My fave family returns!

How much did you love having the Walkers back tonight? 

Here are my highlights from tonight's Brothers & Sisters episode (in no particular order):
-the Walker children's shenanigans (group phone sessions, spreading secrets, hiding in the kitchen- with alcohol of course)
- Kitty and Robert's chemistry. They are so cute when they are happy! Too bad we know that won't last.
- the comment about Rebecca's bangs finally growing out. A clever shout out to all the bang-hating fans out there. Nicely done writers!
-Nora yelling at her kids. You go girl. 
-Kitty telling Nora to stay and that she needed her. Tear. 
- When Nora told Kitty that it feels like nothing ever happens, like for real, until she tells someone she loves about it. So true. 

...and some lowlights:
-Sarah not signing the China agreement because she doesn't want business to affect her relationship. Saul is so right on this one- her relationship is affecting their business! As much as I want her and Grant to be together, I'm pretty sure he is using her.
-Rebecca and Justin. Stay away from each other. 'Nuff said.

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