Can I be someone's comet?

Since I knew practically everything that was going to happen tonight, the episode wasn't that shocking for me. One question though, can I please be someone's comet? That was such an adorable concept that all came together in the end. Geez, Lindsey, of course he was talking about Peyton! Duh. 

Things that made the room full of girls I was watching it with freak out:
-Nathan and Haley's 'kiss'
-Dan's creepy whistling
-Nanny Carrie "My son is the ring bearer". Psycho. 
-Skills and crew tailgating at the wedding
-Peyton stopping the wedding. Oh no, wait. That was another dream. 
-Lindsey waling out on Lucas
-Haley blaming Nathan for Jaime's disappearance
-Haley finally blaming herself (Yeah, you should have let Nathan come back and protect his son!)
-Dan attacking Carrie
-the adorableness that is Jaime. I believe this quote sums it up- "I am going to print out his picture and put it on my wall. Take down David Beckham and put him up instead."


To hitch or not to hitch?

That is the question.

Unhitched is a new comedy from the Farrelly Brothers (the ‘geniuses’ who brought us Dumb and Dumber and There's Something About Mary) that airs on Fox (Sunday, 8:30 central). The show is basically about four ‘unhitched’ friends, in what appears to be their early thirties (that’s just my guess, it’s not scientific).

I watched the pilot of this show online a last week, and have to be honest- I was not impressed. I would love to add more comedies to my long list of faves, but this one just wasn’t it. There are a ton of other comedies (for example, Back to You, The Office, 30 Rock, etc.) that I have only seen one episode of and was entertained. With a comedy, that’s all it should take- one half hour of pure joy and laughter.

Verdict: I’m not hitching up to Unhitched (sorry that was lame, but who are we kidding, so am I).


Man, her lip gloss is POPPIN' tonight.

I am a sucker for this show. The judges are annoying. The host's pants are too tight. But the dancing is great. I will put up with all that other stuff just to watch the three minute dance routines. 

And it is getting down to the wire. Last week, BreakSk8, the roller skating guys from Indiana, the only team still repping the Midwest (woot, woot), got voted off. Bummer. Check out their seriously sick 'Beat It' routine from the week before. 

Sweet headstand. It is true though, compared to the final three teams left, BreakSk8 just isn't as strong. Farewell my friends. You have repped the Midwest, and roller skaters everywhere well. 

So who's left? We got Kaba Modern, the Asian group with the only three girls left in the competition; JabbaWockeez, the guys with the masks, gloves, and ticking; and Status Quo, the real hip hoppers and my pick to win it all. These guys just look like they are having fun out there. And in the sprit of togetherness, last week the final four teams started the show off with an adorable little dance to Annie's 'Hard Knock Life'. This makes me happy.

Check out this recap show below. I don't think you need to watch the whole thing though, just the intro dance and then Status quo, who is the first team to perform. 

Who do you think should be named 'America's Best Dance Crew'? Comment below...

and the academy award goes to...

Thank you Evan, for supplying that marvelous quote about Danny’s over-the-top dramatics. He is so annoying. I hope he goes home, and I think he will (just a guess of course).

Speaking of guesses, anyone notice how they totally gave away who surprisingly made it to the final mission for the vets? I’m guessing we either have a twist coming up or someone gets that puzzle game for the Gauntlet…

Also, props to the rest of the crew for finally figuring out that CT is a joke. It’s about time…

Check out Evan impersonating him in an exclusive clip from MTV.com.


OTH (again) BIG spoilers.

Warning! Warning! Warning! If you at all enjoy surprises (especially BIG ones), stop reading right now. I am about to post spoilers, courtesy my very snoopy friend, about the 100th episode of One Tree Hill that is airing next week. So, if you ever got mad because your surprise party was ruined or you saw your christmas presents early or someone (i.e. me) told you how a movie ended, then stop. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Epi 5.12 - HUNDRED - 03.18.08
(my comments are in italics)

