Fringe and Twitter = love.

So my second favorite alternate universe-themed show (first has to go to Lost, although that is more time-travel...), premieres September 17th on Fox and I cannot wait. The finale last season was intense- Peter is really dead and the guy I know and love is his alt-reality self!? Wtf.

And the season premiere promises to be just as shocking. Word on the street is that one main character dies, two kiss and another faces medical uncertainty. Dun dun duuunnn.

As for the kissing, there are no significant Peter-Olivia scenes in the premiere- sad day. Instead he spends some quality screen time with new cast member Meghan Markle (playing Agent Amy Jessup) and Olivia's sister Rachel (who we saw chemistry with last season).

Don't watch Fringe? You should. While you probably can't catch up on the whole freaky first season in the next couple days, make sure to catch the replay of the finale on Fox this Thursday. The network is introducing "tweet-peats" of the show (they are doing it with Glee also). The episodes will be accompanied with messages from producers and cast members using Twitter. You can follow online or on the bottom of the television screen and see commentary, revealing behind-the-scenes details and answers to fans' questions.The Fringe 'tweet-peat' will feature producers and stars Joshua Jackson and John Nolble.

Thank you, Twitter for uniting Josh and I. Think he will mind if I propose to him via a tweet?


The Ruins! RW/RR Challenge is back!

Last night I got the text I have been waiting for...
New season of RW/RR challnege starts on September 30th!

I missed the MTV trailer, but here is what I could dig up online. 'The Ruins' 18th installment of the Challenge series takes place in Thailand (sweet), is hosted by TJ Lavin, and pits Champions against Challengers.

The rules this time get a little tricky. Before each challenge, each team will nominate six people -- three men and three women from their ranks -- to be eligible for "The Ruins." After every challenge, the winning team will split $$20,000 evenly. Then, the winning team's lucky six nominees will be "the match-makers" who will select which man and woman from each team will be sentenced to "The Ruins." The selected men will have their "Ruins" competition and so will the women. The losers will be sent packing. Only the players that make it to the end will walk away with the cash they've banked and compete in the finale for an even bigger prize.

Details, details. You just want to know who is competeing!

The Champions are...

Darrell Taylor: RR Campus Crawl; champ on the Gauntlet, Inferno, Inferno 2, and Fresh Meat
Derrick Kosinski: RR X Treme; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Evan Starkman: <3>
Evelyn Smith: Fresh Meat; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Ibis Nieves: RR XTreme; champ on Gauntlet 2
Johanna Botta: RW Austin; champ on Gauntlet 3
Johnny (Bananas) Devenanzio: RW Key West; champ on the Island
Katie Doyle: RR Quest; champ on the Inferno
Kenny Santucci: Fresh Meat; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Susie Meister: RR Down Under; champ on Gauntlet 2
Syrus Yarbrough: RW Boston; champ on Extreme Challenge (?)
Tonya Cooley: RW Chicago; champ on Inferno 3
Veronica Portillo: RR Semester at Sea; champ on Challenge 2000, Gauntlet, and Inferno
Wes Bergman: RW Austin; champ on the Duel

And on to the Challengers...Adam King: RW Paris
Brad Fiorenza: RW San Diego
Brianna Taylor: RW Hollywood
Casey Cooper: Fresh Meat
Chet Cannon: RW Brooklyn
Cohutta Lee: RW Sydney
Danny Jamieson: RW Austin
Diem Brown: Fresh Meat
Dunbar Flinn: RW Sydney
Kelly Anne Judd: RW Sydney
Kimberly Alexander: RW Hollywood
Nick Brown: RW Hollywood
Sarah Rice: RW Brooklyn
Shauvon Torres: RW Sydney

Pretty much an all-star lineup. Here is what I find interesting....

-The Challengers do not have a single Road Rulers. A couple of Fresh Meat kids, which was pretty much Road Rules, but still. Maybe it's time to do another pure RW vs. RR Challenge to see how it shapes out.
-Is Darrell the most winning contestant of all the Challenges? He definitely is on this team. I wonder if this will make him top dog or something.
-Reunions of Wes and Johanna? Kim and Dunbar? Cohutta and Kelly Anne? and Veronica and Katie?!
-It will be fun to see how friends/alliances that are split up this time around react to the change. The Austin kids are split up. People that are usually competeing with the vets- like Diem and Brad- are now stuck with all these newbies.
-Speaking of newbies- how many of these kids are rookies?

