DWTS dance by dance... part 1

So I can only watch the first hour because another beloved show is on at 8pm (damn you, Monday night TV), but here goes...

First of all, Samantha Harris- nice dress, but not right for this show. 
Jason and Edyta's foxtrot:
omg Jason is so gorgeous. He dances so pretty, which sounds like an insult for a pro football player, but he just looks great. Great reaction from the judges...
scores: 9, 10, 9
Marissa and Tony's quickstep:
Glad she has her hair up. She looks like she is having so much fun. Really cute choreography. She missed a step, I guess, but good comments nonetheless. 
scores: 9, 9, 8
Cristian and Cheryl's waltz:
What an ugly costume. First the feathers last week and now this space age 80's frock? Cheryl wins for worst wardrobe this season. Good dance, but I think he looked a little stressed. 
scores:9, 9, 9
Kristi and Mark's tango:
Pretty costumes, prettier dance. The best part of these episodes is definitely Bruno yelling at Len though. Bruno and Carrie Ann loved it, Len, not so much. 
scores: 10, 9, 10

Time to switch over to OTH. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the rest of the episode...


Feeling under-whelmed? Try DH instead...

Sunday night TV just ended, and I am compelled to add my two cents...

"The kind of TV that will give you chills"? Really? I think the only chills I had were from my freezing cold basement. Anyone else feel a bit under-whelmed by the season finale of Brothers & Sisters? All of my promises were predictable- the outing of Saul, the corporate merger for Sarah/Tommy/Holly, the big kiss between you guessed it- Justin and Rebecca. The only 'shocker' was the reveal of Ryan- the real long, lost Walker child. Not that impressed. Plus, a big Walker get together without drunken shenanigans? Come one, people! 

My only shocker- for some odd, odd reason I was almost rooting for Justin and Rebecca in that final scene. I found myself smiling instead of puking in my mouth (the response almost-incest usually should elicit). Weird. 

I think that if you were looking for shocking television tonight, your better bet was to move over to Wisteria Lane. The ladies of Desperate Housewives were totally dishing it out tonight. Susan had her baby; Dylan isn't really Dylan; Kayla is seriously disturbed; and, could it be? Edie gets exiled for good! Now that was some good TV. 


I return to The Hills

I have kind of stopped watching The Hills because it is annoying and stresses me out, but tonight I was subconsciously looking for an excuse not to do homework (hence the blogging) and decided to watch it. Boy have things changed! Justin Bobby speaks. And he got a haircut and is hot. Heidi is working. Lo, Audrina, and Lauren move in together- kind of. And apparently Stephen was on it last week? What have I been missing. I might have to start watching this little 'reality' show again...

My OTH play-by-play

So here’s something new. I take notes while I watch a show, and then post them here. It ensures that I don’t miss anything- and makes me feel like I’m being productive while I watch TV.

Here is a play-by-play of tonight’s One Tree Hill, sprinkled with some direct quotes from my lovely friends who watch it with me.

-Opening Scene: Dan’s tombstone being lowered next to Keith’s, direct quote by my friend- ‘Is he kidding?’ Ha. I can’t believe it says ‘loving brother and father.’ They cannot put that next to Keith’s grave.
-Nathan is right- a ticking clock or not, Dan is still insane and should not be allowed near Jamie.
-Brucas is coming! Lucas comes over at 7am to go to the doctor with her? Come on!
-Haha Peyton comes out of her room in her PJs. I only wish she would have been wearing something hotter to make Luke love her…
--Commercial break--

-Yey for Mouth for getting on air time. Sweet.
-Haley says, “What if he really is dying?’ My friend says, ‘Darn…?’
-Okay, what was with that fake background at Dan’s house? Watch the episode and tell me that is not weird.
--Commercial break--

-First impressions- Brooke’s going to date the doctor.
-Someone please tell Millie that ‘Marvin’s’ name is Mouth.
-Hearing pregnancy rumors for Bethany Joy. True or False?
--Commercial break--

-Skills and Jamie are so cute playing video games. Scenes with those two are always my favorite.
-Ugh. Poor Mouth messing up on the air.
-‘I think my favorite character on the show is the little kid’ my friend says as Skills, Lucas, Nathan, and Jamie talk basketball strategy.
-‘Peyton, you’re so awkward’ my friend says when Peyton shows up in Lindsay’s office.
--Commercial break--

-‘No little kid says thiese things’ we say when Jamie talks to Q about his dad playing basketball again
- Um, why didn’t Brooke find someone else to watch the baby? She has a gazillion friends in tree hill…
-‘I’m in love with a girl’ by Gavin DeGraw for Q’s big return to the Ravens? Interesting choice.
--Commercial break--

- Just noticing: Q has really feminine features.
- Mouth’s teleprompter trick has me saying ‘awww’ and makes me wish I had some boy to thank me for believing in him.
-Oh that’s why they never show Mill and Mouth kissing- because it is awkward. Bummer.
-Jamie’s card to Dan is so cute… but he is too smart and too sweet for a five year old. And I cant believe Haley threw his card away! So sad.
-Lucas to Lindsay: Video chat?... Decline. haha
- Baby Angie finally smiles. Aww!

--Next week—
Whoa now. Hot previews. If that is even a dream ill be so pissed.

Mondays, Sundays, Thursdays...my week is a blur.

Thoughts on my fave shows from last week…

Greek: This show seriously keeps getting better and better! I haven’t written about it in a couple weeks (mainly because I can never watch it until the weekend), but it has been great! The last two weeks have been really great. I loved the flashbacks in the episode from two weeks ago. It seriously changed my opinion of the Cappie/Casey/Evan triangle. I have always been a Cappie lover, but after the last two weeks, I’ll admit it, I am rooting for Casey and Evan to get back together!

DWTS: So happy that Shannon Elizabeth got kicked off. Who’s next? Probably Marisa or Christian. And this week is the 100th episode two-night event- meaning that tomorrow a ton of DWTS alums will be back!

Gossip Girl: I’m having trouble getting back into it since the break… maybe I’m just sick of the same old stories- Chuck is a jerk, Blaire fights to keep her spot, Jenny wants to be cool, Serena did something one time and got in trouble… I’m bored.

Grey’s Anatomy: I was telling someone, “Yeah, this week’s episode was actually really good,” and their response was, “duh- Addison was back.” And that’s when it hit me. I haven’t really liked the show since she left. Here’s hoping Private Practice gets cancelled and she returns to Seattle Grace where she belongs. Favorite scene of the night- Mark’s reaction to seeing Derek, Addison, Rose, and Meredith all in the elevator. Oh, McSteamy, you make me laugh.
Lost: Loved this week’s episode. Actually, at first, I hated it. Kate and Jack’s future bliss made me sick. But then, you find out that Sawyer is still complicating things. Yes! The scene at the end totally made it for me. There is nothing Jack can do- it doesn’t matter that he is there now, or that he saved her- Kate loves Sawyer, and no matter where Sawyer is (or even if he is still alive), that won’t change. It almost made me feel sorry for Jack. Almost. And how ‘bout that scene when Jack picks up Kate in the hallway? Looks a lot like Sawyer picking her up in the cages if you ask me….

Brothers & Sisters: Awesome episode. I know next week is supposed to be amazing, so I cannot wait! My thoughts from last night- poor Saul, poor Rebecca, poor Justin, poor Sarah, poor Graham, and Holly is such a bitch taking over the company when it isn’t rightfully hers. Oh, and yeah for Scotty and Kevin! That scene was adorable!


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