Love me some Bubs.

My obsession with The Sing Off may have only lasted one week, but it was a pleaseant one, filled with dreams of the sweet Bubs serenading me.... ahhh.

I obviously think the Bubs should have won (I will pretty much always pick the dreamy college boys, just FYI), but NOTA was cool too. Everyone is saying they were better 'musicians', and sure, I'll buy that. But the Bubs definitely shined brighter as performers (perhaps it was the sweaters? haha I'm a riot...).

Seriosuly though, I love the Bubs. Ben Folds was right (as he always is), they are what everyone wants college guys to be like. Plus they gave us the best celebrity collaboration of the night, singing with Nicole (she should probably ditch the Pussycat Dolls and sing with these guys all the time instead)....


The Ruins: Reunion thoughts:

1. Wes and Johanna were never engaged?
2. Johnny's hair is out of control and Kenny and Evan should not be friends with him.
3. KellyAnne = Crazy Eyes.
4. Dunbar & Katie, why were you even there?
5. Brad & Tori getting married in 4 months! Soooo cute.
6. And come on people, Evan and Kenny are not the 'mean girls.' In fact, Evan, will you marry me?


Golden Globes nominees! and my picks!

Who loves awards shows? Me! Me! Me! There is nothing better than camping out on your couch on a Sunday night with pizza, popcorn, and ice cream (what? It’s a long show!), and watching your favorite stars strut across the stage. Plus, I love the montages.

But you know what I love even more than the show itself? Getting the list of nominees and picking my favorites. In that brief moment, your ‘winners’ still have a shot at being the real winners. And even if my dreams are crushed come January 17, at least my favorites will be memorialized forever here at Addicted to Television:

BEST TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Big Love (HBO)Dexter (Showtime)House (Fox)Mad Men (AMC)True Blood (HBO)
Dexter, True Blood, and Mad Men are three of my absolute favorite shows, so it is great to see them all nominated! For the winner, I’m going to have to go with Mad Men (no worries, Dexter fans. You’ll get your awards in the acting category!). Mad Men not only put out great performances this year, but had huge storylines – JFK shooting, Betty finding Don’s true identity, a guy getting his foot run over with a lawn mower…

BEST TELEVISION SERIES – COMEDY OR MUSICAL 30 Rock (NBC)Entourage (HBO)Glee (FOX)Modern Family (ABC)The Office (NBC)
Duh, I’m going to pick Glee. It is probably the most original comedy out there right now. It isn’t just about a group of friends hanging out, or a family trying to get along, or a bunch of people working together- it has music! Plus, when was the last time a high school sitcom was engaging enough for adults to enjoy?

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Simon Baker, The MentalistMichael C. Hall, DexterJon Hamm, Mad MenHugh Laurie, HouseBill Paxton, Big Love
Awards voters love Jon Hamm (as do I), but this one has to go to Michael C. Hall for his stunning performance on Dexter. This season, we saw Dex rock a baby to sleep, go to counseling with his wife, give up his bachelor pad… oh yeah, and hunt down the Trinity Killer. The highlight of the season really was the Dexter/Trinity storyline (what? You thought LaGuerta/Batista was more interesting? Good try, but no), and I’m hoping Hall and Lithgow both get recognized for it.

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES –DRAMA Glenn Close, DamagesJanuary Jones, Mad MenJulianna Margulies, The Good WifeAnna Paquin, True BloodKyra Sedgwick, The Closer
January Jones, hands down. Did you know her ex-boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher, told her to quit acting? No, Asthon, you quit. January Jones was brilliant this season on Mad Men. In the span of one season, she had a baby, lost her father, went to Rome, began an affair with another man, uncovered the truth about her husband’s identity, and finally demanded a divorce and hopped on a plane to Reno. And she looked really pretty doing it too.

Alec Baldwin, 30 RockSteve Carell, The OfficeDavid Duchovny, CalifornicationThomas Jane, HungMatthew Morrison, Glee
Although I love Glee, I don’t understand Morrison’s nomination here. The show is great, but he is probably the least funny character on it. I’m gonna give this one to Carell, because I am sick of Baldwin winning all the time.

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES –COMEDY OR MUSICAL Toni Collette, United States of TaraCourteney Cox, Cougar TownEdie Falco, Nurse JackieTina Fey, 30 RockLea Michele, Glee
What an honor for Lea Michele to be nominated in this category! If I had to guess, I would give it to Collette or Fey, but it would be so awesome if Michele won, wouldn’t it? The category is for comedy or musical, so why not congratulate the one nominee who covers both? Michele is hilarious as stage-brat Rachel, and man oh man, can that girl sing. (Speaking of, I wonder if we will get a musical performance from the Glee cast. Wouldn’t that be a treat!)

BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE IN A SERIES,MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION Michael Emerson, LostNeil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your MotherWilliam Hurt, DamagesJohn Lithgow, DexterJeremy Piven, Entourage
I hate that I am passing on Lost’s sole nomination, especially since Emerson was amazing as evil (or not evil?) Ben Linus this past year, but the award has to go to Lithgow for his creepy turn as the Trinity Killer on Dexter. From the moment we saw his bare buttocks in the first scene of the premiere, we couldn’t look away. And in his final moments, admit it, you felt some sympathy for the guy, didn’t you? Too bad that feeling didn’t last long. Now we can all hate him again.

Jane Lynch might play the same snappy alpha-female in everything (40 Year Old Virgin, Role Models, Talladega Nights, Two and a Half Men, Party Down), but the cutthroat high school cheerleading coach kills every scene on Glee. I would try to say something clever here, but nothing would be as great as what Sue would say. That’s why she is nominated for a Golden Globe and I’m not.

And a few thoughts…
I’m not going to call these ‘snub’s, but there were a few shows left of the ballot that surprised me.

Where was all the love for Breaking Bad and Big Bang Theory? Both shows are putting out stellar seasons, not to mention having one of the best dramatic actors (Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad) and one of the best comedic actors (Jim Parsons, Big Bang) on TV right now.

And my all-time favorite show, Lost was really overlooked this year. True, the last season was confusing (even for me), but it is consistently one of the most thought provoking shows on television. I am hoping that they will be recognized next year, following their final season this spring.


the Dexter finale: not so happy ending

The Dexter finale last night was INTENSE. And those last few minutes really blew me away (and everyone else apparently too- 15 hours later, and 'Dexter' is still a trend topic on Twitter). I was literally left speechless at the end of the episode, but let me try and gather my thoughts here....

WARNING: If you have yet to watch the finale, do not read this post. It is not really thoughts on the episode itself, but more like thoughts on what's to come in the future.

How will Dex handle being a single dad? As if just being a husband and father wasn't tough enough for him this season, now he has to take on Aster, Cody, and little Harrison all on his own. Some people think they will go live with Rita or Paul's parents, but that wouldn't be any fun now would it? And considering how Dexter found Harrison in the end, I don't think he will be letting that little baby out of his site any time soon.

How will he cope? Usually, Dexter deals with emotion by, well, killing someone. He likes to get revenge. But what about this time? Trinity is already dead, and the only person left to blame for Rita's murder is Dexter himself. I hate to say it, but if he had listened to Harry to begin with, if he had killed Trinity when he had the chance, if he hadn't made so many 'mistakes', if he didn't carry this 'dark passenger' to begin with, Rita would still be alive.

Does Dexter still think he can change? In last night's finale, Dex was struggling with the idea of change; trying to decide if he could abandon his dark passenger; if he could make a 'getaway' (the name of episode). In his conversation with Rita, she tells him that he can move past his darkness. She tells him she loves and believes in him, and all this gives Dexter hope. But now that Rita is gone, now that he doesn't have that support, will he be able to change? Or better question, will he even want to? Without Rita's support, will his dark passenger be stronger than ever?

