and 24 hours later...

So I just finished watching both seasons of Dexter. Yes, that's right, all 24 hours of it in less than one week. Sad, but true. Now, you may think I have my life back, but I don't. All I want is more Dex! Somebody help!

Thank you, seat42f. That was so weird. I just now went to search the web for some Dexter stuff to write about and, low and behold, seat42f had an interview with Doakes himself (aka Erik King) right on their main page. Check it out if you want, but it doesn't reveal much. 

To get us all in the Dexter mood, check out the opening credits, which by the way, won an Emmy. Creepy? Yes. But awesome? Oh, yes. 
Rumor has it, the new season starts in October, but can I wait that long? Of course not. So I checked in with some 'spoilers'. 

I put that in quotes because these come from an interview way back before the strike ended, so really, they are just ideas from show writer Clyde Phillips. According to Phillips, in the third season, Dexter is coming into his 'adulthood' and taking his life in his own hands. We kind of saw a bit of that in the second season, what with his now broken relationship with his father. But will Dex still live by the code? I think so. We can also expect Dex's relationship with Rita to still be going strong. Thank god. Please leave the psycho English vampires out this time, would ya? Lila gives me the creeps! Check out more of his interview at E!Online. 

October, huh? Long time away. In the meantime, one of my favorite places to go for a Dexter fix is Showtime's Wiki site. It is linked from the main Dexter page, and it is a site built completely by the fans! It has all kinds of stuff- comparisons between the books and the show, between the CBS and Showtime versions, quizzes, trivia, everything a Dexter fan could dream of!

But does it have enough content to keep me occupied for the next six months? 

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