(Im)Perfect Couples

Last night, after watching the finale of the Sing Off (what did you think?!), I caught a preview of Perfect Couples.

And it was.... eh.

It has good people in it.... Olivia Munn, girl from It's Always Sunny, the guy from Worst Week, Janice from FlashForward (who, sorry I only see as a lesbian CIA agent/traitor)... but something about it was off.

Maybe because it was a preview, but it moved really fast and jumped around a lot. It was sort of jarring to watch.

Maybe it was because the humor is more fitting for a zany comedy (a la 30 Rock) or a cable comedy (a la My Boys or It's Always Sunny). I was expecting more sitcom humor, so it may have just caught me off guard.

And then this morning, I read Ken Tucker's review on EW.com and totally agree with this comment of his:
"The show is cast with good performers, including Olivia Munn (The Daily Show, Attack of the Show) as Leigh, Mary Elizabeth Ellis — “The Waitress” on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia — as Amy, and Kyle Bornheimer (Worst Week) as Dave. But the abrupt scenes, titled sequences (“Stepping In It”), and tiresome repetition (we get it, we get it: they all want more sex) all work against any kind of welcoming comic rhythm."
Agreed, Ken.

By the way, when I googled 'Perfect Couples' looking for images from the show, one of the first results was a picture of Cory and Topanga. Boy Meets World for the win!

Also by the way.... in most the google pictures I found, Kyle Howard was showed in the cast in place of Worst Week's Kyle Bornheimer. Weird. See...

The Sing Off Finale!

Okay, I'll admit.... I watched the last half hour or so (fail), but I will say I was super happy with the final two groups. They have been my favorites throughout. I liked Committed more in the beginning of the competitor, and started liking Street Corner Symphony more in the end. Here are two of my favorite performances from the winners (Committed) and runners up (Street Corner Symphony).


The Final Challenge

Let's just get right to it.... How do I feel about Red team winning?


I didn't want them to win based on how they played the game towards the end (regarding Brandon and Paula), but that little montage of Brad's past challenge days made me happy he came out with a win. Call me sentimental, whatever. It did, however, make me wish Paula was there with him in the end though. After 7 Challenges, that girl deserves a win.

And the losers.....

Gray. Ah, what a clusterf&#k. How do you go into a final with the MOST players (5) and end with 3? Seriously, has that ever happened? Losing one person in a final is bad enough, but two? Ridiculous. I wish that TJ ould have told them they were DQed because they lost a player. That is how it was when Eric was taken away on Gauntlet III. Other than that, I'm disappointed in Sarah. She made it to the final on The Ruins with just KellyAnne and competed so so well... and here, well, she sucked. As for Abe? Ugh, I just hope this is his last challenge. He is so annoying.

Oh, and I feel bad for Laurel. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I do. And coming in second twice in a row sucks. I hope she wins soon.

And Blue. What a fight. I could have watched the Jen and Emily show for the whole hour. I wished D would have been there with them.... Maybe then they would have had a chance at winning. Either way, both Jen and Emily have established themselves as strong players (I always worried Jen was more bark than bite....) and hopefully they'll be back on another challenge soon.

Speaking of.... when is the next one?! I'm so ready.

And a quick side note..... Why bring in CT and Tina for one Gulag? I wish they would ahve been incorporated into the show more. Maybe they should do a season American Gladiators style, where the contestants have to compete against 'heavy hitters' like Tina and CT in order to win. Hmmmm.... MTV, hear me?


Who Shot Paul Young?

Desperate Housewives has been accused of jumping shark once or twice a few times. But I actually think this season is getting back on track.... Sure, it started off with a child mix up at the hospital, Susan doing internet porn erotic cleaning, and the addition of super annoying Renee. But all of those story lines have evolved into something more realistic, more mature.... just better
  • Eva Longoria has done some of her best work in the whole Grace storyline, and it will be interesting to see what happens now that Juanita knows Grace is Gaby's daughter. 
  • Now that all the dumb hoopla about Susan's stint on the Internet is over, we get to see what her money troubles are really like. Mike is away in Alaska working and she's a nanny for her BFF Lynette. 
  • And Renee, while still annoying, has proved her worth on the lane. She loves Tom, even if she'll only admit it when less than sober. It gives her a reason for being there.
When I heard the show would end it's mid season finale with a riot, I'll admit, I rolled my eyes. Plane crashes, tornadoes, what hasn't happened on Wisteria Lane? But the way the riot developed, the way it went down, it was actually.... dare I say, realistic. 