What will Miami Metro (or now the FBI) think of all this? He obviously has to report this one to police. Will he change the crime scene so it doesn't look like Trinity's doing? (Rita doesn't fit the bill of young, single woman for the bathtub killing). If he leaves it the same they will obviously know it was Trinity, and be looking for the next step in the cycle. Will Dexter complete the cycle for Trinity? If the cycle just stops, they will know something happened to Trinity. Should Dexter start looking for criminals in Miami to kill using Trinity's method (while at the same time satisfying his 'code')?

And when Batista sees a picture of Arthur Mitchell, will he recognize him? Will he get suspicious? I think so. In that opening scene, they made it very clear that Batista noticed Trinity. The glance that Batista gave was even in slow motion. Batista is a freakishly smart detective and probably wouldn't forget that he saw the man in the station just days before.

Speaking of pictures, will Arthur's family try to identify their friend 'Kyle'? He played a huge role in the last days of their father, the Trinity Killer. I can't imagine that they wouldn't bring him up to police.

"Oh yeah, and there was this guy Kyle Butler who started volunteering with us... then sh*t hit the fan and he tried to kill our Dad. Oh, and he was at our house when your SWAT team busted in."

No doubt they will first link this Kyle Butler to the other one who was murdered, but eventually the Mitchell family will start describing him and come up with some sort of sketch right? I mean, people come up with sketches of attackers they saw for just brief moments; this guy spent a lot of time with them.

And what if they see Dexter? Yes, he is pretty sneaky and may be able to avoid them if they come in the station. And yes, the case was handed over to the FBI, putting it far from the Miami Metro offices. But what if Dexter is on TV or the newspaper or something following Rita's murder? Will someone make the connection?

Will Rita take over as Dexter's subconscious? Harry is getting hella annoying. But I can't see Rita taking over since she doesn't even know he is a seriel killer. Julie Benz is cool and all, but I think she is probably unemployed.

Does baby Harrison now carry a dark passenger? Or better yet, does Dexter think his son carries a similar darkness? They were both 'born in blood' after all. Dexter may assume Harrison inherited the same dark passenger he did after seeing his mother murdered and start schooling him in the ways of the 'code'. Will Dexter create a junior seriel killer out of his son Harrison?

Pretty much, all of this is Dexter's worst fears realized. He never wanted to hurt his family (check, done that). He never wanted his son to inherit his darkness (check, probably done that). Dexter finally started to think he could control his dark passenger, but now he believes it is all just 'fate' and he no longer has control over his actions, over his darkness. Basically, it sucks to be him right now.

And a few final thoughts. I vote Lithgow and Hall both get Emmy's for their work this season, plus Dexter should at least be recognized for Best Drama.

Oh, and when does Season 5 start again?


The end of Glee... til April

TV Guide recap writer Natalie Abrams posed these questions following the mid-season finale of Glee last night. I would post my answers in the comments, but why would I do that when I have my own blog about TV? Silly, silly...

Are you happy that Will left his wife for Emma?
Clarification: Will did not leave Terri for Emma. He left her becasue she was psycho and controlling and annoying and, oh yeah, LIED about being pregnant with his child. That is why he left her. But if he had left her for Emma, yes, I would be happy. Emma = adorable and Terri = evil.

How do you think Sue will try to take the glee club down next?
I could not even begin to predict her next move. Maybe she will, now that she is suspended from McKinley and not coaching the Cheerios, transer to another school and become their glee coach. New schools bring new students, new teachers, new drama.

Should Finn and Rachel finally get together?
Duh, yes. And while you're at it, cast some hunky guy to help Kurt move on (maybe he could be a member of a rival glee club! Oh, the drama!).

What songs do you want to hear from the glee club in the New Year?
Anything that involves more Artie, Mercedes, and Rachel. They are my faves! And please, no more rapping (Sorry Mr. Schue).

Is it just me, or does New Directions need some serious dance lessons before they even try to take on Vocal Adrenaline?
Yes, totally. And a whole lot more people. It seemed like Vocal Adrenaline packed the stage, compared to New Directions' 12 members. Maybe now that Sue is gone all the Cheerios will quit and move over to Glee...

So there you have it, those are my thoughts on Glee. 'Glee!' (in a high-pitched voice like in the recaps...)


Are you offended by Jersey Shore?

I caught some bits and pieces of the Jesery Shore premiere last Thursday night on MTV and found myself mildly entertained. It is basically Real World- if all of the roommates were crazy partiers from the NY/NJ/RI area. I'm not going to watch it religiously, or probably even try to remember the 'stars' names, but if it's on... sure, I'll probably tune in.

Apparently, not everyone feels the same way.

Italian-Americans are pissed about this new show, sending in complaints to UNICO ('unique' in Italian, it is an Italian-American service organization). Plus, Domino's just pulled its advertising during the show's timeslot. Go to TV Guide to read the full story...


getting Lost in Season 1... again

In preparation for the final season of Lost, I decided it would be a good idea to try to watch all five previous seasons before the premiere on 2/2/10. I started one week ago (why yes, that is how I spent my Thanksgiving...), and so far have made it through 16 episodes. It is seriosuly so weird to see how all my Losties were interacting way back when. Here are some thoughts:

-the chemistry between Jack and Kate in the first couple of episodes is undeniable.. but then things get angsty, fast. Once Jack finds out she is the convict, once he finds out she made out with Sawyer (more on that in a minute), he gets totally weird. And now that I hate Jack, I find him more annoying than heroic.
-Were we skeptical of Locke from the beginning? I know he is a little creepy in the first couple episodes, but I always remember liking/trusting him. Now, when I watch, I wonder why we didn't all pull the crazy card earlier.
-Jack and his Dad both use the phrase, "And that's why the Red Sox will never win the series" (leading Sawyer to realize the relation). Later on, when Jack is Ben's prisoner, he will show him a video of the Sox winning (beating my beloved Cardinals). Is he from Boston or what?

-In this first season, Locke's Helen is one of those phone sex girls (is there a name for that particular profession?), and he has been calling in to talk to her for months, but they don't really know each other. Does this line up with the relationship we know he has with Helen now? I don't think so...

-Every time I see Rose, especially when she talks about Bernard, I get so giddy for the episode when he comes back. They are so cute!

-Is Vincent the dog still around? Did he survive the time switch? I can't remember...

-Sawyer = smokin' hot.

-Sawyer + Kate = LOVE. Seriously. Every time he looks at her, my heart just breaks because I know how much he loves her. And when they kissed for the first time (ahhhh sigh) ..... She seriously needs to dump Jack in this final season.

-What ever happened to the polar bears? I feel like we haven't seen them in forever.

-Michael is evil. And no matter how hard I try, I can't like him.
-When Sayid frees Nadia from prison, he shoots a guard and then shoots himself.. hmm very Libby/Ben/Michael/Ana Lucia-ish...
-I feel like our castaways aren't freaking out enough about Rousseau and Ethan. Um, hi, there are other people on your island?! That is a big deal! HUGE deal actually. But they don't really seem to care...
-I thought we didn't get hints about Sun's pregnancy until later on, but there have already been some awkward moments on the 'baby' subject between her and Jin.
-Speaking of Sun, I always thought something would happen with her and Michael. Her saw her topless for goodness sake! Why didn't that ever develop?
That is all for now... I still have quite a bit of Season 1 left so stay tuned...

Terri Schuester. You are so evil.

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Glee. I'm so happy Will finally realized she was lying about the pregnancy. Now, all he has to do is divorce her so him and Emma can live happily ever after.

Oh yes, and although there wasn't enough singing last night (no song until at least 20 minutes in!), 'Jump' and the song at the very end totally make up for it! Here is a link to the song, but no video (yet)...


Sorry... some thoughts

Okay, okay, I haven't posted in, like, forever, and I apologize for that. Now that we have hit the holiday season (um, December, where did you come from?!), a ton of shows are gearing up for season/mid-season finales. Here are some thoughts on how far we've come and where we are going...

