On Callie and Arizona

Michael Ausiello's wish for Grey's Anatomy in 2015 is to "resist the urge" to reunite Calzona. I could not agree more. While it was happening, I was kind of annoyed. These two had been thru so much – the cheating, the baby, the leg – and it seemed like another wrench was unnecessary drama. (Yes, I understand what show I'm watching... unnecessary drama is kind of its thing.) But that episode chronicling their separation was heartbreaking to watch. And I can't imagine going back from there.


'Galavant' on ABC

Admittedly, super excited for Galavant to premiere on ABC. When it was announced earlier this year, I said:
This is being described as The Princess Bride with music. Which sounds AWESOME. Looks hilarious. Trailer reminds me of Robin Hood: Men in Tights.
But what is puzzling to me, is that in the latest promos I have been seeing on ABC, they tease it as a "4-week event." Soooooo is it a mini series? Or an actual, regular show?

I had never heard it plugged as a mini series (or, as they're calling them these days, a 'limited series,' or an 'event'), though I do think that makes more sense for this concept. Seems like, at the rate that TV shows are being cancelled, almost every series should be called a mini series. Sigh.

'Manhattan Love Story' lives on... On Hulu

I'm (one of the few, apparently) that is happy to see Manhattan Love Story's life extended a bit thanks to Hulu. The streaming service will house seven unaired episodes of the failed rom-com. (And Selfie too, but I don't really care about that.)

Most people hated the show, but I actually thought it was really cute. I didn't think the internal dialogue was overused – in fact, it reminds me of the narration on Jane The Virgin at times, which I think borrows from the same whimsical space as another cancelled rom-com that I liked, A to Z.

Anyway, I like Jake McDorman (Greek, Shameless) but do agree that this role was sort of boring for him. I mean, he was so, so great on Shameless... and this role just felt amateur compared to that. I get that it's a network rom-com vs a cable drama comedy, but still. Analeigh Tipton was... fine. I just watched Two Night Stand this past weekend, and she's basically playing the same character (annnnnd pretty similar storyline to episode 4's 'It's Complicated' sleepover....). I'd agree with most critics that said the best thing about her was her perfectly curled hair.

Looking forward the catching the rest of the episodes on Hulu... and waiting for McDorman's next. better role.


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