I was on the edge of my seat. I even teared up a little. Gaby and Carlos looking for Juanita. Susan and Renee fighting and then Susan being pushed away in the crowd. Gaby falling under the car. Juanita in Bob and Lee's backseat. Renee on top of the car looking for Susan ('I think she's hurt!'). Bob and Lee being attacked by rioters, with a frightened Juanita in the backseat. And, ah, that moment the Gaby realized Juanita was in the car. Seriously. Awesome. Oh, and Lynette running over to help Lee, of course ('He's my neighbor!). Jeesh. 

The episode could have ended there, but then.... Paul Young got shot. 

Who do I think it was? I'm suspicious of....
Lee- He would be the obvious choice, since he threatened to kill Paul AND had a gun... but I just don't think Lee is capable of that, do you?
Bree- only because she had a gun in this episode. I don't really think she had a reason to go after Paul. 
Lynette- She might be Paul's biggest adversary on the lane, but like Lee, I don't think she would do it. 
His wife (sorry, I forgot her name)- A few episodes ago, I would have thought she was a shoe-in for the shooter. But now? I don't know. I guess maybe she could have been really disturbed by the riot and decided to go along with 'Momma's' plan after all. 
Mike- not the biggest fan of Paul Young to begin with, we haven't seen Mike in weeks and then this episode, we see Susan urging him to come home. She was the most hurt (of our leads) in the riot so Mike has plenty of motivation to go after Paul. 
Someone hired by Felicia Tillman- Seems like a scapegoat for the writers.... so it's likely. 


Golden Globe nominations are in!

I'm not going to bother you with the full list of nominations, just give my pick for winner... and who I think will actually win.

Best Drama:
I vote for Boardwalk Empire, and think it will probably win too. What? No Dexter or Mad Men? I know, I love both the shows, but neither of their most recent seasons were as good as the last.

Best Comedy:
I don't really watch any of these shows except Glee and I honestly don't think it deserves a Golden Globe win (it's fun, but this season isn't award-worthy in my opinion...). Who will win? Modern Family or 30 Rock. Don't they always win?

Best Actor, Drama:
While Mad Men might not have had the most stellar season overall, I loooooved Jon Hamm this season. He took Don Draper to a whole new place; he was like a different character. I applaud you, Mr. Hamm, but honestly think this is anyone's game. All these guys are awesome (except Hugh Laurie. I don't like House).

Best Actress, Drama: Jersey from Coyote Ugly is nominated for a Golden Globe? Ridiculous. I have no further words here.

Best Actor, Comedy: Jim Parsons, always Jim Parsons. I think he is hilarious. But Alec Baldwin always wins. And this is Steve Carell's last year on The Office.

Best Actress, Comedy: Anyone's game... except Lea Michelle. She is arguably the least funny girl on Glee. (The same goes with Matthew Morrison, who got a nod for Best Actor in a comedy. Artie, Brittany, Sue, Finn.... all funny. Mr. Schu and Rachel? Not so much).

Best Supporting Actor: Chris Colfer is having his time in the limelight on Glee this season (part of the reason I think the show isn't as good as the past.... too much focus on Kurt). My vote is for him.

Best Supporting Actress: Sue, duh. (But why don't they separate Comedy and Drama for supporting roles? Mrs. Schroeder shouldn't have to compete with Miss Sylvester).

And most importantly, who do I think got snubbed? LOST! Bored to Death! Fringe! Abed on Community! Treme!


Cutthroat is going to give my a heart attack.

Seriously, I shouldn't get this worked up about an MTV show... but I can't help it.

1. Johnny vs CT? Ridiculous.

2. Since when did Abe become commander in chief over there on gray? Has he ever made it to a final? Sarah and Laurel both have.... maybe they should be in charge.

3. Poor Paula. My beef here is not with Dunbar. My problem is with Tori wanting to throw in the towel last week because she thinks she will cost her team the final and then this week she's all like, 'I went in last week, it is your turn.' Ummmm WTF. Just proves that she was faking it last week.


