Shaq takes on Ben

Tonight is the premiere of Shaq Vs., a new show on ABC the pits the b-baller against other top notch athletes.

I’ll admit now, I have a deep-rooted disgust for O’Neal. Have you ever seen him play basketball?! He is just this huge tree in the middle of the court. He doesn’t run. He doesn’t hustle. He is just annoying. Good, yes. But Annoying.

That being said, I think this show sounds great! I may hate on his skills on the court, but Shaq is a great TV personality and I’m surprised it has taken so long for him to have a show like this. Tonight he takes on Superbowl champ Ben Roethlisberger in a test of who has better pigskin prowess. My bet is on the Berger.

Shaq Vs. airs tonight on ABC at 8pm central.

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