Disturbing to the max.

The final scene of True Blood last night makes it really difficult for me to write any sort of review or recap of the episode.... talk about disturbing! The vamp drama ceratinly proves it knows how to shock us, but that was beyond anything I could have imagined.... yikes.

Right now, I'll admit, I'm not loving True Blood. It is all disjointed. There are too many stories. Too many people. But I guess that is how last season was too, and I just have to have faith that eventually the stories will line up and there will be some killer finale. Here's what's going on in Bon Temps (and Jackson and beyond):

Bill is taken prisoner by the king of Mississippi (accompanied by his vamp husband Talbot and the evil make of Bill, Lorena). The king wants Bill to become a sheriff in MS, turning his back on Queen Sophie Anne of Louisiana. 

Speaking of... Sophie Anne and Eric are using Lafayette to sell V and some higher vamps may or may not be on to them. Eric buys Lafayette a car (how nice of him!). 

Eric enlists a really hot werewolf named Alcide to accompany Sookie on her journey to find Bill. Alcide is still in love with his ex, Debbie, who, as wel learned last night, is engaged to a werewolf working for the king of Mississippi. 

Tara is sad Eggs is dead, so she tries to kill herself, beats up some rednecks, hooks up with a vampire. 

Said vamp, Franklin, is there to investigate Bill (why? who knows.). He even goes as far to help Jessica dispose of a dead body to get her to tell him what he knows about her maker. 

Jessica and Hoyt are on the outs. Sam is enlisted (via Sookie) to watch over her. (SPOILER ALERT: Rumor has it a shape shifter is hooking up with a vamp later this season.... will we be seeing Jessam/Sammica? Poor Hoyt). 

Oh, and poor Jason keeps having visions of people with bullet holes in their heads as he deals with Eggs' murder. Now he wants to be a cop. Judging from his Rambo-like moves last season, I think he's got what it takes (brawn over brain of course). 

Sam meets his birth family. His mom is cool, but his dad is a drunk and his bro is jealous that Sam got a good life and he didn't so he turns into a bird and robs him. Rude. 

Where do we go from here? Previews indicate:
  • Bill giving up on Sookie
  • Sookie hooking up with Eric
  • ... sorry, that's all I remember/care about. 

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