Ten Reasons to Watch 'The Sing-Off'

10. Coordinating outfits. Who knew there were so many ways to wear purple yellow teal.
9. Nicole is the new Paula Abdul.
8. Cute boys in old school cardigans.
7. This group.

6. You still have a crush on AC Slater. Oh wait, Nick Lachey hosts this one? I'm sorry, they are interchangeable.
5. You like Glee. Or American Idol. Or America's Got Talent. Or music in general.
4. Ben Folds is awesome.
3. What else is on? All my favorite shows are going on break for the holidays.
2. The ridiculous group names. Whiffenpoof? Seriously?
1. Last week, Shawn had a 'musical orgasm.'



I finally found it. Proof that Brothers and Sisters has jumped the shark. There is a rumor floating around that Sarah is going to question her paternity.


First Rebecca. Then Ryan. And now this? No more William Walker secrets please!

I enjoy watching Brothers and Sisters, but it is seriously time for it to end. Everything is just so outlandish and formulated and dramatic. It doesn't feel real at all anymore.

And speaking of real, I'm working on a 'battle' of sorts between the Braverman clan (Parenthood) and the Walkers. Should be an intersting match up.

Sore Loser

"I love Jane, honestly I do. I'm dying to star in one of Christopher Guest's movies alongside her, but I don't think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part. [Sue Sylvester] is just a one-note character."
That's what Ed O'Neil told TV Guide in regards to Lynch's win over Sofia Vergara last year. Rude.


Going Greek

This made me so so happy when it popped up in my Google Reader this morning...
Not because I like spoilers. OR because I want someone to betray Casey on Greek. I'm just excited that the show is FINALLY coming back. Love Love Love Greek

It does remind me, however, that I'm super behind on last season. I can't even remember what happened. Oops. Thank god I have an iPad so I can cozy up in bed this weekend and watch it. 

Cutthroat: A Day Late

Some thoughts on Cutthroat.... a day late, as usual. 

1. Laurel and Sara, good thing you didn't throw the challenge you dumbies. Did it not occur to you that if you underperformed in order to lose, you would look weak and they would vote you in the Gulag? And even if you are awesome, Luc-Abe-Cara Maria are all voting the same so it would be 3-2. YOU would be going into the Gulag. NOT Cara Maria. 

I'm interested to see what happens if they throw the next challenge. Would Abe vote in Cara Maria now that it is getting down to the end and he's seen how good Laurel is? And who would they vote in for the guys? Luc because he is weaker? Or Abe because he has a better chance at winning? As much as I get their plan to trim the fat and make a smaller team, having two guys in the finale as opposed to just one seems like a way better plan. 

2. I hated that challenge. I would not have been able to handle it. Then again, I couldn't really handle any of the challenges....

3. CT and Tina? Interesting twist. I feel like that could have/should have been the Gulag the entire time. However, I do have some issues with this.... These are past competitors that may or may not have beef with some of the current competitors, so what's stopping them from rigging the game? Example, CT doesn't like Johnny so he tries really hard to slow him down. CT does like Tyler so he cuts him some slack. I'm not saying that is what's happening, but it could, right? Or how fair is it that now Tori gets to go against Tina when she is worn out from dragging Teresa around? I get that they flipped a coin and picked the order, but still.... kind of defeats the whole fair fight aspect. 

4. And is it juts me, or did Teresa do a little too well against 'heavy hitter' Tina? Teresa is teeny tiny. I feel like Tina could have done better. 

5. Tori, ah Tori. I hate you right now. I didn't before, but I do now. 

I get it. The final is usually running. And you can't run. If you leave, your hubby has a better shot at winning. This all makes sense. But here's what doesn't....

Why the hell did you come on the challenge AT ALL if you knew the finale was running and you were going to quit at the end? Why the hell would you go through kicking of Camila or even Melinda or Mandi? What if they COULD run and could have helped your hubby win the final? And did you think at all about Paula? If you go home tonight and red loses the last challenge (very likely), Paula has to go into the Gulag and might lose. And you're all like 'Paula, I want you to win the money.' She can't win if she's at home, idiot. If you are going to 'sacrifice yourself', why not wait until the last challenge before the final instead of putting your teammates at risk? 

