Izzy, you're fired.

Looks like that snotty Katherine Heigl is getting what she wants... sort of.
Doc Stevens will be taking a five episode break from Grey's this season to go film a movie (you know, because she is a big movie star and her silly TV series doesn't even matter...). But how will they explain the missing surgeon/cancer patient?

Izzy gets fired.

That's right. Looks like Seattle Grace is merging with rival hospital Mercy West this season and Izzy will be laid off. The new docs will also help disguise Elen Pompeo's absence during her maternity leave (which will be going on at the same time Izzy is gone).

So for a few episodes- no George (dead), no Meredith (preggo), no Izzy (snob). Grey's peeps aren't worried though. They say it will give them more time to explore other characters- like the new docs, McDreamy minus his new wifey, Lexi and Mark and their ridiculous age difference, and of course Owen and Christina's budding romance.

The season premieres Sept. 24th, and bring your tissues, because George's death/funeral is going to our favorite docs pretty dang hard.


Amanda K said...

the show is DONE!

Danielle said...

After last season's drama with 'Denny', I thought so too. But the season finale was one of the best finales I have ever seen- on ANY show. That moment when George is writing '007' in Mere's hand still gives me the chills!


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