Ah Evan. I heart you.


the most sports talk this blog has ever seen

Oh no!

I just found out that next week's new Shaq vs. is against my hometown hero, Albert Pujols! Too bad I will actually be at the Cardinals game, instead of watching this Red Bird beat Shaq in homers on TV!

Anyone know if Shaq won in volleyball against Kerri and Misty May this week? That was the sport he felt most confident in and I missed it last night! And FYI, Ben barely beat him in football in week #1 of this little joy of a television program.

Sawyer says... Coming up on LOST

Last week, Lost cast Lennon and now they are adding two more new faces to the mix.

A Japanese superstar, Hiroyuki Sanada, joined the mix with a recurring role.

Now they are also casting for 'Paul,' described as an overworked, harried male age 30-60 who finds himself in a highly adrenalized situation that forces him to remain calm and tests his ability to keep his wits about him — a test he fails miserably. This elusive Paul must be available for episodes 2 and 3 this season. Interesting.

The love of my life, Sawyer, aka Josh Holloway, chatted with E! about what is coming up this season for our resident lovesick (for Kate) bad boy turned lovesick (for Juliet) hero.

Time to play Sawyer says...

"Now that he's lost Juliet, I think the leader-hero thing is gone. I think he doesn't give a s--t to be anyone's leader at this point. He's heartbroken. He's back to 'The world sucks' and maybe throughout this season someone can redeem him again and bring him back from hell, because right now, he's in hell."

"Knowing Damon Lindelof, Sawyer must die. Maybe Carlton Cuse will soften. I always thought he should die. I think he should die because him and society is never going to work, so why go back?"

Okay, Joshie. This is what I say:

Kate should redeem Sawyer, so then they can fall back in love. Then she finally akes him up on that offer to play house on the Island and they live happily ever after laying on the beach (Sawyer should be shirtless in this scenario). Or yeah, and Damon can kill off Jack instead.

Get yo' GREEK on

The season premiere of Greek is less than a week away (yey!) and I am so psyched. I used to sit in my sorority house and watch this show with all my 'sisters' but now that I am not going back to school (don't graduate!), I will have to relive the college experience through my friends at Cyprus Rhodes!

Warning this post contains spoilers.. and lots of them.

'The Day After'

The premiere picks up right where we left off, the morning after KT's End of the World Party. Cappie may have told Casey he wasn't interested, but that was before he knew about Max's departure. Will he change his mind now? Sources say we will get some resolution to the Cap/Case drama in the very first episode (!), but I doubt whatever they 'resolve' in the premiere will change thru the season. Rebecca's actions at the party will leave her trying to mend a relationship with someone she really cares about, or atleast trying to. Rusty is in trouble- failing organic chem and losing his honors status! eek! Dale might end up gettin' some cougar lovin'. Ashleigh and kitchen-boy Fischer's relationship gets rocky.

And coming up this season:
Dad's Weekend.
Casey v. Ashleigh catfight
ZBZ is not top dog on Greek row anymore
Rebecca realizes she is in college and just wants to 'have fun' (does that mean she will be more skanky than before? If that's even possible)
Evan and Cap trying to be friends
Love triangles with new hot waitress
Dale and Rusty going to a new level of friendship
Calvin in love? Maybe.
Thanksgiving break.
A Kappa Tau-Omega Chi confrontation in the season finale.

Go GREEK on August 31st on ABC Family.

Dancing with...some people

If you love Dancing with the Stars, or if you hate it then you need to read this post on Cracked.com. Hilarious!

Jacksons cash in

Geez, the Jackson family sure is cashing in on Mikey's death. Not only has it been all over the news (duh), but now the Bro's are getting their own reality show on A&E and LaToya is slated to guest host on The View.


'Horned God' attracts 5.3 million

5.3 million people tuned in to see the gang return to Bon Temps this week (a 20 percent increase from last week, AND their highest ratings ever), and they were not at all disappointed.

