Trashy... or Not.

It's no secret I have a love/hate relationship with reality shows... Okay, wait, actually it's probably just a love/love relationship. Whatever. Here is what I can't get enough of right now...

Dad Camp
Pregnant girls deem their boyfriends to be unfit (future) father's and sign them up for daddy boot camp. In all reality, the show should be called 'Parent Camp' because, while the guys do have their fair share of issues, the girls can't be perfect. And isn't it supposed to be a partnership anyway? Let's work together here, people. (VH1)

OCD Project
This show seriously freaks me out. People with OCD going through rehab to try to get better. You know how you watch shows like Rock of Love and say, "These people are crazy!" Well, guess what. These people really are. (VH1)

The Hills
I give up on this show. I come back. I give up. I come back. And in what is arguably the worst season, you would think I wouldn't be 'back', but I am. There isn't anything particularly interesting going on (oh, except Heidi and Spencer are completely insane), but here I am, week after week, still watching. I may have even added it to my DVR...? If nothing else, I get to see pretty clothes, pretty hair, and pretty boys (Brody). I'm sold. (MTV)

The City
I have never watched this show. I always thought Whitney was (cute but) boring on The Hills, so I had no intention of following her to NYC. But then I discovered Olivia. Is this a joke? How does she have a job? I understand the job is probably fake anyway (the whole show is pretty much an extended ad for Elle/People's Rev/Whitney's line), but this girl is ridiculously bad at her job. Watch it just for that. (Oh and again, the pretty clothes). (MTV)

Downtown Girls (NOT)
I watch five minutes of this and stopped. No, thank you. (MTV)

You're Cut Off
Now, this is true, VH1 trashy reality TV... and I love it. The title pretty much explains it all, but it follows a group of rich, spoiled princesses who get cut off by their families. They live in a normal house and have to cook, clean, and gasp! drink boxed wine. Hilarity ensues.

Is it a coincidence that all these are on MTV/VH1.... nope, probably not. But it is convenient. In case you haven't heard, check me out: I want to be MTV's first TJ!

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