Nice warning, huh? (Apologies to my friend Kelly, who had her head covered with a speech bubble). Personally, I enjoy spoilers, but have learned that not everyone else does (some people really don't like it when you tell them how a movie ends, imagine that...). I will try to remember to post this warning before any spoilers...

Grey’s Anatomy

Uh-oh. Word on the street is that my beloved Charlie Conway may not be appearing on Grey’s as Cristina’s love interest. They haven’t started recasting the role yet, but Joshua Jackson is currently working on a J.J. Abrams’ project in Canada (J.J.= mastermind behind Lost, Alias, Cloverfield…). The show is set to return April 24th, but I’m not sure if I’ll be checking it out or not. I recently removed the show from my favorites on Facebook (big step, I know). I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t spent enough time with my friends over at Seattle Grace lately because of the strike, but I’m just not feeling it right now. We’ll see…

 Brothers & Sisters

I hear that Rebecca and Justin will be visiting a genetic lab soon to take a closer look at that Walker DNA. Looks like we will find out if she is a real Walker once and for all. My guess is no. The Walkers are set to return April 20th.

 One Tree Hill

Peyton may be busting up a wedding- but it may or may not be a dream. Vague. I also hear that a death may be coming. Uh-oh. Good news though- CW just picked up the show for another season! Looks like the four year jump (plus the fact that there was a strike and nothing else was on TV) may have saved this show! Yippee! I am loving this season and I know a ton of other girls who are too. However, warning to the faithful fans- according to Kristin, there is an ep coming up that you are going to ‘want to watch in a padded room surrounded by friends.’ Yikes. 

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