Lost on... my camera (5th edition)

So, I spent Spring Break in lovely Orlando, Florida, and made a day trip to the magical world that is Disney. I was on a bus, excuse me, a motor coach, headed over to Animal Kingdom from Epcot and it was so crowded I had to stand. I looked up and there, right in front of me was an ad for my all time fave- Lost! I had to take a picture, and was eager to show it. Enjoy.

Now, it has been over a week since the mid season finale, and I’m still sad that Danielle got shot. Seriously. She lived on that island just fine and dandy and 17 years, then Jack and all the other Flight 815-ers come along and kill her. Well, maybe they did not literally kill her (or maybe they did?!), but their actions led to her death. Sucks for her.

And poor Karl. Why did he have to die too. Luckily, Blake Bashoff did stop by E! and spill this to Kristin-

Watching the episode last night, I did notice that [something that we shot wasn't shown]. On the day we filmed it, the people who were shooting at us, there was actually a great shot of the snipers emerging through the jungle in these incredible, elaborate, jungle camouflage uniforms. And I don't know if you got a sense of that last night or not—I think you just saw movement in the trees.”

Hmm.. what is to come on Lost? Stay tuned. The new episode airs April 24th.

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