Desperate Housewives
A plane is crashing in Wisteria Lane. Seriously, who would want to live on this street? Fires, tornadoes, murder, suicide, you name it, they've seen it. This Sunday, for the Desperate mid-season finale, someone is going to die. And not just any someone, this someone is rumored to be on the show from season one. McClusky? Julie? Carlos? Karl? My money is on one of those four... Oh, and Katherine? She is nuts. I hope the plane hits her too.

One Tree Hill
Wow-za. The times sure are a-changin' in Tree Hill. At the end of last week's episode, the only person making good decisions was Dan (trying to dump his evil wife/ex-skanky high schooler Rachel). Nathan going to Spain? Skills moving to LA? And maybe taking Mouth with him? Haley touring with Jamie? Seriously people. The show is called One Tree Hill. Emphasis on the 'Tree Hill'! You can't all leave and stick us with just suicidal Alex, over dramatic Brooke, and coke-addict Milli.

Best. Season. Ever. I should have been posting on it all along, best seriously, it is so good, I don't even know what to say. John Lithgow is seriously dominating as Trinity (Quad-ity now that he kills four in a cycle?). Michael C Hall is brilliant as always. Even Christine, who has bugged the crap out of me all season, was great in last week's episode when we saw her breaking down to her daddy the serial killer. And the previews for these last two episodes can only be described in one word: INTENSE.

Donny won. Who cares. New season coming in March. Let's hope for better.

Love doesn't express what I feel for this show. Last week's rendition of 'Imagine' with the deaf choir made me cry (not at all joking). Here is my one question: When is everyone going to find out it is Puck's baby?! Mercedes already knows and there is NO way she could keep that secret for this long. She needs to crack so that Finn can dump Quinn and fall madly in love with Rachel (or heck, even Kurt).

And coming soon (I swear): My thoughts on Fringe, FlashForward, The Ruins, and Community.


a plea to Brooke

B Davis,

Please give poor Julian a break. He does NOT like Alex. He likes YOU. Correction, he loves you. Just because he doesn't want to get married right now, or he doesn't want a baby right now, or wants to work on his script with Alex, it does not mean he is cheating on you.

Isn't it a little bit unfair that you get to work your little designer butt of in Tree Hill, yet he can't work on a script with Alex? You live in a small town in North Carolina. If he does not take this chance to work with Alex, he is basically unemployed.

He loved you enough to give up LA; give up a big movie; give up future opportunities that no doubt he would only get in LA/NY... so please, just drop it.

You are being way way way overdramatic and sabotaging your own relationship.

Oh yeah, and grab those birth control pills back out of the trash!

With much fondness for your cute clothes and raspy voice (but not so much your dramatics),



Jon Hamm + Missouri Sports = LOVE

I love Mad Men. Jon Hamm is on Mad Men.
I love the Saint Louis Blues. Jon Hamm loves the Saint Louis Blues.
I love Mizzou. Jon Hamm loves Mizzou.
I love Jon Hamm. Jon Hamm loves me? I think so.


Want the good news or the bad news?

Good news first.
TV Guide reports that the following favorites of mine will get a full season:
One Tree Hill


And now, the bad news.
TV Guide also predicts that Fringe, one of my absolute, favorite shows, is in danger. Here is my plea to Fox-

PLEASE move Walter and Peter and Olivia and Broyles and that freaky bald dude back to Tuesdays where they belong. Fringe is such a brilliant show, but it can't compete with the Thursday night lineup of Grey's, The Office/30 Rock, CSI, and Supernatural. I know your Thursday night ratings are up, but the shows audience is declining. Have you forgotten that last year, when the show was on Tuesdays, you scored the highest ratings for the 18-49 year old demo of any new show on television?


Louie's out, OTH and Greek are in

Looks like I can finally stop watching Dancing With the Stars this season. My love, Louie Vito, was kicked off last night in a double elimination. Did he deserve to go? Probably. But now there isn't really anyone left I care about watching. Sorry, kids.
Now I can move on to more important Monday night happpenings, like Greek and One Tree Hill!
Last week on Greek, we got what we loyal fans have been waiting for for ? seasons- Cappie and Casey finally together! What could we possibly look forward to now? A musical number is coming next week, and one of the boys is going to rap.

And OTH finally ended its baby-momma-drama, when Dan outted Renee on his talk show. Next week, the boys go camping, the girls bond, and Quinn and Clay get closer. Oh yeah, and we finally get to find out more about Dan and Rachel's 'relationship.'

At last, my monday night belongs to the scripted series again!


Goodbye April, we barely knew you.

I'll admit, I'm a little behind on my Thursday night shows (Plea to the networks: Move some shows- like Fringe- to Tuesdays!) and just watched last week's Grey's Anatomy

For me, Grey's has always been a guilty pleasure. I am one of the few fans who kept watching thru all the will-they-won't-they Meredith and Derek drama, the strange Izzy and George tequila-driven sexcapades, and the Denny-as-a-ghost plot line. I have never really loved the show, but liked it enough to keep watching. 

One of my biggest gripes about Grey's (besides a heated disdain for Katherine Heigl) is that the episodes can sort of drag. Yes, they have their BIG moments, but there is always some point in the middle of the episode when I check the clock. Last week's whodunnit installment however? Didn't look at the time once. 

Here's the rundown: 
The was a big hotel (or apartment?) fire and the hospital was packed with victims. A woman comes in with burns on her chest and side, accompanied by her 'at least 5 year old' son (as Cristina put it, and she was right, he was no toddler). She pretty much got passed around to every single doctor at the hospital. Everyone at some point checked her chart, gave her medicine, chest tubes, vitals, etc. But everyone was a little distracted. Everyone had somewhere else to be. No one claimed her as their own. Even when Derek asked them to call time of death. 

In the end, newbie April got the ax because she failed to check the woman's throat. But Derek was right when he gave the Chief his 'second opinion.' 

"Maybe it wasn't one doctor, maybe it was too many doctors," he told the Chief. His hospital, ever since the merger, has been utter chaos. So, basically, the one doctor that didn't touch the patient is really the one who is responsible here. 

The episode can only be described as intense. I seriously found myself holding my breath. It moved quickly. You were at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happened to the patient, and why it happened. I will admit that this super sleuth knew all along that April not checking the throat was probably the cause, but still I was hooked. 

So, Grey's Anatomy, I tip my hat to you. I thought you might lose me in the Mercy West merger, but seeing the new group thru the window as April exited the hospital felt like I was watching Grey's Anatomy: The New Class. And I still like it. 

all Husbands/BFs: watch and learn from Sunday night TV

The men of my Sunday night line up totally blew me away last night! Tom on Depserate Housewives, Robert on Brothers and Sisters, and then Don on Mad Men aren't always the best husbands, but last night, they might have been every woman's dream.

Tom Scavo:
Tom and Lynette hired Lauren (I know that is not his name on the show, but he will always be the general store clerk from Dr. Quinn to me) as a handyman to help out around the house. Looks like Lauren is living back in the stone age, because he would only listen to what Tom, the 'man of the house' had to say (which, if you know Lynette, was NOT going to work). When she confronts him about this, he tells her that he isn't going to 'crush Tom's walnuts' like Lynette does (oh, burn).

Even though Tom likes Lauren, and you know that the guy is right- Lynette is pretty tough on her husband- Tom goes across the street (on his own accord, mind you) to talk to the fired handyman. He tells him about Lynette's childhood- growing up without a dad and a drunk for a mom- and her need to control every thing in her life. God knows there is a lot she can't control- her cancer, her finances, her kids, her sex drive (I mean, she is pregnant again!)- but he says, "There is one thing she can control.... Me. If I let her."

So Tom lets her boss him around because he loves her. All you men out there, take note.