According to my sister, a fellow True Blood junkie, "It was a really good episode. I mean, really good. Like, so good [our] jaws were still open as the credits rolled. Actually, it was probably a great episode - it had some comedic, suspenseful, and even tearjerking moments.... And, to top off its greatness, there is a scene where you see Jason's bare chest and Sam's bare a**."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

And here is what the folks over at E! said about my favorite guys in their redux:

"The smiting of Sam Merlotte by "the horned god that comes" was brilliant! Andy Bellefleur (provider of horns), Jason Stackhouse (provider of shock, awe and killer abs) and Sam Merlotte himself (provider of smarts and shape-shifting magic) were an unexpectedly powerful team. Indeed, between Andy's drunken comedy stylings, Sam's self-sacrificing aplomb and Jason Stackhouse chainsaw performance, at least three of Bon Temps' few remaining sane male citizens were in fine form tonight. (Most shows can't get away with such things, but on True Blood, a redneck Ramboing through town with a chainsaw and a nail gun is just another brilliant tableau.)"

There are just two episodes of True Blood left and- surprise, surprise- MaryAnn is not giving up on Sam. And our noble hero is going to continue thinking its best to sacrafice himself to save his friends (Awww..). Spoiler Alert: Sam's got someone in his corner to rescue him. Any guesses who it is?


and the Pros are...

Last week, ABC announced the clebes taking the stage for DWTS this season, but we all know they won't go it alone. Each will pair up with their own Dancing pro to tango with, yell at, use as a crutch when they hurt themselves...

As much as people were announcing which stars they thought would go all the way, loyal DWTS fans know that you are nothing without the right pro. While the folks over at EW already made a list, ranking which stars would go home first, I decided to be a bit less ambitious. There are 16 contestants this year, so I put them in four tiers (of four pairs each, all you math majors).

Going home early
Tom DeLay Cheryl Burke
Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts
Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel
Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani

Getting home to chat with Mom and Dad before bed
Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas
Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova
Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough
Chuck Liddell and Anna Trebunskaya

Sneeking in right after curfew
Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer
Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower
Mya and Dmitry Chaplin
Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff

Staying out all night and partying with that mirror-ball trophy

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo

Ashley Hamilton and Edyta Sliwinska

Debi Mazar and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson

a little Sterling love

I love Mad Men. After watching a less than stellar hour of ABDC, it was such a joy to switch over to AMC and join my pals at Sterling Cooper...
And speaking of Sterling- Roger was great last night. My favorite Rogerisms:
"Do you ever get three sheets to the wind and try that thing on?"
-to the Brit about the armor in his office
"Oh look, it's Princess Grace, and she swallowed a basketball."
-to Betty (being more bratty than ever last night)

Also, a little interesting tidbit: Roger's daughter's wedding is scheduled to take place the day after Kennedy's assasination. Hmmm.

What else did I love?
Peggy, learning to flirt and getting ready to hold her own against the boys.
Best Draper quote of the night: "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation."

'give America what it wants'

I feel ya Shane. This was the worst episode of ABDC ever.

Yes, even worse than Fanny Pck getting kicked off in Season 2.

Every single 'safe' crew had a boring performance. Usually Shane is so hyped to see what these crews are bringing to the table, but when there is nothing there? Watch out. He can be mean. Total ditto on what Shane said about 'getting off YouTube' and coming up with your own stuff. When Beat Ya Feet Kings did that punch, I immediately recognized it from the bone breaking group last season. And bummer that the two best crews were in the bottom- neither should have gone home!

Ugh, I am so frustrated. No video today. :(

mucked up reality stars

Millionaire-turned reality star-turned murder suspect Ryan Jenkins was found dead in a hotel in Canada. Police believe Jenkins took his own life, but, of course, are investigating it further.

Meanwhile, we (okay, maybe I'm the only one) have been desperate to find out what happens to Megan- the Rock of Love/I Love Money golddigger now looking to find her own prince charming on Megan Wants a Millionaire, of which Jenkins was a contestant. I told you last week that you couldn't even find the show on VH1's website, and now THR is reporting that the show is cancelled.

But wait, there's more...

