves Tom, even if she'll only admit it when less than sober. It gives her a reason for being there.
When I heard the show would end it's mid season finale with a riot, I'll admit, I rolled my eyes. Plane crashes, tornadoes, what hasn't happened on Wisteria Lane? But the way the riot developed, the way it went down, it was actually.... dare I say, realistic. 

I was on the edge of my seat. I even teared up a little. Gaby and Carlos looking for Juanita. Susan and Renee fighting and then Susan being pushed away in the crowd. Gaby falling under the car. Juanita in Bob and Lee's backseat. Renee on top of the car looking for Susan ('I think she's hurt!'). Bob and Lee being attacked by rioters, with a frightened Juanita in the backseat. And, ah, that moment the Gaby realized Juanita was in the car. Seriously. Awesome. Oh, and Lynette running over to help Lee, of course ('He's my neighbor!). Jeesh. 

The episode could have ended there, but then.... Paul Young got shot. 

Who do I think it was? I'm suspicious of....
Lee- He would be the obvious choice, since he threatened to kill Paul AND had a gun... but I just don't think Lee is capable of that, do you?
Bree- only because she had a gun in this episode. I don't really think she had a reason to go after Paul. 
Lynette- She might be Paul's biggest adversary on the lane, but like Lee, I don't think she would do it. 
His wife (sorry, I forgot her name)- A few episodes ago, I would have thought she was a shoe-in for the shooter. But now? I don't know. I guess maybe she could have been really disturbed by the riot and decided to go along with 'Momma's' plan after all. 
Mike- not the biggest fan of Paul Young to begin with, we haven't seen Mike in weeks and then this episode, we see Susan urging him to come home. She was the most hurt (of our leads) in the riot so Mike has plenty of motivation to go after Paul. 
Someone hired by Felicia Tillman- Seems like a scapegoat for the writers.... so it's likely. 


Golden Globe nominations are in!

I'm not going to bother you with the full list of nominations, just give my pick for winner... and who I think will actually win.

Best Drama:
I vote for Boardwalk Empire, and think it will probably win too. What? No Dexter or Mad Men? I know, I love both the shows, but neither of their most recent seasons were as good as the last.

Best Comedy:
I don't really watch any of these shows except Glee and I honestly don't think it deserves a Golden Globe win (it's fun, but this season isn't award-worthy in my opinion...). Who will win? Modern Family or 30 Rock. Don't they always win?

Best Actor, Drama:
While Mad Men might not have had the most stellar season overall, I loooooved Jon Hamm this season. He took Don Draper to a whole new place; he was like a different character. I applaud you, Mr. Hamm, but honestly think this is anyone's game. All these guys are awesome (except Hugh Laurie. I don't like House).

Best Actress, Drama: Jersey from Coyote Ugly is nominated for a Golden Globe? Ridiculous. I have no further words here.

Best Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons, always Jim Parsons. I think he is hilarious. But Alec Baldwin always wins. And this is Steve Carell's last year on The Office.

Best Actress, Comedy: Anyone's game... except Lea Michelle. She is arguably the least funny girl on Glee. (The same goes with Matthew Morrison, who got a nod for Best Actor in a comedy. Artie, Brittany, Sue, Finn.... all funny. Mr. Schu and Rachel? Not so much).

Best Supporting Actor: Chris Colfer is having his time in the limelight on Glee this season (part of the reason I think the show isn't as good as the past.... too much focus on Kurt). My vote is for him.

Best Supporting Actress: Sue, duh. (But why don't they separate Comedy and Drama for supporting roles? Mrs. Schroeder shouldn't have to compete with Miss Sylvester).

And most importantly, who do I think got snubbed? LOST! Bored to Death! Fringe! Abed on Community! Treme!


Cutthroat is going to give my a heart attack.

Seriously, I shouldn't get this worked up about an MTV show... but I can't help it.

1. Johnny vs CT? Ridiculous.

2. Since when did Abe become commander in chief over there on gray? Has he ever made it to a final? Sarah and Laurel both have.... maybe they should be in charge.

3. Poor Paula. My beef here is not with Dunbar. My problem is with Tori wanting to throw in the towel last week because she thinks she will cost her team the final and then this week she's all like, 'I went in last week, it is your turn.' Ummmm WTF. Just proves that she was faking it last week.


Ten Reasons to Watch 'The Sing-Off'

10. Coordinating outfits. Who knew there were so many ways to wear purple yellow teal.
9. Nicole is the new Paula Abdul.
8. Cute boys in old school cardigans.
7. This group.