Robert McAllister:
Robert has been a less than stellar hubby in the past, but this season, in light of Kitty's cancer diagnosis, he has been amazing! Last night totally topped it off, inviting his wife to go debate with Senators at an event at the Reagan Library. Seeing how happy Kitty gets, you know that this gesture alone would ahve been enough to earn him Hubsband of the Year.

But, when they step on to the roof, she does not find a big event, but instead an intimate dinner for two to celebrate a successful first chemo treatment. And then just as she admits she doesn't want to be treated differently because she has cancer, white fireworks light up the sky (just like in her meditation/healing book she had been reading earlier).

Robert, you are the bomb.

Don Draper:
Or should I say Dick Whitman? I honestly NEVER thought I would see this day. I mean, I never thought Betty would find out, and then when she did, I assumed she would never confront him. But when she confronted her husband about his sordid past last night... whoa, what a show.

It starts when he stands in his office and realizes she knows the truth. His hand that grips the keys to his past (literally) loosens its grip, and he doesn't even flinch as Betty takes them away and opens the drawer. The action moved to the kitchen, where we see a frazzled Don standing over the sink, reaching for a cigarette. The usually calm, cool, and collected leading man has never been shown so shaken. When she asks if he is looking towards the door, he responds simply, "I'm not going anywhere."

Finally, the scene in the bedroom, when he admits his whole past, is seriously breathtaking. I don't think I blinked for the whole converstaion. I thought he would maybe tell her a simple version; only reveal what he had to. But no, he tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Being born to a prostitute who died in child birth; being raised by Archie and his wife, and then later after his father died, Mac; going to Korea and taking Draper's identity because it was easier than starting over; divorcing Don's wife and buying her a house; he even admits to visiting her while he was in California!

And when she asks him about Adam, the little boy from the pictures, (ugh Jon Hamm you deserve all the acting awards they can possibly give you!) he breaks down, admitting that his brother came to him and just wanted to be in his life and he turned him away. He turned him away because he didn't want to 'risk all this.'

It is a known fact that I hate Betty and love Don. Even though she mostly acts like a seven year old, I really hope she takes this as a gesture of love and doesn't dangle it over his head forever. AND I hope Don doesn't take back up with that psycho school teacher. She is getting too googly-eyed at him anyway.


where's my TGIF? and what is this new blog?

I decided it was about darn time I branch out with my blogging (as if spreading this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Digg wasn't enough...). I am the new TV & Movies Editor for Girl's Guide to the Galaxy - a Saint Louis based blog by (but not necessarily for) women.

Check out my first post Where's my TGIF? and reminisce about how great primetime weekend programming used to be...


some thoughts on DWTS 10/19

1. When will this get cut down to one hour? Dragging it out to take up two hours of my night is ridiculous.

2. Maybe I was premature on saying the paso is my favorite dance. I forgot how much I loved the Argentine Tango!

3. I'll admit, Aaron was a lot better this week in his tango. He actually looked masculine and normal. But then at the end during the group hustle he looked weird again. Guys are supposed to be sexy when they dance! Aaron? Not so much...

4. Did Anna (Michael's partner) dye her hair dark? I could have sworn she was blonde...

5. Who knew Donny could be so serious; so masculine!? Well done, Osmnond.

6. I still love Louie. How is it possible that the youngest, shortest guy on the show is also one of the sexiest when he dances?! Love, love, love him.

7. Joanna should dump Derek and stick with Maks. They just look better together. His height and masculinity match her better than little, wimpy Derek.

8. The group dance? Eg.


LOST clues! yes.

We have already seen a sneak peek of the new LOST season 6 poster (although, according to ABC, this was made by ComicCon and is not the official poster... whatev).
Now, I could sit here and try to figure out who all these people are by their silhouettes, or I could let TV Guide do it for me. Here is what they think (left to right):

Faraday, Boone, Miles, Michael, Ana Lucia, Charlotte, Shannon, Desmond, Eko, Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Locke, Ben, Sayid, a young blond woman resembling Libby or Penny, Sun, Jin, Claire, Hurley, Juliet, Charlie, Frank, Richard, Bernard and Rose.

As for that blonde Libby/Penny character, Jorge Garcia claims we've seen the last of Libby and she would not be back this season. And Sonya Walger (Penny) is busy with ABC's Flashforward and says she has not yet been approached for Lost's final season. So either one of them is lying... or we are totally off and this is someone completely different...

And can anyone read hieroglyphics? That would most definitely be helpful.


Ask me how much I am loving One Tree Hill this season

I dare you.

For all the people out there worried about what would happen to the show post-Leyton (thats Lucas/Peyton), I hope you have been watching and letting the North Carolinians prove you wrong. Think new characters, new storylines, and truckloads of drama.

Here's an update of where we are this season, along with some scoop on what's to come.

Nathan: He achieves his dream to play in the NBA, but now must face some baby-daddy controversy. So did he or didn't he? Renee is starting to convince everyone- even Haley- but at the end of last week's episode we see her meeting with Dan, so who knows.

(SPOILER): James Lafferty told TV Guide that the drama will wrap up soon and won't threaten his marriage. "This is a story line that presents a real hurdle, a mountain for them to climb and they have to get through it together," Lafferty says. "Together they have to carry the whole family unit through the situation, and there's an immense amount of trust. At no point did I actually think it would break them up."

Dan: This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. The over-bearing dad turned mayor turned murderer turned devoted, dying grandpa is now alive and well... and is a self-help guru with his own show... married to Rachel. WTF.

OTH warned us that this was the big, crazy story this season and they were right. So far we've learned that Rachel is still as conniving as ever, as Dan's ratings-hungry producer and wife (gag); and that Mr. Scott Sr. is still on the outs with his family. But the big question has been, is he really good? Has he really changed? At the end of last week's episode we saw him with Nathan's potential baby-momma Renee, so my guess is he's still evil.

Clay: Nathan's yummy agent is making his rounds with the Tree Hill ladies. First newcomer Alex, and now, maybe Quinn? Haley's married (soon to be divorced) sister stayed the night at his place and is now using his pad as a permanent getaway from the drama over at Naleyville. But will the two become friends or more than friends?

(SPOILER): Buckley tells E! that the two have a 'unique relationship,' but no news on whether that will develop into romance or not. But if they do get together, expect some drama from a disgruntled client. Nathan has made it very clear that he wants Clay to stay away from his sister-in-law.

Brooke: She's got a new line, a new BF (Julian), and new models (Alex and... Milli), but she's also got her old jealousey issues. Remember how crazy she was when she thought something was going on between Lucas and Peyton? (Okay, maybe she turned out to be right about that one, but still...) Brooke has got to cool it with her Julian/Alex jealous rage. Is he going to cheat on her? I have no idea. But her playing the role of suspicious girlfriend is annoying.

Marvin: (I hate calling him that, btw.) He got pulled off the air for not betraying his friend, and now his homely gf is becoming a tequila-drinking model. Poor guy.

My rant: OTH has been pretty good about intigrating new characters into the cast, especially in recent seasons, but there is one character that just doesn't stick- Mia. It's not like she is isolated from the rest of the group- she has had great relationships with Peyton and Haley- but there is something about her that still makes her seem like a special guest star. Is it because she is semi-famous in her own right (as musician Kate Vogele)? Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller fit into the cast just fine (bring him back!).
Whatever it is, she just doesn't fit. They have paired her off with Chase, aka Stephen Colleti, another character who doesn't seem to have found his footing, despite being on the show now for four seasons (yes, it has been that long), but I think it is only making it worse. The whole flight school plotline in last week's episode was disconnected from the overall story and was just plain boring.


Mad Men spoofs!

These things are everywhere! Here are two extremes- one from the kid friendly Sesame Street, and the other obscenity-littered one is from Funny or Die.


