Can I be someone's comet?

Since I knew practically everything that was going to happen tonight, the episode wasn't that shocking for me. One question though, can I please be someone's comet? That was such an adorable concept that all came together in the end. Geez, Lindsey, of course he was talking about Peyton! Duh. 

Things that made the room full of girls I was watching it with freak out:
-Nathan and Haley's 'kiss'
-Dan's creepy whistling
-Nanny Carrie "My son is the ring bearer". Psycho. 
-Skills and crew tailgating at the wedding
-Peyton stopping the wedding. Oh no, wait. That was another dream. 
-Lindsey waling out on Lucas
-Haley blaming Nathan for Jaime's disappearance
-Haley finally blaming herself (Yeah, you should have let Nathan come back and protect his son!)
-Dan attacking Carrie
-the adorableness that is Jaime. I believe this quote sums it up- "I am going to print out his picture and put it on my wall. Take down David Beckham and put him up instead."

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