Golden Globe nominations are in!

I'm not going to bother you with the full list of nominations, just give my pick for winner... and who I think will actually win.

Best Drama:
I vote for Boardwalk Empire, and think it will probably win too. What? No Dexter or Mad Men? I know, I love both the shows, but neither of their most recent seasons were as good as the last.

Best Comedy:
I don't really watch any of these shows except Glee and I honestly don't think it deserves a Golden Globe win (it's fun, but this season isn't award-worthy in my opinion...). Who will win? Modern Family or 30 Rock. Don't they always win?

Best Actor, Drama:
While Mad Men might not have had the most stellar season overall, I loooooved Jon Hamm this season. He took Don Draper to a whole new place; he was like a different character. I applaud you, Mr. Hamm, but honestly think this is anyone's game. All these guys are awesome (except Hugh Laurie. I don't like House).

Best Actress, Drama: Jersey from Coyote Ugly is nominated for a Golden Globe? Ridiculous. I have no further words here.

Best Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons, always Jim Parsons. I think he is hilarious. But Alec Baldwin always wins. And this is Steve Carell's last year on The Office.

Best Actress, Comedy: Anyone's game... except Lea Michelle. She is arguably the least funny girl on Glee. (The same goes with Matthew Morrison, who got a nod for Best Actor in a comedy. Artie, Brittany, Sue, Finn.... all funny. Mr. Schu and Rachel? Not so much).

Best Supporting Actor: Chris Colfer is having his time in the limelight on Glee this season (part of the reason I think the show isn't as good as the past.... too much focus on Kurt). My vote is for him.

Best Supporting Actress: Sue, duh. (But why don't they separate Comedy and Drama for supporting roles? Mrs. Schroeder shouldn't have to compete with Miss Sylvester).

And most importantly, who do I think got snubbed? LOST! Bored to Death! Fringe! Abed on Community! Treme!


Jennifer Elston said...

No Dexter love?

Danielle said...

I do love, love, love Dexter. And this season wasn't bad... it just wasn't as good as last season. And with the drama category so competitve (Mad Men! Boardwalk!) you have to be on your A game.... all. the. time.

Jennifer Elston said...

True. But after Rita's death and John Lithgow's amazingly creepy performance as Trinity, it was hard to top.


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