@morsz the ruins could've easily been written by sophocles

I'm not sure if this tweet is talking about MTV's The Ruins, but based on last night's episode, it is very likely. It was EPIC. Johnny tells us on the Aftershow that even if you win these challenges, you need the money to pay for therapy. Sadly, I believe him.

"I think I popped my f-ing implant"- Shauvon
The MXC-type challenge of swinging around a fence into a wall turned out to be pretty easy- and boring. Good thing Shauvon popped her implant and made it more exciting! After Shauvon is whisked away by ambulance, the Champions win (duh). Turns out, she did not bust her implant, but has some serious bruising on her chest and stomach and has to take all these pills and be on bed rest and... You gotta hand it to those MTV editors- that whole sequence of Shauvon explaining her injury back at the house was brilliant!

On the Aftershow, they aired some unseen footage from the challenge of Kenny calling Dunbar 'Dummy Bear' and saying he could be in a gay men's magazine. That obviously didn't go over well with Dunbar, who proceeded to scream in Kenny's face. At least you know Wes isn't the only one having hissy fits...

"I need a drink... It's about to be World War III in here" -Syrus
Let's see, in this episode we had Wes being called a psychopath (by Johanna) and a maniac (by Susie), as well as heard Johnny threaten to 'light up every freckle on his face.' Wes has some serious anger issues with the people in the house- specifically his own team. Wait til next week when he realizes they have no intention of pulling names out of a hat.. uh oh.

Oh, and on the Aftershow he called Kenny fat. And smelly. And a loser who sleeps on Batman sheets at his parents house. (Newsflash Wes: I do not care. Kenny is also smokin' hot).

Wes better start playing nice though, because at the end of the episode, Johanna dropped quite the bombshell. Turns out her name is the sole name on the deed to the once engaged couple's house, and Johanna threatens to sell it and keep all the money if Wes keeps throwing challenges. Damn girl! Well played.

"I've got to take my stake in Real World/Road Rules history" -Nick
So our players in the Ruins are Nick and Wes (duh), and bff's KellyAnne and Ev (obviously that decision did not go over well, see below). They were calling this battle 'epic', but I'm not so sure. The only thing really epic about it was the sudden downpour, and even that stopped by the time the girls battled it out. And, no offense, but did Nick really think he would beat Wes? I sort of felt bad for him, because that was a pretty pathetic showing. Poor Nick.

"Put the visor aside" -Ev
Here is an example of a good strategy gone bad. The Challengers and Champions all want insane KellyAnne (um, hi, did you hear her psycho laugh at the end? And what is this rumor about her being on steroids?) to go home, and all know Ev can beat her (and pretty much every other girl... and some guys too). So they send them in against each other. Whoops.

I guess these two formed some bond on The Island and are now BFFs, which leaves one very, very angry Evelyn. Ironically, she believes the person that 'betrays' her is Johnny. Back on The Island, Ev 'sold her soul to the devil' (her words, not mine) and helped Johnny, Evan, and Kenny win, shattering their alliance with Paula. She may call these guys 'horrific human beings,' but hey, karma's a bitch. Somewhere out there, Paula Walnuts is laughing.

Now Ev has a decision to make. Send her friend packing and join a team that 'betrayed' her? Or go against her competitive nature and let KellyAnne win? Believe it or not, she really does 'put the visor aside' (is her visor a metaphor for her competitive edge or something?) and purposely loses the battle. On the Aftershow, she calls throwing it the hardest thing she has ever had to do (wow, rough life), especially since she would have dominated the competition (humble much?).

At least we were reminded how much TJ hates quitters.

Not only did we get one awesome hour of drama, but we got an extra half hour with the Aftershow too, which posed some great questions-
Is Johnny really a genuine guy? Maybe. He was actually super nice, or at least honest, to Wes, KellyAnne, even Ev.
Do KellyAnne and Ev use 'Mane 'n Tail' to get their hair that thick? Quite possibly. Or maybe they are both on steroids.
Is Mark the best host ever? Yes.
And finally, are these challenges more like Monopoly, Clue, or Sorry? Answer unknown.

GLEE's music hitting the charts

Are you one of those people not watching Glee? Think it is too High School Musical for you?

Well, you are absolutley nuts. This show is amazing. Yes, the characters are stereotypical and sometimes the story is a little crazy (a middle-aged woman comes back to high school to be in glee club? a fake pregnancy and plot to steal a cheerleaders baby?), but even still, you should watch for the musical numbers alone!

Last spring's premiere featured a rendition of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' that made it all the way to number one on iTunes 'most downloaded' list. So far this season, two more have hit the charts- 'Take A Bow' peaked at number six, and last Wednesday's 'Somebody to Love' made it into the top 20 by Thursday morning (Not only is Glee, like, my favorite new show, but 'Somebody to Love' is, like, my favorite song).

Tonight, the boys will sing Bon Jovi. Will you download it? Or wait to buy the first soundtrack on November 3rd?


I love the RUMBA

Okay, don't say I didn't warn you. I seriously love the rumba. It is, by far, my favorite latin dance. If you were lucky and got a rumba tonight, sorry, but I probably liked you more than any of those silly sambas.

Now, on with my rankings...

13. Joanna and Derek- I'm sorry, I'm just not impressed by her. She is annoying. And not that great of a dancer. And has really horrible hair extensions/wigs every week.
12. Mark and Lacey- I feel bad for not liking Mark, but he is just so boring. I kind of forget he exists.
11. Donny and Kim- Compared to his last two weeks, this was a complete trainwreck. In order to prove his sexiness, his kisses Bruno (?). I don't know if that was the way to go...
10. Aaron and Karina- Not sexy. At. All. Considering they are rumored to be more than just dance partners (barf), I expected better.
9. Chuck and Anna- I want so badly for him to get better. Hey, at least he smiled more this time!
8. Melissa and Mark- A lot more control this week, yet still fun. She is improving a little each week, but will it be enough?
7. Kelly and Louis- Poor girl. That first week must have been a fluke. This one was definitely better than her tango last week, but still doesn't live up to her first ballroom routine.
6. Michael and Anna- Considering I didn't like him at all the first week, this guy wins my vote for most improved. He can't dance at all, but he sure looks like he is having fun.
5. Debi and Maks- My early favorites are slipping. They are being too 'safe' and underwhelming. Come on, Maks!
4. Natalie and Alec- TV Guide is calling this her 'breakthrough dance', and I'll agree. Girls with skimpy outfits and good bodies usually excel at the rumba.
3. Tom and Cheryl- Seriously, what is not to love about this guy? He just danced to 'Why Can't We Be Friends?' clad in red, white, and blue, and Republican and Democrat animal logos! He is counting out loud! And he said this: "What's a little pain when you can party?"
2. Mya and Dimitri- Perfect. And Dimitri is smokin.
1. Louie and Chelsea- Puh-lease tell me these two are in love! They are so adorable. Louie, 'the dancing hobbit,' looked sexier out there than most of the other male celebs. I adore him.

I didn't even pay attention to the judges scores last night because they were so crabby and annoying (best Tom Bergeron quote of the night? "When we come back later, Len will read from his essay, 'Beethoven Is a Hack.'" haha). Who's going home? My money is on Chuck, Michael, Melissa, or Mark.


Community credits keep me laughing after the show ends

If you are not watching Community on NBC, you seriously need to start. Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, the naked asian guy from The Hangover, and Abed (sorry girls, he's mine). The dialogue is fast and witty- like the kind of scenes I want to watch over and over so I can memorize all the lines.

AND, at the end of each episode you get hilarious scenes during the credits... Exhibits A & B.


grief turns to paranoia on Grey's

Last week's two hour, grief-stricken, Grey's Anatomy premiere was bit much for me (it only took me 14 minutes to start crying, btw), so last night's paranoia-filled installment was a welcome change.

Once again proves that she is one of the only doctors in Seattle who can work under pressure. Why does she have to be the one to keep reminding the doctors to stop being sad/paranoid and do their job? Oh yes, and she is Callie's girlfriend. That was cute. 

