Desperate for viewers?

Desperate Housewives was new on Sunday? Really?

Yes, yes it is true. Although, being the avid fan I am, I knew it was a new episode (and if you've been reading this blog, as you should, you knew too), but many fans did not get the memo- apparently.

The Sunday 're-do', as I like to call it, hit a record low in viewership for any new DH episode. The show averages 18.9 million viewers, but last week only brought in about 16 million. Viewership was down an estimated 15 percent according to Nielson Media Research.

DH's James Denton (aka Mike the hot plumber who needs to get out of rehab ASAP) blames ABC's lack of promotion for their dwindeling numbers. While he admits that 16 million viewers is a 'victory', he doesn't think the network did a good job marketing the return.

I disagree. I saw a ton of commercials and ads online. I'll tell you what the problem is- people aren't watching TV anymore. Since the strike took away all of their favorite shows, they have just been watching less TV. Ratings are down for lots of shows, like American Idol, which I estimate is watched in every television in America, the World, the Universe, except mine. It used to be that you were getting your usual drama fix on Thursday night watching Grey's and then you'd catch a commercial for DH's new episode on Sunday, kindly reminding you to tune in. But people aren't being reminded! Someone remind them please!

Also, I think the chicas of Wisteria Lane are already struggling if the reports about some sort of time jump are true. Taking a hint from the once failing One Tree Hill folks? Now the Tree Hill gang is killing it this season with their four year jump, and there are rumors that DH is thinking of doing somehting similar. Sounds very desperate if you ask me.

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