Looks like Jenkins, in true VH1 reality fashion, was really cashing in- appearing in the new season of I Love Money 3 as well. And now that show is in jeopardy too!

Listen, I don't really care if Megan finds her mate, but (in Frank's voice...) I looooove money and must see this show. VH1, please!

It looks like this whole controversy is getting people talking about who gets on reality shows and how (well at least Yahoo News is talking about it).

Turns out Mr. Jenkins was sentenced to 15 months probabtion in 2007 after facing assault charges. 51 Minds, Megan's production comapny, claims that this lit tidbit just slipped through the cracks and had they known... bla bla bla.

Bull with a capital 'S', I say.

The Yahoo article goes on and on about past reality contestants with suspicious backgrounds and how shows try to steer clear of these situations, but I tend to agree more with Jamie Huysman, a Miami psychologist who, get this- treats talk show and reality contestants. Anyone who watches VH1 reality shows knows sanity is not the top priority and the Doc echoes this, saying, "Clearly, everyone wants to watch a train wreck, otherwise these kinds of shows wouldn't receive the ratings they do."


Just off the top of my head, I can think of girls from these shows who have admitted to going to jail, went to jail after the show, or in the case of last seaon's Charm School, were trying to avoid jail as the show was airing! And what about the guys. I'm just guessing that appropriately named cage-fighter Cage on Daisy of Love has a violent past. And when has MTV ever kicked someone off a season of Real World for getting arrested? Yep, that's what I thought.

Bottomline. I'm not saying that what Jenkins isn't a big deal (it's a huge deal), I'm just saying that 51 Minds probably would have cast him anyway. And I want to see I Love Money 3.


Unhappy Hulk (and wife)

If you see a crazy green man running around the DWTS studios, it is probably Lou Ferrigno.

Apparently he is none too happy about being dissed by DWTS. I guess he (and his nutso wife/manager Carla) thought he was a shoe-in for the big show and were shocked (and dismayed) when he wasn't announced as one of the 'stars' on Monday.

According to E!, this is what Carla had to say...

"The producers told us he would have made an excellent contestant, and when you compare him to some of the 'so-called' celebrities they picked, it just does not make any sense at all... [The producers] never even had the class to give Lou a call and tell him that he was not going to be chosen. Lou is an American icon....We couldn't believe some of the people they picked... I mean, Tom Delay, a corrupt politician, a skateboarder who nobody has ever heard of, and what exactly has Ashley Hamilton ever done?"

Whoa, them is fightin' words.

but Megan still wants her millionaire!

Most of you probably haven't heard of Megan Wants a Millionaire on VH1, heck, most of you don't even know who this 'Megan' person is, and you probably don't care.

But I do.
Megan is a VH1 'reality star'; starting off on one of those dating shows (was it Real Chance? Rock of Love? I don't know) and then going on to I Love Money. The geniuses at VH1 know how to pick 'em, and now she has her own show.

Or had, perhaps.

Turns out, one of her millionaires may also be a... wait for it... murderer. Dun-dun-duuuuun.

Ryan Jenkins, an investment banker competing for Megans 'love' is now being sought after as 'person of interest' in the death of his former wife. And guess what, according to TV Guide, he just ran away to Canada! Yikes!

So now, VH1 has stopped airing Millionaire, just three episodes in! Poor Megan! And, poor us! With no predicted date as to when or if it will start airing again (it isn't even listed on VH1's website as one of their shows), we may never find out who she chooses!

Is Conan a loser?

Looks like Conan isn't delivering the goods for NBC. While they may have declared victory early on, now TV Squad is reporting that Letterman's reruns are beating Conan in ratings. Whoopsie daisy.
The good news? Conan is dominating the under 55 age bracket. It's true, I would watch Conan over Letterman any night... if I could stay up that late. Conan is younger, and a little nuts, which makes him appealing to young folks like me.

The (sort of) good news? The real ratings winner in this late night battle isn't Letterman or Conan- it's ABC's Nightline, which brings in more viewers than either of the other two. Sad for late night comedy, but refreshing to know people in America are watching some form of news...


found our Lennon

Whoever this Lennon guys is.. here is who is playing him. Does he look like a good guy or bad guy?