Love her when she is strong and smart; hate her when she is frantic and whiny. Her stepping up and saving the day with the (only clinically) paranoid person in the hospital was awesome. And when she was sitting on the bench crying because she didn't get cut, I'll admit, I was crying along with her. 

The usual Debbie-downer was surprisingly chipper. Wonder how she will react when (SPOILER) one of her own- Izzy- gets fired. 

Speaking of, do you think she already knows? She was bit hesitant reading her phone. 

"That's how I know I'm not going anywhere... because I can reattach baby's arms." So hot. 

I am not always a McDreamy lover, but this season he is really stepping up. We all already knew he was Chief-material, but now that the actual Chief is being sort of a coward (come on Richard!), Derek is taking charge. He stayed and comforted the people that got fired when the Chief went home. Way to go Derek. 

By far the best moment of the episode?
The end scene of all the couples playing baseball. That looked like fun :)


where do I even begin?

Last night's 90-minute premiere of The Ruins (probably the longest Challenge episode on MTV ever) provided me with a ton of juicy drama. We already had our first fight (although it was nothing compared to Adam and CT last season- scariest five minutes of television I have ever seen), drunken mess (Tonya), and relationship drama (see below). Oh yeah, and Chet and Diem went home (sorry Challenger girls, you lost your leader in the first week).

love triangles... or pentagons?
Usually with these things, you have your fair share of past hook-ups/legitimate relationships reunited, but this time it is out of control. For all you Cohutta's out there, we will go through this slowly.

Wes and Johanna met on RW: Austin and started dating, eventually getting engaged. After they broke up, Jo went on The Island and began a very public, very intimate, 'courtship' of Kenny. On that same deserted island, we saw RW: Sydney alums KellyAnne and Cohutta canoodling. Those two also met and dated on their original show. After the show, both couples broke it off (no surprises there), but the real shock came on the Reunion Special, when we learned that KellyAnne is now dating Jo's ex Wes (dun dun dunnnn).

And now they are all in Thailand for The Ruins. In one house. And some of them, on the same team. Oh, the drama.

Tonya = one hot mess
So Tonya has always been a little on the crazy side, but this season, it's out of control. The veteran even admitted that maybe she was a little 'unstable' (um, ya think?). I think that moving back to your hometown of Walla Walla, Washington, after seperating with your husband, probably isn't the best time to go on a Challenge.

You do, however, get to see that these people do (sort of) care about each other (even Ev was just joking/drunk when she was making the 'Walla Walla wombat' comments... which were hilarious, by the way). You see Syrus and Adam encouraging her after her fight with Ev; the girls giving her a bowl to puke in; and Chet's convo on the stairs with her the night before the elimination was seriosuly adorable ("I don't really know you that well... but you should probably drink less"). Even Evan told MTV's Remote Control Blog, that they are Tonya's 'family,' and he was glad she was there with them during that time of her life. Isn't he sweet?!

Wes and KellyAnne are the new Speidi
So maybe more people watch The Hills (and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here), but I think Wes and KellyAnne will be the new most hated MTV couple. I mean, people already didn't like them individually, and when they started dating, many said it was just Wes' revenge on Jo's public 'relationship' with Kenny. But then they come to Thailand and make it so much worse.

Wes makes is own 'apartment' in the basement of the house? Says he will throw missions til he gets his way/all the power? Come on, Wes. Maybe this strategy would work on a regular Challenge when you had rookies on your team- but these people are the Champions. They are almost all bigger, stronger, meaner, and most definitely, smarter than you.

And then we get into the Darrell and Wes fight (um hi, Darrell is a boxer and could kill you)- seeing KellyAnne hold people back and hearing Wes say, "My girl says I can go, so let me go," was seriosuly disgusting.

off the show drama
We all know these kids are friends outside of the Challenges (trust me, I follow them on Twitter. Last week, Evan went to the movies with Emilee and Dereck from RW: Cancun), and, as much as they try not too, they always bring outside drama to the show with them. Some of the scoop we got last night:
-As if the relationship drama wasn't enough, Evan doesn't trust Wes because he repeatedly denied he was coming on the Challenge, only to show up in Thailand anyway.
-Dunbar and his g/f broke it off and him and Kim tried dating, but there was 'no spark.'
-And the biggest shocker no one is going to explain for us? Adam and KellyAnne hooked up by 'accident'?! wtf.


Kristin = bitch? you be the judge.

This may surprise you, but I am NOT a Hills fanatic. I know, hard to believe, especially considering all the other trashy TV that I watch (pretty much anything and everything VH1 puts out there). But last night, I gave in to MTV's dramatic 'the bitch is back' marketing ploy and watched the premiere of the Hills.

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few years, you probably know a little bit about the history of this show. Here's a refresher:

In 2004, back when the OC was a hit, MTV developed what Wikipedia refers to as a 'partially scripted' show called Laguna Beach, documenting the lives of a group of teenagers in Orange County, Calif. From this show emerged two major stars- Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad (known then as LC).

The problem with high school kids? They graduate. The great thing about kids whose sole job is being a reality star? They don't mind if you give them a spin-off. And thus, out of Lauren's graduation and big move to LA, The Hills was born.

After five glorious seasons (technically four and a half... MTV is weird), Lauren decided that five years as a reality star was enough for her and she left the show. This left her 'supporting cast' of Audrina, Lo, Stephanie, Brody, and yes, even Speidi, without a star. What was MTV to do?

They bring in the bitch.

At least, that is what they are calling her. Kristin Cavallari has apparently been in the casts' lives this whole time- dating Brody, setting up Heidi and Spencer (thanks a lot), and remaining friends with Lo- and now she is back in a big way.

On last night's premiere, she wasted no time rustling feathers- flirting with and eventually going on a date with Audrina's ex Justin Bobby. Oh, that was after the girl fight at Speidi's party (Kristin vs. Stephanie and Audrina). The girls spent the whole night gabbing about how Cavallari was going to ruin their lives (and apparently the lives of every other female in LA), but, tell me if I'm crazy here, I personally like Kristin. I was always Team Kristin on Laguna (she had cute hair), and I don't really mind her 'evil' ways.

I actually think that Audrina is the one in the wrong here. In the beginning of the episode, she is asking Lo and Steph about Kristin and even says she will give her a chance. Then at the party, when Kristin goes and talks to Justin Bobby, Audrina remarks that 'friends' don't do that. Um, are you 'friends'? Have you met? I thought you didn't even know her. Audrina, are you saying no girl should ever be allowed to talk to Justin Bobby because you dated him first?

I don't know why I like her. Maybe because she still has pretty hair. Or maybe because she isn't really dramatic; drama just sort of finds her (in this case, Steph and Audrina were way too quick to jump to conclusions and start yelling at Kristin, who was just talking to Justin Bobby). Or maybe it is because I think she is funny, chill, and yes, sometimes, slightly bitchy.

But aren't we all?


Dexter is BACK (sort of)

True, Dexter did premiere this Sunday, but he is not our same old lovable serial killer. Now, he has kids, and a wife, and a house in suburbia, and not a lot of time for his little vigilante side job.

We see this change is Dex right away. In the opening scene, he isn't stalking a potential victim, as we assume, but is instead driving little Harrison around trying to get him to fall asleep. In a nice twist on the opening credits, we see Dex slip on a white shirt with baby puke stains on it. And when he isn't falling asleep in the middle of the day or getting yelled at by Quinn, we hear him singing 'America the Beautiful' to his new little bundle of joy. Poor guy.

Meanwhile, Deb is in l-o-v-e love with Anton the informant, but will that be complicated by Lundy's return? Probably (What do you call the male form of a cougar?); Quinn has his eyes on a hot reporter (which will probably turn out badly); LaGuerta and Batista are hooking up (also, probably not a good idea); and, guess what? The Trinity Killer, aka John Lithgow, is going to kill a significant character in the first half of the season. Uh-oh spaghetti-o.

