Kristin = bitch? you be the judge.

This may surprise you, but I am NOT a Hills fanatic. I know, hard to believe, especially considering all the other trashy TV that I watch (pretty much anything and everything VH1 puts out there). But last night, I gave in to MTV's dramatic 'the bitch is back' marketing ploy and watched the premiere of the Hills.

Unless you have been living in a cave the last few years, you probably know a little bit about the history of this show. Here's a refresher:

In 2004, back when the OC was a hit, MTV developed what Wikipedia refers to as a 'partially scripted' show called Laguna Beach, documenting the lives of a group of teenagers in Orange County, Calif. From this show emerged two major stars- Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad (known then as LC).

The problem with high school kids? They graduate. The great thing about kids whose sole job is being a reality star? They don't mind if you give them a spin-off. And thus, out of Lauren's graduation and big move to LA, The Hills was born.

After five glorious seasons (technically four and a half... MTV is weird), Lauren decided that five years as a reality star was enough for her and she left the show. This left her 'supporting cast' of Audrina, Lo, Stephanie, Brody, and yes, even Speidi, without a star. What was MTV to do?

They bring in the bitch.

At least, that is what they are calling her. Kristin Cavallari has apparently been in the casts' lives this whole time- dating Brody, setting up Heidi and Spencer (thanks a lot), and remaining friends with Lo- and now she is back in a big way.

On last night's premiere, she wasted no time rustling feathers- flirting with and eventually going on a date with Audrina's ex Justin Bobby. Oh, that was after the girl fight at Speidi's party (Kristin vs. Stephanie and Audrina). The girls spent the whole night gabbing about how Cavallari was going to ruin their lives (and apparently the lives of every other female in LA), but, tell me if I'm crazy here, I personally like Kristin. I was always Team Kristin on Laguna (she had cute hair), and I don't really mind her 'evil' ways.

I actually think that Audrina is the one in the wrong here. In the beginning of the episode, she is asking Lo and Steph about Kristin and even says she will give her a chance. Then at the party, when Kristin goes and talks to Justin Bobby, Audrina remarks that 'friends' don't do that. Um, are you 'friends'? Have you met? I thought you didn't even know her. Audrina, are you saying no girl should ever be allowed to talk to Justin Bobby because you dated him first?

I don't know why I like her. Maybe because she still has pretty hair. Or maybe because she isn't really dramatic; drama just sort of finds her (in this case, Steph and Audrina were way too quick to jump to conclusions and start yelling at Kristin, who was just talking to Justin Bobby). Or maybe it is because I think she is funny, chill, and yes, sometimes, slightly bitchy.

But aren't we all?


Anonymous said...

The epitome of shallow Trash real tv : the Hills/Laguna bullshit.
If i have to take side : i am team LC definitly, the show would be cancelled without her.
Now she left i am team Kristin, she is uber annoying with her uber shallow valley accent but the other girls on this...show are far worse !!

Anonymous said...
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