not so Fr3sh

So after trying to watch it three times, I finally caught the entire season 4 premiere of ABDC. This year's crews are weird. A good kind of weird, but weird nonetheless. I really just want to watch Quest Crew come up with a new routine every week!

I still hate the way they eliminate on the premiere (sending one to the 'battle' every three performances), and at first was not happy with who was sent home. Beat Ya Feet Kings' routine was sloppy and I was sure they would go home. But after thinking about all the other crews, I totally see why the judges kept Kings. All the other crews have something special to bring to the table, and Kings keeps with that vibe.

Does Fr3sh?

Don't get me wrong- I loved their performance; it was actually one of my favorites. But are they more than just another Kaba Modern or SoRealCru? Too bad we won't get to find out.

Peace out Fr3sh.

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