20 years in the making

Awards season. Tony's. Oscars's. Globe's. They've got nothing on this show- The Real World Awards Bash. 
Believe it or not, this upcoming season (Hollywood) marks the 20th installment of the reality show that started it all. MTV brought back cast members from all 20 seasons for one big bash at a mansion in LA, and let me tell you, I was all grins the whole show. Seriously, I was so happy to see my old faves I couldn't stop smiling!

Real Worlders I love (by season, not by amount of love I feel for them):
Eric (NY), Syrus (Boston), Dan (Miami), Nate, David, Lindsey, Janet (Seattle), Tech, Ruthie (Hawaii), Danny (New Orleans), Mike, Coral, Lori, Malik (Back to NY), Alton (Las Vegas), Ace, Mallory (Paris), Robin, Jacquese, Brad, Cameran, Randy (San Diego), Landon, MJ (Philadelphia), Johanna (Austin), Johnny Bananas, Paula Walnuts, Zach, Svetlana (Key West), Colie (Denver), Isaac, Cohutta (Sydney)

Now, the main focus of the reunion was actually the Real World Awards. In my opinion, there was way too much love goin around for the recent seasons, both in the winners and the nominees (read a lot of Austin, Denver, icky). I prefer the oldies, but I guess the people that have been watching it as long (or longer) then me aren't voting in MTV online polls anymore. Go figure. Below, you shall find the name of the award, who actually won, and who I wish would have won. 
Best Fight
Tyrie and Davis (Denver- set pictured)
Should have gone to Dan and Melissa (Miami) for the famous letter opening debate. 
Best Brush with the Law
Robin (San Diego)
I agree, however they should have made it a joint award for her and Brad, who was arrested the same night. 
Best Dance Off
Joanna (Austin)
While Joanna's drunken dance moves are entertaining, this one should have gone to Melissa (New Orleans) for her improv dance at the strip club. 
 Best Meltdown
Brooke (Denver)
I think she wins by default since she was nominated twice in this category.
Best Phone Call Gone Bad
Jacquese and Robin (San Diego)
Good choice. My second choice would be Dummy Bear (Sydney), but I'm too afraid of him (pictured).
Biggest Playa
Colie (Denver)
This one could have easily been shared between Colie, Syrus (Boston), and Tech (Hawaii). They are playas after all. 
Favorite Love Story
Danny and Melinda (Austin)
Puke. In. My. Mouth. They were not nominated, but I would have picked Rachel and Sean. They are happily married with a gazillion kids and another on the way!
Steamiest Scene
Steven, Trishelle, Brynn (Las Vegas)
This one only wins because the debauchery of Vegas changed the show forever, however, I think I remember some steamy hot tub or shower scenes from Miami that should have at least been nominated...
Roommate You Love to Hate
Coral (Back to NY)
I do love her.
Gone Baby Gone
Irene (Seattle) aka the 'Slap heard 'round the world' (pictured)
Hands down winner. Best exit in the history of Real World. 
Hottest Female
Svetlana (Key West)
Nope. Mallory (Paris) is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She wins by default. 
Hottest Male
Johnny Bananas (Key West)
While I appreciate a good banana (ha, clever), there were a lot of guys left off this list- Danny (New Orleans), Landon and MJ (Philedelphia), Ace (Paris), Nate (Seattle)... I could go on forever. Of the guys nominated- Alton (Las Vegas) or Eric (NY) deserved the title. 
Favorite Season
Austin (set pictured)
Hands down, no way. This one sooo should have gone to Seattle. They have been, and probably always will be, my all time favorite season. And I don't even think they were nominated!

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