Angelina vs. Kerry

Angelina from Jersey Shore vs Kerry from Frank the Entertainer's Basement Affair. 

THIS is why I love MTV/VH1 reality shows. 
Oh, and did I mention there's video!

You're in

Gretchen wins!

Am I surprised? Yes. Mondo had been dominating the challenges towards the end, and I really do think he has a unique point of view that carries thru in his designs. Even if I wouldn't wear a lot of his stuff, I appreciate what he's doing. His stuff isn't neessarily ready to wear.... but it's fashion. I really thought the judges would appreciate that (well, technically Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson did, but I guess Nina and Michael either rule them out or persuaded them.....).

Am I sad? No. As much as I wanted Mondo to win, I would seriously like to pluck a piece from nearly every one of Gretchen's looks for myself. Those jackets. Those tops. Those necklaces. I just like her style. (Check out some of my favorite looks from Gretchen on Another Blog From Danielle.)

I've watched Project Runway on and off the last couple years, but this is probably the first time I watched a season all the way through (thanks DVR!). I can honestly say that I expect big things from Gretchen and can't wait to buy some of her stuff.... Hear that Macy's?


Book 'Em Danno

He may have been the famous Danno on the original Hawaii Five-O, but I always thought he was so dreamy as the brawn over brains Fritz in Swiss Family Robinson.

RIP James MacArthur



I told you about Mattson Creative's Dexter posters and just saw these photos from his site! NICE.

Mad Men: What happened, What's to come...

So Mad Men's season has come and gone.... Can you believe it? It seriously seems like just yesterday that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Campbell) was formed, doesn't it? Anyway, some thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole...

On Don:
First of all, Megan? Seriously. Poor Faye. I get it- Megan is pretty. And young. And idealistic. And she doesn't need to know Don's past to see him for who he is. She isn't like the other disposable girls that like him because he is 'Don Draper.' And that milkshake seen... can we say she's the ant-Betty or what? It will be really interesting to see them next season when they are married (if they get married I guess). Don's been pretty stable this season (at least he was either depressed or happy, not enraged), and I don't really know if Megan can handle him at his worst. And I do hope Faye sticks around next season (although it seems unlikely), considering she is one of the few people that know about Don's true identity.

But on Don in general this season, man, what a performance from Jon Hamm, eh? Think of where he was in the first episode- coming home to that empty apartment, calling hookers, drinking a lot (well, more than usual). He definitely got his mojo back (and then some). Seriously, would he have ever in the past admitted that 'Dick' was a nickname of his? Or even took his kids to Anna's house? No way, Jose. I love the new Don.

On Betty:
Eck, was she even necessary this season? I guess we needed to see her happy, to then see her world falling apart. Wasn't it just a few episodes ago that she declared she had everything and Don had nothing? Funny how things work out.

On Sally (and Glenn):
Just throwing it out there- Glenn is creepy. And, as it turns out, sort of unnecessary. I mean, I guess his role was to show how Sally is growing up, defying her mother, but still, I was hoping for something bigger to happen with this storyline. Sally definitely proved this season that she is no mini-Betty. It will be interesting how much more that is explored next season, as Sally is getting older AND will have the influence of Megan in her life.

On Peggy:
I loved Peggy this season. She is more independent and, as the minds behind Mad Men promised, she is representing the changing times more than ever. She went from pretending to be a virgin with her lame boyfriend to working naked in a hotel room with that annoying art director (come on, where' Sal?) and hitting up questionable parties with her questionable new friends.

What I loved most about her this season is her relationship with Don. In the past, it was as if she admired him so much, was always trying to please him, and he would push her away.... until he needed something. Nowadays, he trusts her more. He sees himself in her. A lot of people were saying that her reaction to Don and Megan's engagement was out of jealousy, but I disagree. Betty doesn't love Don like that. She respects him. She expected more from him than to marry his secretary (a la Roger Sterling), and honestly, I did too. If he would marry Faye, Peggy would be happy because Faye was Don's equal. She is smart, independent- Peggy admires her as much as she does Don. At first, the scene where Peggy says goodbye to Faye seemed out of place to me, but now I think it was thrown in to prove that point....

On Roger:
Oh Roger. I heard a nasty rumor that someone was going to commit suicide in the finale and I was sure it was him. He's had a rough year. I'm really hoping that with Lucky Strike gone, he steps up his game and actually works to find clients. He would be good at it... if he puts his mind to it.

Also on the horizon.... being Joan's baby daddy, his BFF marrying a secretary just like him (can you say double dates? I sort of hope Megan and Mrs. Sterling the Second become fast friends....).

