The Ruins! RW/RR Challenge is back!

Last night I got the text I have been waiting for...
New season of RW/RR challnege starts on September 30th!

I missed the MTV trailer, but here is what I could dig up online. 'The Ruins' 18th installment of the Challenge series takes place in Thailand (sweet), is hosted by TJ Lavin, and pits Champions against Challengers.

The rules this time get a little tricky. Before each challenge, each team will nominate six people -- three men and three women from their ranks -- to be eligible for "The Ruins." After every challenge, the winning team will split $$20,000 evenly. Then, the winning team's lucky six nominees will be "the match-makers" who will select which man and woman from each team will be sentenced to "The Ruins." The selected men will have their "Ruins" competition and so will the women. The losers will be sent packing. Only the players that make it to the end will walk away with the cash they've banked and compete in the finale for an even bigger prize.

Details, details. You just want to know who is competeing!

The Champions are...

Darrell Taylor: RR Campus Crawl; champ on the Gauntlet, Inferno, Inferno 2, and Fresh Meat
Derrick Kosinski: RR X Treme; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Evan Starkman: <3>
Evelyn Smith: Fresh Meat; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Ibis Nieves: RR XTreme; champ on Gauntlet 2
Johanna Botta: RW Austin; champ on Gauntlet 3
Johnny (Bananas) Devenanzio: RW Key West; champ on the Island
Katie Doyle: RR Quest; champ on the Inferno
Kenny Santucci: Fresh Meat; champ on Inferno 3 and the Island
Susie Meister: RR Down Under; champ on Gauntlet 2
Syrus Yarbrough: RW Boston; champ on Extreme Challenge (?)
Tonya Cooley: RW Chicago; champ on Inferno 3
Veronica Portillo: RR Semester at Sea; champ on Challenge 2000, Gauntlet, and Inferno
Wes Bergman: RW Austin; champ on the Duel

And on to the Challengers...Adam King: RW Paris
Brad Fiorenza: RW San Diego
Brianna Taylor: RW Hollywood
Casey Cooper: Fresh Meat
Chet Cannon: RW Brooklyn
Cohutta Lee: RW Sydney
Danny Jamieson: RW Austin
Diem Brown: Fresh Meat
Dunbar Flinn: RW Sydney
Kelly Anne Judd: RW Sydney
Kimberly Alexander: RW Hollywood
Nick Brown: RW Hollywood
Sarah Rice: RW Brooklyn
Shauvon Torres: RW Sydney

Pretty much an all-star lineup. Here is what I find interesting....

-The Challengers do not have a single Road Rulers. A couple of Fresh Meat kids, which was pretty much Road Rules, but still. Maybe it's time to do another pure RW vs. RR Challenge to see how it shapes out.
-Is Darrell the most winning contestant of all the Challenges? He definitely is on this team. I wonder if this will make him top dog or something.
-Reunions of Wes and Johanna? Kim and Dunbar? Cohutta and Kelly Anne? and Veronica and Katie?!
-It will be fun to see how friends/alliances that are split up this time around react to the change. The Austin kids are split up. People that are usually competeing with the vets- like Diem and Brad- are now stuck with all these newbies.
-Speaking of newbies- how many of these kids are rookies?

Ah Evan. I heart you.

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