Oh yeah, and Dexter loses a body. Could it have been in his hustle last night? In his car accident? Will it even matter? I mean, there is no way Dexter would get caught anyway, right? Right?!

DWTS Week 2 Rankings

Another night of dancing has come and gone and here is my new rankings list:

14. Kathy and Tony: Boring. That is all.
13. Joanna and Derek: Her dancing is okay, but I just don't like her personality. Is that mean?
12. Mark and Lacey: It was clean, fun, energetic- a solid quickstep. But for some reason, I just don't really care about Mark. And I think Lacey is super annoying.
11. Donny and Kym: He is too good. I think he is a robot.
10. Chuck and Anna: Oh, I just want him to get better. come on, Chuckie, you can do it!
9. Kelly and Louis: It was a rough(er) week for Kelly (no one was crying or singing her praises), but still pretty good.
8. Natalie and Alec: Hopefully if she breathes, she will get better.
7. Melissa and Mark: This is more of the Melissa and Mark I want to see- fun, fun, and more fun. Was it perfect? No.
6. Michael and Anna: Last week, I didn't really care about Michael. But he worked hard (practice at 5am until sundown!) and put out another solid performance. Way to go Mikey!
5. Tom and Cheryl: I love this guy. But I don't think his pre-fractured feet will last much longer, even if the voters keep him.
4. Aaron and Karina: I ranked them low last week, but coming in with an other above average performance this week, I had to bump them up. You can't deny it- they are great.
3. Debi and Maks: I just love these two. I thik Debi has room for improvement and hope that in the next couple weeks she gets her big break-out performance (a paso doble maybe?).
2. Louie and Cheslea: I've said it before and I'll say it again- Louie is ADORABLE! Did he do a lot of dancing in this routine? No, not really. But I don't care.
1. Mya and Dimitri: Killed it. Killed. It. That means that the judges' board goes as follows:

Tom and Kathy in last place with an 18

Louis, Melissa, Kelly, Chuck all with a 19

Joanna and Michael both scored a 20

Mark, Natalie, and Debi with a 21

Donny stands alone with a 25

Aaron and Mya tied for first with a 27


what did you see?

Maybe that was the question everyone was asking last night, but this morning, the big question is, "Did Flashforward live up to the hype? Will you watch it again?"

Yes. And yes.

In true Lost fashion, Flashforward opens with our male lead, Mark Benford (Fiennes), coming too, after the blackout. He gets out of a smashed car, surrounded by broken glass (and oranges..?), to reveal the chaos around him. People running around, screaming, confused; one guy is even on fire.
The whole scene was very reminiscent of Lost's opening scene (Jack waking up in the jungle and walking out to the beach to see the devastation of the plane crash), and, trust me, the similarities don't stop there. You may have gotten a glimpse of the Oceanic billboard (if not, see photo evidence), or maybe noticed that Flashforward stars three former Losties- Sonya Walger (aka Penny/Olivia), Dominic Monaghan (aka Charlie/Simon), and Kim Dickens (aka Sawyer's baby momma). And what about Sonya's love for the name Charlie? Penny and Desmond's son on Lost carried the moniker, and on Flashforward, Olivia and Mark's daughter's name is Charley.

Get ready. Like Lost, this show is going to make you think. And not like, 'who dunnit' thinking. I'm talking about BIG things. What would you do if you saw a glimpse into your future? How would you act differently? What if you saw something you didn't like? Would you try to change it? Could you? Are we all just victims of fate? Even if you can change it, how is changing your future affecting others'? Ahhhhh.

But I digress.

Flashforward is no Lost... yet. But it definitely has a ton of potential. Honestly, there were moments that truly took my breath away. Mark standing on top of that car, revealing the scope of the devastation; Bryce coming to and seeing the bodies of surfers floating in the water; the FBI trying to wrap their minds around the death toll; the helicopter falling from the side if the building (very 9/11).

And it ended with the creepiest moment of them all- seeing the footage of the man in black walking around the stadium, when everyone else is blacked out. It reminds me of that scene in Signs, when you see the home video of the alien for the first time. I get goosebumps just thinking about it! My money is on the man being Simon.

Bottom line, Flashforward was an insane hour of television, and, I think, it will only get better... in the future.

Sorry, had to do it.


oh yes, it's LADIES night

Who thinks the women of DWTS did considerably better than the guys? Here is how I ranked our lovely ladies...

8. Kathy and Tony: She has pretty hair, but can't dance. And Tony is uber-annoying.
7. Macy and Jonathon: It didn't suck! I was really expecting a train wreck and it wasn't that bad. Plus, she taught us an important lesson- you will get bleeped for saying 'popped my cherry' on broadcast television.
6. Melissa and Mark: Dancing wasn't great, but at least she smiled. I kept calling her Sabrina the whole time (a. because she is a Teenage Witch, and b. because MArk danced with Sabrina Bryan. Confusing).
5. Joanna and Derek: I want to not like her, but she is good. The salsa was by far the best, but I do have some beef with the choreography- you didn't use the floor at all Derek! Move around next time!
4. Natalie and Alec: Nat has room for improvement, which is good (no one ever likes the people that are amazing the first night).
3. Kelly and Louis: Very smooth routine. She was the surprise of the night for sure.
2. Mya and Dimitri: They are good, duh. And Dimitri is hot (I shall call him mini Maks).
1. Debi and Maks: Were they the best? No. But she has potential. And she is funny. And he is gorgeous.

So there you have it. I already ranked the guys, but I don't think there is any way I could merge the two lists together. Sixteen couples is way too many- good thing two are getting kicked off tonight.


Will Greek ever win an Emmy for its writing?

No, probably not. But it should! Here are my favorite quotes from Monday's episode of the funniest 'teen' show on television:
"Are we having a garage sale for the Lord?"
-Rusty to Dale when he sees his roommate packing up all his religious paraphernalia

"Your closet is huge. You could fit a person in there!"
-Whitney, Grant's 'girlfriend' to him and his gay boyfriend Calvin

"Geez Ash, if you vibe on that guy any harder you're going to get pregnant."
-Casey to the desperately single Ashley

"Awkward like that?"
-Ashley to Casey after her less then clever response to ex Cappie

"That's weird, my Nana usually sends me money for my birthday"
-Rusty as he opens his male at Kappa Tau (anyone who has lived in a sorority/fraternity house knows the feeling)

"I come from a long line of seaman.. That came out wrong."
-Rusty trying to explain his 'Anchor' nickname

"Live long and prospect."
-Casey, trying to quote Star Trek. Good effort.

(singing) "And that star will be called Rusty."
-Rusty, being adorable

"No one uses embossed wrapping paper unless they want to get in someones pants."
-Rebecca to Calvin, revealing his true feelings for Grant

"Karaoke, that's a fun word to say.", "It's like a furnace.", "Did you ever notice how many cats are in this house?", "She may be afraid of trees but when push comes to shove, she doesn't let you drink the shampoo. No matter how good it smells."
-and pretty much every other thing Casey and Evan said while they were high

Yes, Casey and Evan got high. And, tell me again, why is this show categorized as a teen show?

Is this Sterling Cooper or Dunder Mifflin?

Most of my friends already know about my Mad Men obsession. It's true- I get giddy everytime I see the gorgeous star (and MU alum!) Jon Hamm say 'ZOU' in the new Mizzou commercials. As you probably know, Mad Men gets a ton of critical praise, earning its second straight Emmy this weekend for Best Drama Series.

Wondering if the show deserves it?

Those still questioning all the perfection that is AMC's Mad Men should watch last week's episode, "A Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency." This season's sixth episode really showcases the series' brilliance- from excellent writing, acting, costumes, and on this particular occassion, some insane blood-splattering special effects.