On Joan:
I love Joan. And I love the credit she has gotten this year (a raise! but by title only...). It isn't that she has grown as a character, it is that people are finally seeing how powerful she is and I lurve it.

Interesting to see.... if her husband survives Vietnam (honestly, I would be shocked if he did), how the baby affects Roger, how the baby affects work life (if Joan isn't in the office, will we still follow her at-home activities?)

On Lane:
He was my second pick to commit suicide, but alas, he lives. Did he say he moved his family back? I hope he cheats on his wife with that 'colored' girl, honestly. I thought that was a cool, cool way to let Lane stand out from the pack. All we ever see is him at the office, so I loved seeing him out of it for a while this season.

On Pete (and Ken sort of too): 
Pete is becoming a major player, especially in the wake of Roger's demise. Remember how he used to be so annoying? Now he is often the voice of reason! Way to go, Pete. And I just love how he put Ken in his place. Pete's a partner. Ken isn't. I'd love to see the two interact more (especially with Kan just landing the first post-Lucky Strike account...).

And on Sal:
Seriously. Where is he? Bring him back!

and PS. Sorry if this has a bunch of typos in it. I wrote it quick.. and hate editing. Bleck. 

Glee Does GQ

.... and the chaos insues.

People (namely the Parents Television Council) are saying the photos are too racy, and 'border on pedophile.'


My good friend Shep over at Let's Talk About TV said it best: "Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. GQ is not dressing up 14 year olds and having them pose. These kids portray high school students, they aren’t really high school students."

Today, I took a look at Dianna Argon's blog (which rocks, by the way) and stumbled upon a statement from the head Cheerio herself:

"If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention. And if your eight-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there? ... I must say, I am trying to live my life with a sharpie marker approach. You can’t erase the strokes you’ve made, but each step is much bolder and more deliberate. I’m moving forward from this one, and after today, putting it to rest. I am only myself, I can only be me. These aren’t photos I am going to frame and put on my desk, but hey, nor are any of the photos I take for magazines. Those are all characters we’ve played for this crazy job, one that I love and am so fortunate to have, each and every day."

If you've got a minute, head over and read the whole statement from her. It is really well written and makes me love Dianna more than I did before....

And just because I don't think these images are too racy, I'm posting some here. Take that, PTC.

See all the 'Glee Gone Wild' photos. 


A Real Walker Wedding

OMG. How is this for adorable?
This past weekend, Dave Annable (aka Justin on Brothers and Sisters) married Odette Yustman (of October Road, that new movie and Kindergarten Cop. Yep, she was one of the kids in Arnold's class. I swear). Cute couple, sure, but there's more...

They got married in Ojia, California!
Matthew Rhys (aka Kevin Walker) was the best man!
Ron Rifkin (aka Uncle Saul) officiated the wedding!

And Odette is rumored to be appearing on Brothers and Sisters later this season as a possible love interest for Justin.

See ya, Rebecca.



From Mattson Creative, the same folks who did the Lost-inspired posters (and I own the green one, in case you were wondering.... Thanks Kristin and Chris!). 


The Best, the Worst, and Who that Leaves. DWTS Week 3.

I'll admit, as sad as I am that the Hoff and Michael Bolton were complete Dancing failures (I was hoping one of them would take on the suave older man role...), this season is shaping out to be pretty darn good.

My Best:
There are quite a few surprises for me this season. I really didn't think Audrina or Brandy would be good... boy was I wrong! They just seem so awkward and lanky, but they are doing really well! Oh, but Audrina- eat something. Her arms in the practice footage were making me sick.

The men of the season are the ones winning me over though. Rick, Kurt, Kyle, you boys are fabulous. Seriously.

Oh and of course Jennifer Grey is good. She was in Dirty Dancing for goodness sake.

My Worst:
Bristol and The Situation. These are arguably the most hyped contestants, so I doubt they will actually go home (which sucks for the next two people I mention....). But seriously, they are bad dancers. Mike is pigeon-toed. And it is painful to watch. Although, I give him credit for trying so hard. I love Jersey Shore and I love The Situation. But Bristol? She is boring, on and off the dance floor, and she's a bad dancer. If I had my way, she'd be going home.

And who that leaves:
Florence and Margaret Cho, both of which aren't good.... but they aren't bad either! I'm worried for Margaret because she is at the bottom of the scoreboard and probably doesn't have a huge fan base, but I really hope she stays! I don't think her dancing is deserving of such a low score! And I can see her improving, growing as a dancer.... as opposed to practically everyone else who is already really good. Oh, and can ballroom dancers not have tattoos? Why do they make Margaret cover hers up?


Best. News. Ever.

I've always said that One Tree Hill has the best music on television, and this is just further proof. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals rock. Seriously. 


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