OTH (again) BIG spoilers.

Warning! Warning! Warning! If you at all enjoy surprises (especially BIG ones), stop reading right now. I am about to post spoilers, courtesy my very snoopy friend, about the 100th episode of One Tree Hill that is airing next week. So, if you ever got mad because your surprise party was ruined or you saw your christmas presents early or someone (i.e. me) told you how a movie ended, then stop. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Epi 5.12 - HUNDRED - 03.18.08
(my comments are in italics)

- Lucas and Haley are waiting at Tree Hill Marina for Lucas' mom, Lily, and Andy to dock his yacht. (yes, Andy!)
- Next we find Dan, no stranger to a hotel room (and yes, that WAS the same prostitute that Derek hired- eek!) checking into a new hotel and dressing for a wedding, intentions unknown.
- That night, Karen visits her old cafe, amazed at the transformation, and finds Brooke Davis closing up shop. (KRowe hearts BDavis)
- At Lucas and Lindsey's wedding, Haley finds Dan parked outside of the church, just sitting... waiting. She gives him a fierce warning to stay away from her family (as she fears for Jaime's safety).
- Nanny Carrie (slut/psycho) shows up at the wedding.
- A quick flashback reveals Brooke confessing a life changing secret to Lucas (what?!)
- Wedding in progress, Jaime asks to be excused to use the restroom, and goes alone; a huge, near fatal mistake. (Nathan and Haley are such good parents...)
- As the ceremony proceeds, Lindsey stops in the middle of vows (huh?!) as she has a critical revelation of Lucas. She leaves him at the alter to take some time alone. (yipee! Lucky for Peyton...)
- With this, Jaime's long absence is noticed for the first time and a search ensues. (Wait- where is my child? d'oh.)
- A series of shocking events unfold, and as the wedding party breaks up and people descend upon the Scott household.
- Dan Scott, after what he has just done, dares to show his face in front of everyone. (I bet Karen yells at him)
- Dan will end up "redeeming himself" to everyone. (my bet? He rescues Jaime from the evil nanny. Bummer. Not only is that a cop out of a potentially awesome cliffhanger, but I do not want Dan to 'redeem' himself)

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