- Lucas and Haley are waiting at Tree Hill Marina for Lucas' mom, Lily, and Andy to dock his yacht. (yes, Andy!)
- Next we find Dan, no stranger to a hotel room (and yes, that WAS the same prostitute that Derek hired- eek!) checking into a new hotel and dressing for a wedding, intentions unknown.
- That night, Karen visits her old cafe, amazed at the transformation, and finds Brooke Davis closing up shop. (KRowe hearts BDavis)
- At Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, Haley finds Dan parked outside of the church, just sitting... waiting. She gives him a fierce warning to stay away from her family (as she fears for Jaime's safety).
- Nanny Carrie (slut/psycho) shows up at the wedding.
- A quick flashback reveals Brooke confessing a life changing secret to Lucas (what?!)
- Wedding in progress, Jaime asks to be excused to use the restroom, and goes alone; a huge, near fatal mistake. (Nathan and Haley are such good parents...)
- As the ceremony proceeds, Lindsey stops in the middle of vows (huh?!) as she has a critical revelation of Lucas. She leaves him at the alter to take some time alone. (yipee! Lucky for Peyton...)
- With this, Jaime's long absence is noticed for the first time and a search ensues. (Wait- where is my child? d'oh.)
- A series of shocking events unfold, and as the wedding party breaks up and people descend upon the Scott household.
- Dan Scott, after what he has just done, dares to show his face in front of everyone. (I bet Karen yells at him)
- Dan will end up "redeeming himself" to everyone. (my bet? He rescues Jaime from the evil nanny. Bummer. Not only is that a cop out of a potentially awesome cliffhanger, but I do not want Dan to 'redeem' himself)


<3 OTH love <3

I hereby declare One Tree Hill the runaway hit of the season. True, it is not their first season, but this is most definitely one of the best they have ever had. Love all the returning cast members- Rachel, Chase, Beven, Tim, Dan, Karen and perhaps even Andy (hmm)... Love all the drama- weddings, kidnappings, drownings, divorces, parole hearings... Love the music- Lupe and Gavin all in one episode? Thank you. Hands down- this season is frikkin' amazing! 

Big shockers of the night-
-they released Dan from jail. Not really shocking, but darnit, keep him locked away
-Beven and Tim and their baby Nathan- whoa!
-Chase coming back
-Brooke's reaction to Chase coming back. Who should she go for- Ste-phen from Laguna or hot bartender? Decisions, decisions. 
-playing Lupe's new single "Superstar." I would have guessed they would play something less popular
-Haley's divorce announcement. No, don't give up!
-Skills' parenting... er, skills
-Haley calling Lucas to tell him not to marry the girl she is serving as maid of honor
-Lindsey's huge head. Did anyone notice how awkwardly large her head looked when she was laying next to Lucas? I did. 
-Jamie being adorable. Oh wait- not a shock at all. I love that kid!


Rotten Eggs!

Spoilers. Rotten eggs spoil. Get it? Get it?

As if it isn’t bad enough that I can’t watch Lost on Thursdays like everyone else (I just now caught last week’s), I’m hearing that this week will be a doozey! Cynthia Watros (aka Libby) and Harold Perrineau (aka “Where’s my boy” Michael) return, and according to Sun herself, this week is when we find out who the other Oceanic Six members are.  Also hearing rumors of a funeral…

One Tree Hill

I know a lot of rumors are going around as to the fate of the Peyton-Lucas-Lindsey triangle, but it isn’t looking good for all the Peyton lovers out there. Although Lucas and Lindsey hit a snag, rumor is his feelings for her go deeper than we (Peyton lovers, at least) hoped. Interesting twist though- I hear that Brooke is the one urging Peyton to stop the wedding. What’s scarier than a Peyton-Lindsey showdown? Dan making his way to the church and nanny Carrie deciding Jamie is better off with her…uh oh spaghetti-oh.

Gossip Girl

When we left of beloved Upper East siders, Blair was at the bottom of the social ladder, and I hear she will be climbing her way back up. But first, she is ditched by five former friends for a little din-din outing. Any guesses on who the five are? Gossip Girl is returning to the CW on April 21st.


The new season of Greek starts on March 24th on ABC Family. Casey and the other ZBZ girls are still feeling the drama of the Jen K crisis. Even better? They have a consultant from their nationals ‘helping’ them through the transition. And as if it wasn’t stressful enough being president of the sorority that ‘ruined’ greek life, Casey has Rebecca and Frannie to deal with still. But what about the relationships? Rebecca and Cappie? Casey and Evan? Rusty and Jen K? I'm dying to see...


No singing at this high school.

I just caught the premiere of High School Confidential on We TV, and wow, what a show! No, it is no Lost or Gauntlet, but the undertaking of making this 8-part documentary is unbelievable. Sharon Liese, the show's creator, followed 12 girls throughout their four years in high school, so basically you get the whole picture. 

