This meat may be rotten by now.

So now the Freshmeat season has come and gone and I never blogged about it like I promised you I would. Sorry. Here is how I feel about some of the drama throughout the season...

On the idea of Freshmeat in general...
I love it. I love The Challenges. I loved Road Rules. Real World? Not so much. Yes, I still watch it. But post- Las Vegas it has turned into just partying. All. The. Time. Freshmeat guarantees that we are bringing in athletes to compete and keep these Challenges alive! Look at the past Freshmeaters who are now Challenge (dare I say) legends- Evan, Kenny, Casey, Diem, Big Easy, Ryan, Ev. 

Team Kenny or Team Wes

Mr. Beautiful all the way. I know he is cocky. I know he can be a jerk. Whatever, I don't care. He's hilarious. He proved this season that he is a strong competitor (I think in the past, he has depended a little too much on the strong players in his alliances a little too much). I may eat my words later, but he can do no wrong in my book.

Speaking of, where can I find that 7 Eleven commercial that they did?!

On the finale...
Of course, I wanted Kenny and Laurel to win. I like Carly. I love Landon. They tried to play a fair game and they are good people. But Kenny and Laurel deserved to win. (And you all know it).

They dominated pretty much every challenge. They were, no doubt about it, the strongest team. The only reason Landon and Carly won was because of that head start. If it hadn't been for that, Kenny and Laurel would have sure won.

Maybe Laurel was rude to call out Carly at the Reunion (okay, not maybe... it was rude), but she was right. If Carly had been with another guy, she probably would have lost. If Landon had been with another girl, he probably still would have won. He is a beast.

On Wes... just in general. 
I have never ever liked Wes. Let's just get that out of the way. However, being this close to Kansas, I have met some people who know him and say he is a really nice guy and it must just be editing. Wrong. No way you can edit a person to look as bad as Wes.

My bet? He is a nice guy in real life, but he plays these Challenges like a brat in order to get more screen time (perhaps to 'get famous' like he criticized Kenny for on the Reunion?).

However, this season, Wes = jerk.
1. You got Darrell (one of my all time favortie players) kicked off because you were bitter. Rude.
2. You tried to go against Kenny. Stupid.
3. You turned on your BFF Danny. Trust me, I'm not a Danny fan either, but that was seriously not cool.
4. You think you are hot shit. You're not.
5. You hooked up with Theresa when clearly there was still something going on with KellyAnne. This isn't about me standing up for girls (I think KellyAnne is crazy), this is about me calling you a hypocrite. Did you not get mad at Johanna just because she hooked up with Kenny on The Island after you guys broke up? Yep, I am pretty sure you did. How is this not the same thing?
6. And then, you talked about how Theresa meant nothing right in front of her. Again, rude.
7. You sucked in the Exile. Seeing the reverse of you screaming at Casey in Freshmeat I, with Mandi yelling at you on that mountain was pathetic on your part.... but satisfying on mine. Thanks for that.

On the final exile- Ryan vs. Jen...
I love Ryan, but am glad Jen and Noor won. Admit it, they were more deserving. They actually won one of the challenges, whereas Ryan just rode on coattails the whole time. Ryan, I love ya though. I hope someday you win a challenge.

On Ev being a bitch. 
Nothing really to say about that. She's a good competitor, but really, she is a bitch. But I hope she keeps doing these shows so I have someone to hate on. Thanks.

I'm sure throughout the season I had a lot more thoughts about the show and probably should have blogged about them, my bad. But ask me anything, really, anything, and I'll tell you.

I love the Challenges.

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