OTH premieres tonight!

How will I be spending my Monday evening?
Watching TV, duh.

Tonight kicks off phase 2 of my crazy Monday, adding One Tree Hill at 7pm to my must-watch list (which already includes Greek at 8pm). Phase 3 will occur next week, with the premiere of DWTS (and still no DVR in my house. Help).

In case you haven't been following, here are some things to note about the premiere...
-we are joining the Tree Hill gang one year after the finale
-the episode centers around adorbale little Jamie's birthday party
-Nathan is a successful NBA star, with a hot agent/friend, played by Robert Buckley.
-speaking of Nathan and Buckley, we will see four sets of pecs in the premiere.
-Haley is recording her own songs and is the new owner of Red Door Records now that Peyton is off globe-trotting.
-Brooke and Julian have been dating long distance for a year now and are in love <3
-Haley's sister is one of the new faces on the block.
-Nathan and Haley are happy, for now. But a sex/preganancy scandel will jeopardize that.
-Dan is not only healthy, but he is now a self-help guru. God, help us all.

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