Seinfeld's on Leno... who cares.

The first guest on the Leno show will be Mr. Seinfeld himself.

Although I've read that Leno won't be doing sit-down couch chats with his guests, THR.com reports that is exactly what will be happening, along with some stand-up from the comedian (Seinfeld, not Leno). Seinfeld has been on Leno six times already, including right after the Seinfeld finale (which drew 15 million viewers to the late night talk show).

Also appearing on the show are musical guests Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye (<3).>
I, however, will not be tuning in. Ever. I feel bad that NBC sucks and has to do this to save money, but I support scripted television during prime time (okay, and a little 'reality' too...).

Oh, and also, I'm still labeling this 'late night' because, even thoguh it is on early, I don't think I care enough to give it it's own tag. Sorry, Jay.

old faces.. and a new one

The premiere of Lost may still be months away, but news about who is coming back has been everywhere since the finale aired this past spring. Lost execs have already confirmed the return of fan favorites like Faraday, Juliet, Claire, Boone, and Charlie (for a whole three episodes!), and one more is ready to hop on board-

Mr. Eko.

According to the Hollywood Insider, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is ready to reprise his role as the mysterious (and tough) Mr. Eko, should producers come calling. Back in season 3, Adewale pretty much sealed his own fate, asking to be taken off the show because of issues going on in his personal life. The episode when Eko dies is probably one of my least favorite episodes ever (it was a poor tribute to one of my favorite characters), so hopefully if he returns they can do him some justice!

Lost, of course, is famous for seemlessly introducing new characters into the mix as well. Supposedly, they are already casting for an actor in his mid 30s to late 50s to play Lennon:

'scruffy, edgy, charismatic, and slightly stir-crazy, Lennon can be deferential when it’s called for. He’s the spokesperson/translator for the president of a foreign corporation. He’s a wily negotiator, and far more powerful than his lowly position would seem to indicate. Recurring.'

Hmmm.... very interesting. Now we just have 5 or 6 months left to wonder who this guys is....


ABDC ep2: Best and Worst

Best- Massive Monkees
I guess you could say I'm a sucker for b-boys, but seriously, they were adorable. This is a great example of taking on a challenge with creativity and originality! They took the prop- the hula hoop- and totally ran with it. Not only were their stunts awesome, but the whole schoolyard vibe totally fit. And, they have personlaity too! Way to go, Massive Monkees!

Worst- Beat Yo Feet Kings
Last week they weren’t clean, and this week they weren’t original. All they did was reenact Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. They got a girl to dress like Beyonce and guys to dance around her. Not very creative. They didn’t even update the ‘uh oh’ dance. They were supposed to take the Beyonce move and take it further, make it their own. Fail.

Since the Kings were already safe (wha?), the salsa dancers and Artistry in Motion had to battle it out in the bottom, with the girls of Artistry going home. Was I bummed? Yes. But not as bummed as Donelle. A wee bit dramatic, wouldn't you say? I'm not even going to replay the clip here because it is kind of embarassing.

Ah, my two loves- social media and television

I just finished reading this article from THR about new marketing techniques networks are using to get their shows some publicity. Obviously, word of mouth is huge- the article claims that it is second to on-air promotion when it comes to advertising, but I disagree. Just last night I saw a commercial for The Good Wife with Mr.Big and my Mom asked me what I had heard about it. Despite seeing the commercials, I have heard nothing. Will I watch it? No.

See, word of mouth wins.

Nowadays word of mouth has evolved into word of ‘mouse,’ using sites like Twitter and Facebook to get buzz going for your show. In fact, I just told you last weekend that you could become a fan of Community on Facebook and watch the pilot (which I did last night- hilarious!).

The one thing I don’t really agree with in the article is their assessment of which shows each network is pushing hardest for in their marketing- ABC fof Flashforward? Okay, sure. Fox for Glee? Um, duh. But NBC for Leno? I don’t think so. There has most definitely been a bigger word of mouse push for Community than any other fall show on NBC. I mean, come on, you even mentioned it in your article! I don’t see NBC doing anything new or original to advertise for Leno (beside the usual billboards, press releases, etc).

