Want to see some bad dancing?

Watch this video of Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough. She is just terrible. Please kick her off tonight.

I know I usually post the best dance of the night, but that one was just terrible. Why is she still on the show? If she doesn't get kicked off tonight, something is wrong with America.

My top picks are definitely Mario, Kristi, and Jason- duh. I feel like we should just cut to the chase and have the finals already. I hope that Jason can pull out a win, because he is my fave! And Edyta has been on the show for-ev-er (seriously, the only pro to have danced on all six seasons). And I loved his NFL-themed paso doble! It reminded me of Joey and Kym's Star Wars dance, my favorite ever, back in Season 4. Go Jason!


Anonymous said...

Danielle-you are soooo jealous of Shanon that it makes me sick!

Anonymous said...

You know what's duh - YOU! You're a freakin idiot for liking Kristi. Kristi is a nice person but she is B-O-R-I-N-G and as my friend says ' as bland as government cheese' which frankly I don't understand but have to agree. So take your 'duh' and tattoo it on your forehead you freakin bloggin loser!


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