You know why this doesn't make sense? Because it is all a lie. Tori did not come up with this stupid excuse because it was bets for the team, she's doing it because it is best for her.... she is afraid she is going to lose against Teresa (and now, Tina) so this is just a rather convenient excuse. 'Oh, she only beat me because I wasn't try as hard because I wanted to go home' or 'because my heart wasn't in it' or maybe she won't even compete at all and just give up (wouldn't TJ love that!). This is ridiculous. I can't decide if this 'giving up' strategy is better or worse than Ty's

6. Oh, but how cute was Brad? 'I'm your husband and I love you.' Swoon



I never thought Mr. Schuster was hot... until this picture.

Oh, TV Guide.

'Dancing's DeLay Convicted of Money Laundering'

Just for the record, Tom DeLay was House Majority Leader before he ever graced the ballroom. 
If you really want to read the full article, check it out


Cutthroat Update... a little late.

1. My apologies for taking so long on a post about Cutthroat.... whoopsie daisy.

2. Laurel in the gulag?! Are you freakin' kidding me?! I'm not even joking... my heart was racing, my palms were sweating, I was freaking out (I know, it isn't healthy to be this invested in a television show... whatever). Anyway, thank god she won. Here is what I have to say to her team...
Sarah- good job. You're normal.
Cara Maria- You don't really suck that bad, you're just not as good as Sarah and Laurel. Sorry, Charlie. Stop being mushy with Abe and get ready to go in the gulag if your team loses again.
Abe- You're dumb. And weird. And seriously are crazy to throw Laurel in just to keep your little snuggle buddy around. And don't say it's on performance when you admit that you are keeping Cara around because she's cute. Pshhh.
Luc- Ah, Luc. Buck up, kid. Stop doing what Abe tells you to do and think for yourself. (Although, you had a good point in saying Laurel should go in because she is the one who can for sure beat the other team's players.... you should have ran with that.)

3. I'm sad Dan went home. I like him (sober).

4. Camila... I don't care. Seriously, why is she such a victim? I don't really think she rocks it in any challenges. She's good.... but most the girls left are too. Jen and Johnny and Derick coming to her defense is stupid. If she was on their team, they would be sending her in too. Why? Becasue she sucks? No. Becasue she is flirting/conspiring with the other team? No. I'll tell you why.... because she is a rookie. No matter how good you are... these people have known each other for years. They have been competing trying to win this money for years. You... haven't. You're out.

5. That's CT and Tina they keep showing in the previews right? Where will they go?

Community Christmas FTW


It's just a TV show.

I guess I'm not the only one mad that Bristol Palin is still on Dancing With The Stars....
A Wisconsin man has been arrested after he fired a gun at his TV when Bristol Palin performed on Dancing with the Stars and then held police at bay in a 15-hour standoff.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court, Janice Cowan told police that her husband, Steven Cowan, 67, became enraged when Palin started dancing on Monday's show. She said he screamed, "the f---ing politics," because he was upset that Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, was still on the show since he believes she's not a good dancer.
Full story here.

Things I liked about GLEE last night...

1. Gwyneth Paltrow
2. Broccoli (otherwise known as a toilet brush or a small tree where gummi bears live)
3. Taco Bell
4. "Top 40, sweet cheeks"- Holly Holiday
5. Animal Hoarders
6. Big song and dance numbers for Make 'Em Laugh, Nowadays and Umbrella/Singin' in the Rain.
7. Baby glee clubbers
8. Mean (and powerful) Sue.... please tell me she really is going to be principal forever, or at least for a while.
9. Becky, as always.
10. 'Oh a little pink purse just came out of my mouth.' -Kurt, in Mercedes' mind.

And one thing I didn't like...

I love Kurt. Really, I do. But if last season was the Rachel Show this season has become the Kurt Show. Does every single episode have to revolve around him and his homosexuality? I can see an episode here and there- about the bullying, the struggles he faces, his insecurities and how he overcomes them with grace and humility- but does it have to be brought up in every episode? Wouldn't it be more effective to show Kurt as a normal kid? To show that he is a person beyond his homosexuality? I feel like that is how it was last season... Kurt was the gay kid, sure, but he was also funny and at times menacing and diva-like. This season, Kurt is becoming just the gay kid.