6. You still have a crush on AC Slater. Oh wait, Nick Lachey hosts this one? I'm sorry, they are interchangeable.
5. You like Glee. Or American Idol. Or America's Got Talent. Or music in general.
4. Ben Folds is awesome.
3. What else is on? All my favorite shows are going on break for the holidays.
2. The ridiculous group names. Whiffenpoof? Seriously?
1. Last week, Shawn had a 'musical orgasm.'



I finally found it. Proof that Brothers and Sisters has jumped the shark. There is a rumor floating around that Sarah is going to question her paternity.


First Rebecca. Then Ryan. And now this? No more William Walker secrets please!

I enjoy watching Brothers and Sisters, but it is seriously time for it to end. Everything is just so outlandish and formulated and dramatic. It doesn't feel real at all anymore.

And speaking of real, I'm working on a 'battle' of sorts between the Braverman clan (Parenthood) and the Walkers. Should be an intersting match up.

Sore Loser

"I love Jane, honestly I do. I'm dying to star in one of Christopher Guest's movies alongside her, but I don't think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. [Sue Sylvester] is just a one-note character."
That's what Ed O'Neil told TV Guide in regards to Lynch's win over Sofia Vergara last year. Rude.


Going Greek

This made me so so happy when it popped up in my Google Reader this morning...
Not because I like spoilers. OR because I want someone to betray Casey on Greek. I'm just excited that the show is FINALLY coming back. Love Love Love Greek

It does remind me, however, that I'm super behind on last season. I can't even remember what happened. Oops. Thank god I have an iPad so I can cozy up in bed this weekend and watch it. 

Cutthroat: A Day Late

Some thoughts on Cutthroat.... a day late, as usual. 

1. Laurel and Sara, good thing you didn't throw the challenge you dumbies. Did it not occur to you that if you underperformed in order to lose, you would look weak and they would vote you in the Gulag? And even if you are awesome, Luc-Abe-Cara Maria are all voting the same so it would be 3-2. YOU would be going into the Gulag. NOT Cara Maria. 

I'm interested to see what happens if they throw the next challenge. Would Abe vote in Cara Maria now that it is getting down to the end and he's seen how good Laurel is? And who would they vote in for the guys? Luc because he is weaker? Or Abe because he has a better chance at winning? As much as I get their plan to trim the fat and make a smaller team, having two guys in the finale as opposed to just one seems like a way better plan. 

2. I hated that challenge. I would not have been able to handle it. Then again, I couldn't really handle any of the challenges....

3. CT and Tina? Interesting twist. I feel like that could have/should have been the Gulag the entire time. However, I do have some issues with this.... These are past competitors that may or may not have beef with some of the current competitors, so what's stopping them from rigging the game? Example, CT doesn't like Johnny so he tries really hard to slow him down. CT does like Tyler so he cuts him some slack. I'm not saying that is what's happening, but it could, right? Or how fair is it that now Tori gets to go against Tina when she is worn out from dragging Teresa around? I get that they flipped a coin and picked the order, but still.... kind of defeats the whole fair fight aspect. 

4. And is it juts me, or did Teresa do a little too well against 'heavy hitter' Tina? Teresa is teeny tiny. I feel like Tina could have done better. 

5. Tori, ah Tori. I hate you right now. I didn't before, but I do now. 

I get it. The final is usually running. And you can't run. If you leave, your hubby has a better shot at winning. This all makes sense. But here's what doesn't....

Why the hell did you come on the challenge AT ALL if you knew the finale was running and you were going to quit at the end? Why the hell would you go through kicking of Camila or even Melinda or Mandi? What if they COULD run and could have helped your hubby win the final? And did you think at all about Paula? If you go home tonight and red loses the last challenge (very likely), Paula has to go into the Gulag and might lose. And you're all like 'Paula, I want you to win the money.' She can't win if she's at home, idiot. If you are going to 'sacrifice yourself', why not wait until the last challenge before the final instead of putting your teammates at risk? 

You know why this doesn't make sense? Because it is all a lie. Tori did not come up with this stupid excuse because it was bets for the team, she's doing it because it is best for her.... she is afraid she is going to lose against Teresa (and now, Tina) so this is just a rather convenient excuse. 'Oh, she only beat me because I wasn't try as hard because I wanted to go home' or 'because my heart wasn't in it' or maybe she won't even compete at all and just give up (wouldn't TJ love that!). This is ridiculous. I can't decide if this 'giving up' strategy is better or worse than Ty's

6. Oh, but how cute was Brad? 'I'm your husband and I love you.' Swoon


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