Anyway, here’s the bottom line. Word of mouse works. Just take a look at what happened to Bruno.

Boo Blood :(

Anyone else a little 'underwhelmed' with this week’s episode? I get that not every episode can be action-packed, but this one sort of dragged on. The only thing I loved on True Blood this week was Eric- he is really amazing this season. The chemistry with him and Sookie, his ‘love’ for Godric- it is all great and taking the character to a new level.

Other than that, not impressed.

Oh, yeah- MaryAnn you are a freak and scare me. Please leave Bon Temps and Sam Merlotte alone. Thank you.

people are Mad

First of all, to the Baltimorians (?) out there mad about some historical inaccuracies in the Mad Men season premiere- sorry, but I don't really care.

Sunday’s season 3 premiere raked in a record 2.8 million viewers, the most the show has ever pulled. According the THR.com, this is a 33 percent increase from last season’s premiere. Unlike other network shows, Mad Men gets played in repeat airings on AMC and so they are estimating the total viewers to be around 4 million (plus factor in all the people watching it illegally online…). They also made quite the gain in my demo- 18-49. We made up 1.2 million of the total viewers, a 71 percent increase from last year. Way to go, Don.

Numbers aside, it was a beautiful premiere, and I expected no less. Betty was as child-like as ever (hate her.), Pete was snarky, Ken was suave, Joan was smart, and Don… ah, Don. I should not find him so appealing- considering he is living with a stolen identity, cheats on his wife, smokes like a chimney- but I can’t help it. I adore him.

The premiere started off some great plotlines for the season. Sal’s sex life… or lack thereof; Betty’s dream of a ‘perfect’ life for her new baby; more insight into Don’s mysterious past (worst way to get your name award goes to…); and of course the British/English tension post-takeover. But I am probably most excited about the Pete/Ken competition for the Head of Accounts position. These two are perfect foils for each other and I can’t wait to see it play out!

One problem- I can’t do this double dip between Fringe and Mad Men. The new Brit, played by Jared Harries, also plays the creepy Jones on Fringe, so I immediately am freaked out by him. Lucky for me, it looks like his villainous ways won’t be lost on the folks over at Sterling Cooper.

Shaq takes on Ben

Tonight is the premiere of Shaq Vs., a new show on ABC the pits the b-baller against other top notch athletes.

I’ll admit now, I have a deep-rooted disgust for O’Neal. Have you ever seen him play basketball?! He is just this huge tree in the middle of the court. He doesn’t run. He doesn’t hustle. He is just annoying. Good, yes. But Annoying.

That being said, I think this show sounds great! I may hate on his skills on the court, but Shaq is a great TV personality and I’m surprised it has taken so long for him to have a show like this. Tonight he takes on Superbowl champ Ben Roethlisberger in a test of who has better pigskin prowess. My bet is on the Berger.

Shaq Vs. airs tonight on ABC at 8pm central.


new 'stars' take the stage

ABC announced the new cast of DWTS this morning.. and I'll admit, it's a strange bunch. 

Full of athletes -ultimate fighter Chuck Lidell, snowboarder Louie Vito, footballer Michaal Irvin, and swimmer Natalie Coughlin...

and singers -Mya, Macy Gray, Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne, and Aaron Carter...

this season's cast mainly relies on TV 'personalities'- Iron Chef host Mark Dacascos, politician Tom DeLay, Kathy Ireland, even the aforementioned Irvin, Osmond, Osbourne, and Carter have all had their share of the talk/reality show spotlight in recent years...

Also joining the cast are actors Debi Mazar and Melissa Joan Hart, model Joanna Krupa, and Ashley Hamilton, son of always-tan Season 2 contestant George. 

Not exactly the star-studded cast I would have liked (is it bad when Aaron Carter is one of your 'big' names?), but I'll be watching anyway. 


Word Vomit

Here are some tidbits I've seen (and felt were worth noting). You can spend the weekend thinking them over while I bask in the sun at Tablerock Lake and wait for ABDC, True Blood, and Mad Men on Sunday.

-There is nothing stressing me out more than my crowded Thursday night line-up (well, that and my Sunday night line-up...) so, thank you to NBC for letting me view the pilot of Community before it premieres just by becoming a fan on Facebook! Yes!

