Glee makes me smile

That pretty much sums it up. And it isn't just the musical numbers I enjoy (although, Mercedes singing Gold Digger did give me goosebumps). I hang on every word that comes out of Jane Lynch's mouth. I can't wait to see what Emma will be wearing next (best dressed counselor around, wouldn't you say?). I want Finn to love Rachel, even if she is a little annoying. And Mr. Schuester might be the most endearing character on television.

Bottomline is, I love everything about this show. If you think it is too High School Musical for you, no offense, but you are wrong. I could totally go without any of the singing and I would still love it. The characters, the dialogue- this show is thebomb.com.

If you missed it last night, I suggest you watch the encore showing on Fox- Friday at 8pm- or catch it on Hulu, SurftheChannel, whatever. Seriously, you are missing out.

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