The times sure are a-changin' for our Sterling Cooper pals- in everything from their professional to their personal lives.

Take, for example, Don Draper (aka my beloved Hamm). In the past, we have seen Don as a pretty crappy husband and father, but with the arrival of 'Gene' (have a feeling that name might not stick...), we see a whole new side of him. He is patient with his cry-baby wife Betty and tender with his lisp-y daughter Sally (let's get that girl into speech therapy, folks). On the job front, he goes from thinking he will be offered a job in London (Sterling Cooper was taken over by the Brits at the end of last season); to finding out he has to report to a younger, British version of himself; to finding himself at the Waldorf striking deals with Conrad 'Connie' Hilton himself.

Then there is the beloved Joan Holloway- excuse me, Harris. The recently married head secretary finds out that her husband pretty much sucks as a doctor and will have to continue his residency for another year. That means that she has to keep working. Too bad she already put in her notice at Stelring Cooper. What's a girl to do!?

Or what about Roger Sterling himself? Sterling divorced his wife, married his (much younger) secretary, and made some extra cash selling his agency to the Brits. He is known for afternoon scotch and sitting at his desk eating ice cream, so is he really surprised that he was 'accidently' left out of the Brits new organization of the New York office? Make yourself needed Roger, or you are gonna get phased out!

But none of the Mad Men embody that change that is going on around them moreso than my hippie friend Kinsey. Last season, he had a black girlfriend and took part in a civil rights march; this season, we learned he has a thing for smoking marijuana; and this week, we saw him sitting on his desk playing guitar. He also uttered one of the best lines of the episode- when the British man-secretary tells him to shave his beard, Kinsey bursts back with, "What? Who are you people?!" Classic.

The episode was great, as usual, but what made it amazing was the little surprise we got halfway through. In a scene more expected from the offices of Dunder Mifflin than those of Sterling Cooper, a secretary runs over a man's foot with a lawn mower.

I am not joking.

Account man, Ken Cosgrove was given the John Deere mower from a client. During a mid afternoon work party, the employees get a little tipsy (yes, that's normal), and take it out for a joy ride. Laughter ensues. That is, until one of the secretaries runs over the new British boss' foot, splattering blood all over the office. Like your mother always says, 'it's all fun and games til someone gets hurt.'

Was that scene Emmy-worthy? I think YES.


the MEN take the floor...

Tonight was the first of a three-night premiere of DWTS (exhausting). All the guys danced tonight, girls will dance tomorrow, and then there will be an elimination Wednesday (I think that is how its working...). 

Forget the judges scores.. Here is how I rank the men of DWTS:

8. Donny and Kim: Yes, he was really good. But I don't want him to win. People will vote for him even if he just sits in the middle of the floor the whole time. 
7. Michael and the new Anna: He is not a great dancer, and she is new. They are going to have to rely solely on his personality. 
6. Mark and Lacey: He was probably the smoothest dancer, but I hate Lacey. And I don't know him. 
5. Aaron and Karina: They flirted a lot, which is weird considering the circumstances (Karina and Maks just called off their engagement last week), and I'm pretty sure Karina wore those pants last night on the Emmys, but the dancing was not bad at all. 
4. Ashley and Edyta: No clue who he is and seems like he has zero personality... but I love love love Edyta and would like to see her go far. Hope he starts dancing better!
3. Chuck and Anna: He is like my Ty Murray this season. He really sucks, but I want him to get better so badly!
2. Tom and Cheryl: I never thought I would rank him so high, but that was so entertaining! He wears polos to practice, tucks his shirts into sweatpants, and hikes said sweatpants up past his belly button. It is like watching my Dad try to dance!
1. Louie and Vito: He. is. ADORABLE. Can they date please? I do not care if he looks like 'a little dancing hobbit' (per Bruno), or if his hair is too long for ballroom (per Len), I love him. 
Cutie pie, right?!

Best. Emmys. Ever.

This year's broadcast was, hands down, the best awards show I have ever seen. From the opening number, to NPH's final send off, I was completely entertained and smiling ear to ear. Only problem was, because everything was so great- it made it very difficult for me to gather my thoughts, or even choose my favorite moments. But, here they are-
The top TEN things about Emmys 2009. 

Neil Patrick Harris
If you enjoyed the broadcast this year, you can thank NPH. Not only did he host, but he was the producer as well. He has said he wanted to be more involved creatively; he wanted to be on stage more often; we wanted to guide viewers through the show. He did it, and did an amazing job. You know what I think? NPH should host everything. And I'm not the only one. Past awards show hosts Jeff Probst, Ricky Gervais, and John Stewart ALL gave him props. So there. 

Black, square-framed, nerd glasses. 
Simon Baker, Justin Timberlake, Dana Delaney... everyone was wearing them. 

A sense of 'community'
Glenn Close was the one you said it- what a privilege it was to be part of this 'community,' and you could feel the sentiment all night. It didn't feel like a competition, it felt like a celebration of all things television. 

Oscar's opening number wins an Emmy
"The first opening number written for a wolverine" was amazing at this year's Oscars. Don't remember it? Imagine Hugh Jackman and surprise guest Anne Hathaway singing and dancing as they talk about the year in movies. 

Dr.Horrible's interruption
Horrible? No, hilarious.

Michael Emerson
I have been waiting patiently for Mr. Emerson to get the props he deserves for playing the uber-creppy, uber-manipulative Benjamin Linus on Lost. What he does on that show is seriously intense

Loved them (especially the Variety one). I want to download them and watch them over and over!

PC-guy voiceovers
NPH had told Ellen DeGeneres last week that he did not want those lame voiceovers when people won (ie "This is their second nomination and first win..."). His remedy? Get the PC guy (from the Mac commercials) to say silly, and often false, things about the winners as they approached the stage. Was it funny? Aw, hell yeah. It certainly helped that the Mac-guy was in the audience (Justin Long is Drew Barrymore's sometime boy toy). 

Kristin Chenoweth
I am about to tell you something that makes me look insane, but it is completely true. When they announced Kristin, I jumped up off my couch and screamed "yes, yes, yes!" while jumping up and down in my living room. I had goosebumps. I was tearing up before she even got on stage. 

In case you don't know who this girl is, let me help you out. Chenoweth earned her Emmy playing the absolutley lovely Olive on the best show that no longer exists- Pushing Daisies. The first season was cut short by the Writer's Strike, and it failed to gain momentum for its second season. Imagine the crime-fighting group of Ned (a piemaker), Olive (a waitress at The Pie Hole restaurant), PI Emerson Cod, and Ned's childhood sweetheart Chuck. Oh, and Ned can touch people to bring them back to life. Oh, and one of those 'dead' people is Chuck. Throw in an amazing narrator, bright colors, synchronized swimming, and occasional musical numbers performed by the beautiful Chenoweth, and you have the most magical, the most beautiful hour of television I have ever seen. 

Obviously, to say I have strong feelings about this show is an understatement. And to see Kristin on that stage that was amazing. I wish I could use Ned's magical gift to help Daisies rise from the dead. :(

Okay, this is my way of fitting in more than ten best things...
"I love reality TV. News? Not so much."
"Here's hoping Kanye likes 30 Rock."
-first of many Kanye jokes made
"I'd trade this to look like him."
-Alec Baldwin to Rob Lowe after winning for Best Actor in a Comedy for 30 Rock
"I feel like Cinda-fella."
-Bryan Cranston after winning for Best Actor in a Drama for Breaking Bad
"What an incredible year. The election and then this."
-Matt Weiner after Mad Men's Best Drama win
"In this room, I'm considered above average!"
-Ricky Gervias, talking about the difference between the Oscars and the Emmys
"I'm unemployed now, so I'd like to be on Mad Men. I also like The Office and 24."
-Kristin Chenoweth, accepting her Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy award for Pushing Daisies

Let's hope the rest of the awards' season goes this well!


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