- I'll admit, I did not read the whole Vanity Fair article (did i not just mention I have a pilot to watch?), but I don't need to read it to know how gorgeous Mad Men is. Just take a look at its two stars on the beach in Nassau!

-TV Guide has there own list of stars they would like to see on DWTS this season? Great picks! But none of them are on my rumor-radar.

-Word on the street (in EW magazine actually) is that ABC and CBS are not allowing their stars to appear on Leno's new late night show. Make sense? Why cooperate with other networks? Especially when their show is airing during yours?!

-I love Paul Scheer. I love Lost. So this website is basically the sh!t.


Did you know?

Bet you didn't know about my love for music videos did you? These are the two I can't get enough of rright now...

Coldplay; "Life in Technicolor II"

Kid Cudi, Ft. Common and Kanye; "Made Her Say"

Emmy Snubs and Surprises

Looks like made for TV movies will have their day in the sun after all.

The Academy had originally planned to cut eight of the awards from the telecast- pretaping them and then editing them- to save time. After uproar from, well, pretty much everyone, they- surprise!- changed their mind. Looks like we will be seeing a lot more of Drew Barrymore (Grey Gardens) on Emmy night.

Check out TV Guide's article on Emmy snubs and surprises, it has some great insight.

But for some better insight, check out my winning picks!

not so Fr3sh

So after trying to watch it three times, I finally caught the entire season 4 premiere of ABDC. This year's crews are weird. A good kind of weird, but weird nonetheless. I really just want to watch Quest Crew come up with a new routine every week!

I still hate the way they eliminate on the premiere (sending one to the 'battle' every three performances), and at first was not happy with who was sent home. Beat Ya Feet Kings' routine was sloppy and I was sure they would go home. But after thinking about all the other crews, I totally see why the judges kept Kings. All the other crews have something special to bring to the table, and Kings keeps with that vibe.

Does Fr3sh?

Don't get me wrong- I loved their performance; it was actually one of my favorites. But are they more than just another Kaba Modern or SoRealCru? Too bad we won't get to find out.

Peace out Fr3sh.


Who will dance their way into America’s hearts this year?

The premiere of DWTS is still a month away, but, of course, people have already been buzzing about potential cast members. The most recent addition to the list is LaToya Jackson. Jackson joins Lou 'the Hulk' Ferrigno, Dean McDermott, Kathy Griffin, and Brett Michaels as stars rumored to be appearing on Dancing this season. Jewel may also be back, after injuring herself early in the season last year.

Another possibility? Newly Idolless Paula Abdul, who is guest starring on ABC’s Ugly Betty this fall. Since she dropped Idol, rumors of joining DWTS, as either a contestant or a judge, have been flying about, and now that ABC already has her tied down to one series, why not another? If she joins the show, it had better be as a contestant. What does Paula know about ballroom dance?!

We will finally find out who will be joining the cast on Monday, and my guess is that at least one of these rumored stars will be on that list. As much as ABC tries to keep it a secret, it seems like every year there is one obvious celeb choice.


If I worked at Sterling Cooper...

Mad Men starts this Sunday (yey!) and to get into the spirit head over to AMC's Mad Men Yourself website to make a little character for yourself! This is me.. not too bad if I do say so myself. 

What I loved (and hated) about True Blood ep. 8

Love. <3

1. Godric is the shiznit. I think he should take over and rule the whole world. He presents a whole new dimension of vampire that I never even thought of- the fact that they have never evolved despite being alive for hundreds or thousands of years, that groups like the Fellowship have started because of them, that their violence is no worsee than humans... he is just brilliant. Forget team Bill or team Eric, I'm all about team Godric.

2. Jessica is the bee's knees. I'll admit, I hated her last seasoon when she was introduced (a-noy-ing), but this season I have grown to love her. I love the father-daughter dynamic between her and Bill and her romance with Hoyt. Last night, my heart just broke for her. What a dilemma! Poor girl.

3. Eric & Sookie... hmmm. I have been hearing all season about this Eric and Sookie romance going on and never saw it. I wasn't convinced Eric had any feelings towards Sookie; he was just using her to get Gordric back. Last night? They convinced me. And, I never considered Eric that good looking (I've always been a Bill fan), but last night when Eric came and stood next to Bill... convinced me again.

