'Lincoln' was almost an HBO movie

"The Star Wars creator also called cable TV “much more adventurous” than film today, adding that he believes “the Lincolns” will eventually disappear from theaters and appear only on TV — “as mine almost was,” Spielberg said, interrupting. “[It was] this close — ask HBO — this close.”"
Really interesting commentary on the state of film and television from George Lucas and Steven Speilberg. Read it on EW.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Sort of reminds me of Fringe and Heroes combined. Regardless, I'm intrigued by the idea of a franchise reaching across TV, movies, comics, toys, etc. A lot of movies try to make the jump to TV but it is usually a different cast, an different story or setting. It isn't the same.

Mind Games

Steve Zahn!
Christian Slater!
Uncle Saul!


 Arcadia, Missouri?!


The whole season in one night? Intrigued.

Could use another big name in the cast to get people to watch, a la New Girl. Also interested to see how ABC handles this since Happy Endings apparently wasn't 'on brand.'

Lucky 7

 Something about this reminds of Shameless. And Hurley.


Back in the Game

 Cute. Kids can be funny. Or annoying. Those kids can't stay young and weird forever. We all hit an awkward phase.

Predicting this to be the Go On of the season - cast will mesh pretty well, get okay ratings, but ultimately get cancelled. 

Super Fun Night

When I first heard this concept, I had no idea how they'd take it beyond the first episode. The trailer offers no further insight. 

Trophy Wife

Quite a cast. Unfortunate title, a la Cougartown

The Goldbergs

I just hope they don't completely rely on the 80s setting for comedy. What's with all the throwbacks anyway? Surviving Jack on Fox is set in 91.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Samberg. Crews. Braugher. Most promising trailer of the fall season.

Sleepy Hollow

Sigh. It's like National Treasure meets your typical crime-fighting show. I have a feeling that preachy, British Icabod will get annoying. And could really go without the expected 'heads will roll' at the end of the trailer.

I wish for better for John Cho and the 7Up Guy. (Especially Cho. He can't catch a break - see Go On and Flash Forward.)

Almost Human

Wait... I've seen this before. But it was called I, Robot.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Intrigued. When they first announced this, I thought it would be stupid (Considering I think Once Upon a Time is stupid, yet still watch....) but this trailer actually looks interesting. Hoping that Rose McGowan or Barbara Hershey reprise their roles as Cora, but it doesn't appear so based on this trailer. (That actress we get a glimpse of isn't either of them, is it?)

A lot of 'Return to Oz' undertones, no?


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