Unreal- these hour long episodes have got to go

I will be the first to say it- I hate the new Real World.

Not the cast, not the city, but this time, the whole show in general. These hour long episodes are killing it! 

At first I guessed that MTV decided to make it a 13 week season just so they could cram more series' into their lineup. If a shorter Real World means more challenges, I'm game. But now I'm starting to think it was more like a lack of effort in the editing room, or a lack of story altogether, that made them go to the longer episode, shorter season formula. 

Take last night's episode, for example. Major issues covered include, but are not limited to:
-Sarah fighting with her boyfriend
-Will trying to 'woo' Sarah
-Greg being isolated.. and then all of the sudden being their friend. What happened in between?
-Dave inviting a girl back, and the girls getting pissed off
-Sarah inviting a girl back, and the boys getting pissed off
-Kim and Dave cuddling (please hook up)
-Kim and Bri's blowout fight
-Joey and Bri's budding romance
-introduction to Joey's Hulk-like persona... and them him deciding he is 'over' the partying lifestyle

And that's just what I remember! Oh, and just to add my two cents- I have seen my fair share of 21st birthdays by now and I would say you probably could have made a whole episode out of Sarah's night...

The previews for next week already show the big Joey meltdown that is the centerpiece for their 'This season, on the Real World' ads. It is only week 3! What is going on for the next 10 weeks?

MTV had a formula that worked- for 20 seasons! Take seven kids, put them in a house in a new city, give them a job, let them hang out and do their thing without much interference, and BOOM! Hit TV series. You laugh, you cry, you wince at the drama. To all the haters out there- get over yourself- this was good television. Now, not so much. 

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