Dancing... into my heart!

If you would have asked me last week how I felt about this season of Dancing with the Stars, you wouldn't have received a very enthusiastic reply. I just wasn't feeling it. 

Monday night, that all changed. 

Finally! These guys were amazing! So what, their group dance sucks. So what, there hasn't been a perfect thirty yet. At least they are finally doing quality dances...

My fave of the night? Obviously, Kristi and Mark's jive. It reminded me of the jive he did with my favorite Cheetah girl Sabrina, but who cares! Check it out...

Seriously, that was just my absolute favorite. I wish I could have put more up but I just learned about this 'entire act' thing in comm law, so yeah...
And what about Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth shacking up? Kind of sick. Plus, I think they are milking it for votes.

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