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Millionaire-turned reality star-turned murder suspect Ryan Jenkins was found dead in a hotel in Canada. Police believe Jenkins took his own life, but, of course, are investigating it further.

Meanwhile, we (okay, maybe I'm the only one) have been desperate to find out what happens to Megan- the Rock of Love/I Love Money golddigger now looking to find her own prince charming on Megan Wants a Millionaire, of which Jenkins was a contestant. I told you last week that you couldn't even find the show on VH1's website, and now THR is reporting that the show is cancelled.

But wait, there's more...

Looks like Jenkins, in true VH1 reality fashion, was really cashing in- appearing in the new season of I Love Money 3 as well. And now that show is in jeopardy too!

Listen, I don't really care if Megan finds her mate, but (in Frank's voice...) I looooove money and must see this show. VH1, please!

It looks like this whole controversy is getting people talking about who gets on reality shows and how (well at least Yahoo News is talking about it).

Turns out Mr. Jenkins was sentenced to 15 months probabtion in 2007 after facing assault charges. 51 Minds, Megan's production comapny, claims that this lit tidbit just slipped through the cracks and had they known... bla bla bla.

Bull with a capital 'S', I say.

The Yahoo article goes on and on about past reality contestants with suspicious backgrounds and how shows try to steer clear of these situations, but I tend to agree more with Jamie Huysman, a Miami psychologist who, get this- treats talk show and reality contestants. Anyone who watches VH1 reality shows knows sanity is not the top priority and the Doc echoes this, saying, "Clearly, everyone wants to watch a train wreck, otherwise these kinds of shows wouldn't receive the ratings they do."


Just off the top of my head, I can think of girls from these shows who have admitted to going to jail, went to jail after the show, or in the case of last seaon's Charm School, were trying to avoid jail as the show was airing! And what about the guys. I'm just guessing that appropriately named cage-fighter Cage on Daisy of Love has a violent past. And when has MTV ever kicked someone off a season of Real World for getting arrested? Yep, that's what I thought.

Bottomline. I'm not saying that what Jenkins isn't a big deal (it's a huge deal), I'm just saying that 51 Minds probably would have cast him anyway. And I want to see I Love Money 3.

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Danielle said...

Becky Buckwild spent time in jail for assault with a deadly weapon, and discussed it openly on I Love Money 2;
Brittanya got out of jail 2 days before filming Charm School and attended jail during filming, charges were for assault with a deadly weapon also


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