Flashing Backwards

The Flashforward finale seems like forever ago, but I just had to put something up about it. For a show that had been pretty lukewarm all season, the finale actually got me excited about the next season.... oh wait, there is no next season.

That's it. It's over.

How did it end?

  • Janice drops off Simon and Dimitri and heads to the hospital, where she discovers that her baby is 'just fine'. But guess what? It's a boy (not a girl as her flashforward had showed her). 
  • Simon and Dimitri head in to some factory place to save the day and basically witness the next blackout happening inside the reactor. (This whole story line had me kind of bored. These are two of my favorites on the show, but since neither of them had a flashforward, I wasn't waiting for anything to happen with them, ya know?)
  • Olivia tries to avoid Lloyd, but he tracks her down. Convinced that they need to get all the ducks in line for him to be able to solve the equation... They end up kissing in her bedroom (FYI this Lloyd/Olivia romance is my least favorite part of the show... it was poorly developed, came out of nowhere...). At the time of their flashforwards, Lloyd's son comes in and writes the equation on the mirror. It was him who wrote it that whole time, not Lloyd. Sooo they kissed for nothing?
  • Mark discovered that the next blackout was going to happen in just a few minutes, and he tells his FBI boss/buddy to alert the White House... all before jumping out of the building. Towards a helicopter. Just as the building is about to explode. And WHAM. Blackout. 
  • And then, the big finish. We see flashes of people's flashforwards (similar to what we saw in the first episode). No doubt that all of these flashes would have been important in season 2. 
  • The most important flashforward (part 2)? A blonde girl, a teenager/young adult, standing at a window, when someone says to her, "Charley..." (gasp!). She turns around and says, "They found him." Is that our Charley?! It has to be! Who did they find? Mark? Argghhhh. 

With a finale like that though, they should at least consider a made for TV movie or miniseries or something!

My gripe? The whole season revolved around preventing another blackout. I get that there is no way they could ahve stopped this one in time. But now Lloyd knows the equation to stop it and it doesn't matter. A gazillion more people just died. AND by the time their flashes catch up to them years from now, some people might not even remember. Fail.

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