Tonight's episode followed Cappie (the party girl who turns it around, sort of) and Lauren (diagnosed with a brain tumor). This is what is so astonishing. Lauren did not get the tumor until her senior year, so basically they were filming her that whole time and then- bam- her story becomes 'fascinating.' It just goes to show that everyone out there has a story worth telling. 

Also cool? They film at Northwest High School in Kansas, and I love seeing my beloved Midwest on mainstream TV.  (Oh and fun fact- Liese's daughter actually went to the same high school as these girls and graduated in their class. Weird.) Plus, their high school is similar in size to mine. It is fun watching thinking, "Who would I have been? What would people have said about my high school experience?"

Also funny? Cappie (the party girl) says at one point something along the lines of "I don't really have good grades... I'm not going to get a scholarship or anything... so I'll probably just go to KU." Sorry, but being a loyal Tiger, I just had to throw that in. 

Seriously though, if you have any respect for documentaries, or any experience editing video you want to check this out. If you think it is tough editing material into a 3 minute TV package, try taking four years worth of material and making it 30 minutes. Yikes. 

High School Confidential
Mondays 10/9 central

RIP Coral.

What a sad episode. Is that the first time we have ever seen Coral cry? Evan was like her BFF and she heard him talking about her behind her back. That sucks. And you know he feels bad about it too. Did you see how red his face was! Coral is like his big sister and now she is gone. I’m very upset about this.

I’ll admit I was a little surprised Coral just up and left the show and have a feeling it had more to do with not wanting to go into the Gauntlet against Ev (who does though?!), but loved that it screwed the vets over a little. The fact that their plan to ‘trim the fat’ was foiled by the ‘fat’. Touché Coral, touché.

What I hate, however, is these young kids giving Coral crap for leaving. Casey getting all mad telling her to get a real job? Casey, you are never going to have a real job. You are 20 years old. You don’t go to college. You’ll be doing these challenges and promotions at bars/spring break for the rest of your life probably. And Ev saying that this is Coral’s ‘legacy’- like walking off will be what she is remembered for? Um, I don’t think so. Coral is a Real World legend. You, Ev, are not. You weren’t even on Real World or Road Rules.

And just to prove Ev wrong, lets all become Coral’s friend at IAmOnMTV.com. It is this social networking site with a ton of MTV stars. Currently Coral has a whooping 5594 fans to Ev’s measly 1514. So sign up and be Coral friend. And while you are at it, you probably want to add Evan and Kenny as friends too. 


Nice warning, huh? (Apologies to my friend Kelly, who had her head covered with a speech bubble). Personally, I enjoy spoilers, but have learned that not everyone else does (some people really don't like it when you tell them how a movie ends, imagine that...). I will try to remember to post this warning before any spoilers...

Grey’s Anatomy

Uh-oh. Word on the street is that my beloved Charlie Conway may not be appearing on Grey’s as Cristina’s love interest. They haven’t started recasting the role yet, but Joshua Jackson is currently working on a J.J. Abrams’ project in Canada (J.J.= mastermind behind Lost, Alias, Cloverfield…). The show is set to return April 24th, but I’m not sure if I’ll be checking it out or not. I recently removed the show from my favorites on Facebook (big step, I know). I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t spent enough time with my friends over at Seattle Grace lately because of the strike, but I’m just not feeling it right now. We’ll see…

 Brothers & Sisters

I hear that Rebecca and Justin will be visiting a genetic lab soon to take a closer look at that Walker DNA. Looks like we will find out if she is a real Walker once and for all. My guess is no. The Walkers are set to return April 20th.

 One Tree Hill

Peyton may be busting up a wedding- but it may or may not be a dream. Vague. I also hear that a death may be coming. Uh-oh. Good news though- CW just picked up the show for another season! Looks like the four year jump (plus the fact that there was a strike and nothing else was on TV) may have saved this show! Yippee! I am loving this season and I know a ton of other girls who are too. However, warning to the faithful fans- according to Kristin, there is an ep coming up that you are going to ‘want to watch in a padded room surrounded by friends.’ Yikes. 

Lost on the Web (4th edition)

As you can tell, I am a pretty loyal fan to Kristin’s redux, but she recently tagged another site with some pretty intense theories. Seat42f.com is a site devoted to all things television, so of course, I a smitten. BTW, Seat 42F happens to be a reference to Jack's seat on Flight 815. They have a great recap on the ep that had me all sorts of confused- ‘The Constant’. Beware- there are some pretty steep spoiler possibilities in there, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, do not click that link.

Lost Season 4 Episode 5 - The Constant - Seat42f.com Theory


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