'Tyrant' renewed

I'm actually surprised that Tyrant was renewed for a second season. Not to say I didn't like it – in fact, in the beginning of the season, I was saying it was my favorite summer show – it just felt like, by the end, it was dragging.

I think they got in a trap of trying to do too much, too quickly. The fact that the season started with Barry begrudgingly returning to his homeland, and then ended with him failing to stage a coup to take over? Sheesh. That's a lot of plot development in one season.

Maybe they would have been better served by making the finale the episode when Jamal kills the sheik. Slow down some of the story, give us more flashbacks, introduce us more to these rebels and their cause, let us get to know Barry's journalist friend a little more.

I'm looking forward to season 2, but I'm hoping it can hold my attention all the way through...


'Once Upon A Time' – Do Emma and Henry know 'Frozen'?

As if Once Upon A Time isn't complicated / unbelievable enough, next season they're introducing Frozen into Storybrooke. (No sense in even "spoiler alert-ing" that since it has been promoted the HECK out of ever since the finale last season.)

The overthinker in me – and I'm not the only one – was slightly confused by this and how they would present it. If you remember, Henry came to learn about Storybrooke's "history" via a book of fairy tales. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and other classics. (Apparently, that includes Mulan....)

Now, Frozen is not a classic fairy tale (at least, as far as I know). In fact, it isn't even based on any kind of folklore or history of any kind, as say, Mulan or Sleeping Beauty is. CORRECTION – Nik let me know that it is based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

More than that though, Frozen was not even out in theaters when Henry, Emma and friends "remembered" who they were. Did they see the movie? I'd think no... unless they stopped by the movie theater one lazy Sunday afternoon between defeating evil witches and Peter Pan their grandpa.

Basically, do the people of Storybrooke even know who the Frozen princesses are?

This has been debated across the interwebs, and it would assume, of course that OUAT takes place in the present day. TV Line has an interview with showrunners about it, in which they confirm that no, Henry has not seen Frozen. By their calculations, the people of Storybrooke are somewhere in 2013 right now, pre-Frozen release.

But looking at these previews for the new season, it seems like Emma may recognize the sisters... or maybe it is just ABC toying with us as usual.

Speaking of new characters / princesses from recent Disney pictures, where the heck are Tiana and Prince Naveen? I understand that OUAT isn't keen on talking animals/objects – made that clear with the exclusion of Olaf in the upcoming season – but is Naveen's talking frog much different than Jiminy Cricket who has been featured at great lengths in both human and cricket form? We need some diversity in Storybrooke.


Where 'The Getaway' is going in Season 2

If you've talked to me about television, travel and/or Anthony Bourdain, it's more than likely that the show The Getaway has come up. It combines most of what I love – food, drink, travel and celebrities.  I'm sort of obsessed. In fact, I have the first season on my DVR and refuse to delete it in case one of my curious friends ever wants to watch it. (And if you're wondering – Joel McHale in Belfast is my favorite of the first season episodes, naturally.)

Anywho... the second season starts October 15th on Esquire Network and the lineup of celebs and locations is insane. EW announced: Chrissy Teigen in Bangkok, Adam Pally in Las Vegas, Jack McBrayer in Hawaii, Kyle MacLachlan in Napa, David Koechner in Dublin. Here's a sneak peek:
And just to give them a plug, I adore the Esquire Network. The design, the programming, the brand they've developed. Shows like Knife Fight, Best Bars in America, Brew Dogs are all in constant rotation on my DVR.


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