Fringe and Twitter = love.

So my second favorite alternate universe-themed show (first has to go to Lost, although that is more time-travel...), premieres September 17th on Fox and I cannot wait. The finale last season was intense- Peter is really dead and the guy I know and love is his alt-reality self!? Wtf.

And the season premiere promises to be just as shocking. Word on the street is that one main character dies, two kiss and another faces medical uncertainty. Dun dun duuunnn.

As for the kissing, there are no significant Peter-Olivia scenes in the premiere- sad day. Instead he spends some quality screen time with new cast member Meghan Markle (playing Agent Amy Jessup) and Olivia's sister Rachel (who we saw chemistry with last season).

Don't watch Fringe? You should. While you probably can't catch up on the whole freaky first season in the next couple days, make sure to catch the replay of the finale on Fox this Thursday. The network is introducing "tweet-peats" of the show (they are doing it with Glee also). The episodes will be accompanied with messages from producers and cast members using Twitter. You can follow online or on the bottom of the television screen and see commentary, revealing behind-the-scenes details and answers to fans' questions.The Fringe 'tweet-peat' will feature producers and stars Joshua Jackson and John Nolble.

Thank you, Twitter for uniting Josh and I. Think he will mind if I propose to him via a tweet?

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