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First of all, to the Baltimorians (?) out there mad about some historical inaccuracies in the Mad Men season premiere- sorry, but I don't really care.

Sunday’s season 3 premiere raked in a record 2.8 million viewers, the most the show has ever pulled. According the THR.com, this is a 33 percent increase from last season’s premiere. Unlike other network shows, Mad Men gets played in repeat airings on AMC and so they are estimating the total viewers to be around 4 million (plus factor in all the people watching it illegally online…). They also made quite the gain in my demo- 18-49. We made up 1.2 million of the total viewers, a 71 percent increase from last year. Way to go, Don.

Numbers aside, it was a beautiful premiere, and I expected no less. Betty was as child-like as ever (hate her.), Pete was snarky, Ken was suave, Joan was smart, and Don… ah, Don. I should not find him so appealing- considering he is living with a stolen identity, cheats on his wife, smokes like a chimney- but I can’t help it. I adore him.

The premiere started off some great plotlines for the season. Sal’s sex life… or lack thereof; Betty’s dream of a ‘perfect’ life for her new baby; more insight into Don’s mysterious past (worst way to get your name award goes to…); and of course the British/English tension post-takeover. But I am probably most excited about the Pete/Ken competition for the Head of Accounts position. These two are perfect foils for each other and I can’t wait to see it play out!

One problem- I can’t do this double dip between Fringe and Mad Men. The new Brit, played by Jared Harries, also plays the creepy Jones on Fringe, so I immediately am freaked out by him. Lucky for me, it looks like his villainous ways won’t be lost on the folks over at Sterling Cooper.

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