4. Jason is BACK. So happy to have my dopey Jason back to normal and away from those Fellowship crazies. Every moment he was on screen- from thinking he was 'saved,' shooting Steve in the head, telling Steve he had already been to heaven (ha! take that!), to hugging Bill- Jason was on last night! And he is pretty (please see photo).

5. Every thing falling into place. Finally! I think the people of Bon Temps need to start communicating! I bet if we got Sam, Andy, Tara, Eggs, Arlene, and that guy who sodomized the tree together in one room (without MaryAnn of course!) they could put it all together! The chances of that happening? Slim.


1. Human hearts. Being chopped up and served to people I like making them go crazy. Di-sturb-ing.

2. Crazy Fellowship people trying to blow up my friends.


FlashForward to Sept. 24th, please.

Check out E!s article on what to expect from ABC's new show FlashForward.

My favorite thing about the show I haven't even seen yet? All of the comparisns it is getting to Lost!

Big-budget pilot? Check.
Crash int he first episode? Check.
Mapped out series (looking to span 3 seasons)? Check.
Charlie and Penny? Check.

Not to mention John Cho, Seth McFarlane, Joseph Fiennes, and Gabrielle Union.


goodbye Paula...

I do not watch American Idol (okay, I watched the first season.. and went to the concert... and bought a T-shirt. But I don't watch it anymore), but Paula Abdul's exit is huge news!

Check out the TV Guide article about her departure (complete with tweets from Paula and Ryan Seacrest!).
Speculation about her departure has been around for a while now- especially with the addition of judge Kara whats-her-name last season- but with recent contract negotiations it has been worse than ever. Do you think she wanted to leave? Didn't get enough money? Fox decided she wasn't worth it? Hmm.

I do love this article I read in TV Guide Magazine yesterday, about TV stars and their salaries in the midst of this recession we're in. Seems especially relevent now.


Bad deja vu?

In case you haven't heard, Russell Brand is again hosting the VMAs. Super. AND, Britney got seven nominations this year.

Hmm, sounds like last year. This is what I had to say following that debacle.

Okay, so now I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and think Brand is hilarious in it- but that still does not change how I felt about last year's show. I will not be tuning in.

But in case you want to waste your Sunday night, the show airs Sept. 13, and will most likely repeat 24/7 after that...

Sundays ARE for worship!

I don’t know if anyone is more excited about the season 4 premiere of ABDC this weekend as I am! Fresh off a Sunday marathon, I checked out MTV’s website where they have the top 5 ABDC moments from the past three seasons. I pretty much agree with Jabba’s MJ routine, the Beat Freaks magic routine, and anything and everything by Quest Crew, but wish they would have included something from BreakSk8 or Status Quo instead of stupid Super Cr3w (sorry, still bitter about the great Fanny Pak fiasco of Season 2).

I do, however, adore the new promos for the season featuring my loves from Quest Crew. Here is the full routine- 70 seconds of pure Quest glory!

New faces in Tree Hill

A lot of OTH fans are mourning the loss of Peyton and Lucas.

I am not one of them.

For some reason, I never really cared for either of them (Lucas especially), and this last season, they were so annoying that I am glad to see the saps go.

The shake-up obviously means new faces on the block, including Robert Buckley as Nathan’s agent… And Shantel VanSanten as Quinn, Haley’s sister.
Also (rumored to be) returning is Rachel- yes! I love bringing back old characters! Who else do I hope comes back eventually? Derek the stalker, Chris Keller aka Tyler Hilton, Jake (hot.), Bevin… the list goes on. Or, now that there are two James sisters in town, how about older sister Taylor (Lindsey McKeon, pictured below)? Back in Season 2, we found out Nathan lost his v-card to this Miss James!



After Dominic Monaghan appeared at Comic Con's Lost panel last week, the rumors that he was reprisiong his role as Charlie PAce on the show's final season seemed confirmed. And E! just reported that he will appear in, not one, but three episodes this season!

But will he be alive? Oh I hope so!!


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