Real World 20: Broken Dreams

First off, I cannot take credit for that clever title. Today on MTV, they were showing a 'pop up' version of last night's Real World 20: Hollywood premier, and boy, was that funny! Really added some humor to a rather serious season...

But really. These people are all like I want to be an actor, a journalist, a singer... after this show? Doubtful. Very doubtful. Actors, maybe. Will the producer, maybe. The 'entertainment' reporter, most definitely going to get a job on TV Guide Channel. But the girl who says she wants to be a broadcast journalist? Psh. Not after the Real World. And what kind of lunatic graduates from college, ASU no less, at age 20! She must be crazy. 

What are the thoughts on 'pretyboy'? 'Prety' annoying if you ask me. Maybe it is just a front and he will break down and become like the nicest guy in the house or something. But again, doubtful. 

I'm not diggin' the whole 13 one-hour episode deal. I like my 26 weeks of half-hour shows better, but what can ya do? 

What do we think about this twentieth season? Still as good as it once was?

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MM Agency said...

Greg's attitude doesnt change much through the season and catches up with him as he is kicked off the show.

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