RIP Coral.

What a sad episode. Is that the first time we have ever seen Coral cry? Evan was like her BFF and she heard him talking about her behind her back. That sucks. And you know he feels bad about it too. Did you see how red his face was! Coral is like his big sister and now she is gone. I’m very upset about this.

I’ll admit I was a little surprised Coral just up and left the show and have a feeling it had more to do with not wanting to go into the Gauntlet against Ev (who does though?!), but loved that it screwed the vets over a little. The fact that their plan to ‘trim the fat’ was foiled by the ‘fat’. Touché Coral, touché.

What I hate, however, is these young kids giving Coral crap for leaving. Casey getting all mad telling her to get a real job? Casey, you are never going to have a real job. You are 20 years old. You don’t go to college. You’ll be doing these challenges and promotions at bars/spring break for the rest of your life probably. And Ev saying that this is Coral’s ‘legacy’- like walking off will be what she is remembered for? Um, I don’t think so. Coral is a Real World legend. You, Ev, are not. You weren’t even on Real World or Road Rules.

And just to prove Ev wrong, lets all become Coral’s friend at IAmOnMTV.com. It is this social networking site with a ton of MTV stars. Currently Coral has a whooping 5594 fans to Ev’s measly 1514. So sign up and be Coral friend. And while you are at it, you probably want to add Evan and Kenny as friends too. 

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