Fond Television Memories (vol. 1)

So today in my communications class they were talking about growing up wit television and the impact it has had on your life. Obviously, TV is VERY important to me and I got to thinking about all the great times I have had watching it. Naturally, I decided to share those stories on this blog...

There are many (I already have a huge list), but the one that came to mind first involves my Dad. It must have been because in the class, we were filling out these 'surveys' and one of the questions asked who has been most influential in your life. I answered my Dad. I honestly never thought I would say that, but the older I get, the more of a Daddy's girl I become. My Dad is polite, he works hard, he is independent, he is smart, and he is the funniest person I know. People respect him and people love him and I hope someday people feel that way about me. 

Now, the story (which is actually very simple). 

For some strange reason, I love Baywatch. Always have, always will. Growing up, I thought Pamela Anderson (aka CJ) was gorgeous and I wanted to look just like her. I have perfected the Baywatch jump over the waves and even own the Baywatch Barbie (which is named Summer, after Nicole Eggert). I just love the show. It wasn't until I got older that I realized it is kind of a joke show- girls running in swimsuits is the reason most people tune in. But I still love it- and my favorite Baywatch memory is my Dad teaching us to say 'hubba hubba.' 

That's right. He would say, "Hey, what is she?" and we would say back, "Hubba, hubba." We still say it to this day...

Thanks for the memory Dad! And, of course, thank you Baywatch

DWTS Announced!

DWTS Season 7 cast was announced this week and, man oh man, what  lineup they've got this year! 

Lance Bass (of N*Sync glory) with newcomer Lacey Schwimmer
Toni Braxton (she has a deep voice...) with season one champ Alec Mazo
Brooke Burke (model/once hosted Rank! on E!- what ever happened to that show?) with Derek Hough
Rocco Dispirito (cooking guy) with Karina
Maurice Greene (track SUPERstar) with Cheryl Burke
Kim Kardashian (large derriere) with Mark Ballas
Cloris Leachman (who I just saw on the Bob Sagat roast-hilarious!) with Mark's dad Corky Ballas- aw!
Cody Linley (Hannah Montana fame) with Julianne Hough
Susan Lucci with Tony Dovalani (sounds like a Jane Seymour repeat...)
Misty May Treanor (everyone's favorite sand volleyball player) with Maks (sooo hot.)
Ted McGinley with newbie Inna Brayer
Jeff Ross (who was also on the Bob Sagat roast...) with Edyta (poor girl)
Warren Sapp (football player) with Kym Johnson

My picks? Still deciding... 


Here I am- back in the full swing of things at the first week of school. And what better way to celebrate the return to college life? With the premiere of Greek of course!

Watched it this morning (DVR is the most glorious invention, don't ya think?), and sadly, was a bit underwhelmed. I still love it and will still watch it, but thought it dragged a bit. I did cry a little though (I know, weird, it's this new thing that keeps happening to me) when Casey made the whole 'I found a family' speech to Rebecca. You could say my situation here at MU is similar (just a bit) to Casey's/Kappie's/Evan's, and I am noticing now more than ever how much I relate to them. Sounds sappy, but I was proud of most the characters this episode- Casey, Ashley, Kappie, Rusty, Dale, even Rebecca. Well done, kids. 


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