My OTH play-by-play

So here’s something new. I take notes while I watch a show, and then post them here. It ensures that I don’t miss anything- and makes me feel like I’m being productive while I watch TV.

Here is a play-by-play of tonight’s One Tree Hill, sprinkled with some direct quotes from my lovely friends who watch it with me.

-Opening Scene: Dan’s tombstone being lowered next to Keith’s, direct quote by my friend- ‘Is he kidding?’ Ha. I can’t believe it says ‘loving brother and father.’ They cannot put that next to Keith’s grave.
-Nathan is right- a ticking clock or not, Dan is still insane and should not be allowed near Jamie.
-Brucas is coming! Lucas comes over at 7am to go to the doctor with her? Come on!
-Haha Peyton comes out of her room in her PJs. I only wish she would have been wearing something hotter to make Luke love her…
--Commercial break--

-Yey for Mouth for getting on air time. Sweet.
-Haley says, “What if he really is dying?’ My friend says, ‘Darn…?’
-Okay, what was with that fake background at Dan’s house? Watch the episode and tell me that is not weird.
--Commercial break--

-First impressions- Brooke’s going to date the doctor.
-Someone please tell Millie that ‘Marvin’s’ name is Mouth.
-Hearing pregnancy rumors for Bethany Joy. True or False?
--Commercial break--

-Skills and Jamie are so cute playing video games. Scenes with those two are always my favorite.
-Ugh. Poor Mouth messing up on the air.
-‘I think my favorite character on the show is the little kid’ my friend says as Skills, Lucas, Nathan, and Jamie talk basketball strategy.
-‘Peyton, you’re so awkward’ my friend says when Peyton shows up in Lindsay’s office.
--Commercial break--

-‘No little kid says thiese things’ we say when Jamie talks to Q about his dad playing basketball again
- Um, why didn’t Brooke find someone else to watch the baby? She has a gazillion friends in tree hill…
-‘I’m in love with a girl’ by Gavin DeGraw for Q’s big return to the Ravens? Interesting choice.
--Commercial break--

- Just noticing: Q has really feminine features.
- Mouth’s teleprompter trick has me saying ‘awww’ and makes me wish I had some boy to thank me for believing in him.
-Oh that’s why they never show Mill and Mouth kissing- because it is awkward. Bummer.
-Jamie’s card to Dan is so cute… but he is too smart and too sweet for a five year old. And I cant believe Haley threw his card away! So sad.
-Lucas to Lindsay: Video chat?... Decline. haha
- Baby Angie finally smiles. Aww!

--Next week—
Whoa now. Hot previews. If that is even a dream ill be so pissed.

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