Word Vomit

Here are some tidbits I've seen (and felt were worth noting). You can spend the weekend thinking them over while I bask in the sun at Tablerock Lake and wait for ABDC, True Blood, and Mad Men on Sunday.

-There is nothing stressing me out more than my crowded Thursday night line-up (well, that and my Sunday night line-up...) so, thank you to NBC for letting me view the pilot of Community before it premieres just by becoming a fan on Facebook! Yes!

- I'll admit, I did not read the whole Vanity Fair article (did i not just mention I have a pilot to watch?), but I don't need to read it to know how gorgeous Mad Men is. Just take a look at its two stars on the beach in Nassau!

-TV Guide has there own list of stars they would like to see on DWTS this season? Great picks! But none of them are on my rumor-radar.

-Word on the street (in EW magazine actually) is that ABC and CBS are not allowing their stars to appear on Leno's new late night show. Make sense? Why cooperate with other networks? Especially when their show is airing during yours?!

-I love Paul Scheer. I love Lost. So this website is basically the sh!t.

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