And to say that they needed to bring Kurt's budding relationship friendship into the equation in order to set up the Mercedes' tots obsession is ridiculous. Tots could have been a bunch of the McKinley kids' favorite lunchtime snack, and when Sue banned them they ALL could have been outraged and led to charge by the outspoken Mercedes. Is that hard to believe? Take away a kids favorite cafeteria food and they will be mad. They don't need to feel jealous or insecure to want their tots back.


Jason Stackhouse Loves Hugs

New Gap winter ads.... LOVE. 


Glee + Gwyneth + Cee Lo

Could this combination get any better? Seriously.

I am so super psyched for Gwyneth on Glee next week. She isn't really considered a comedic actress, but this chick is hilarious. I saw her on an ep of the Marriage Ref last season and she was so charming and clever- and IMHO it was the best episode of the season! I have no doubt that she will impress on Glee next week as well....


Twitter Hearts Live TV

Just finished reading this Fast Company's article about Twitter driving people back to must-See, live, appointment TV, and I have to say, I wholeheartedly agree. A lot of emphasis is given to the whole DVR, watch-it-online, streaming-thru-Hulu-or-Netflix phenomenon that is going on out there, but live TV is not dead.... thanks to social media.
 “[In the last 18 months], I think we actually saw the pendulum swing back toward things like shared experiences, back toward live TV. I think Twitter, of course, is one of the things that drove this." 
-Robin Sloan (who can be found here)
I love my DVR, really I do. But when I'm watching Hawaii Five-0 and tweet about Kevin Sorbo making a cameo or blast out via GetGlue that Christian Shepard is romancing Nora on Brothers and Sisters it is a little less exciting when I'm watching the episode days later. Not to mention, sort of irrelevant.

I've always loved TV, duh, and it is probably one of the reasons I started loving social media too. My first @ mention came from Becky Buckwild (of VH1 Reality TV). Some of the first 'strangers' I started following were people who were talking about Real World/Road Rules Challenges or America's Best Dance Crew. I saw the power of live tweeting during the 2009 VMAs.

Am I going to give up my DVR? No way, Jose. But I will say my heart breaks a little when I can't watch (and tweet) about my favorite shows as they are happening.

Does that make me addicted to television? Yep, probably.

Up in Smoke


Dubya is not a hater

-George Bush to Matt Lauer on Today


Here'sssss Conan.

Conan's new late night talk show, apply titled 'Conan' (so it will be harder to replace him, LOL) premiered last night on TBS. And while it wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen, I think the critics are being a bit harsh.

I agree- he looked tired, a bit frazzled at times, there wasn't really anything new or inventive...

But come on! I would be tired too if I had worked for months to get to this day. I would be frazzled too if I was in a new studio, in front of a live audience, for the first time after so much build up, hype and anticipation. And I would argue that who needs new or inventive? We all loved Conan the way he was before.... why fix what isn't broke?

And let's be real here folks- the show is only as good as its guests. When Seth Rogen was on, I didn't really care. But as soon as Lea Michele sat down with her perfect hair, I was glued to the screen. And I usually tune out the musical guests, so kudos to Conan for doing something cool and actually playing with Jack White! I hope he does this more in the future...

My only real gripe is that I hope Conan can get over the NBC jokes. Throwing it out here and there is fine, but practically every joke last night went back to him being fired. Granted, it was his first show and so commenting on the happenings of the last few months is relevant, but I hope that he gets over it.

Bottom line: Conan needs is some great guests, less NBC jabs, and for the critics to cut him some slack. 


Has Grey's Jumped the Shark?

So I've been trying to get into this new Get Glue app. It's basically Foursquare checkins for TV shows... sounds like I'd love it, right? Hmmm... we'll see.

Anyway, you gte badges when you check into certain shows- like A Rocky Horror badge for that Glee episode, a cult badge when a bunch of people are checked in at the same time, all star badge when you reach a certain number of checkins, whatever. So the other day, I check into Grey's Anatomy and got the 'Jump the Shark' badge.


I was actually thinking that Grey's was hitting its stride this year... getting back to the way it used to be. I'm (crazy, I know) actually enjoying it. Seriously. It is always one of the first shows I try to get to on my DVRed list (unlike some other ABC shows.... cough cough Brothers and Sisters).

And EW recently put out a list of 10 Reasons they are loving Grey's this season....
Dr. Avery wasn't quite clicking as part of the ensemble when Jesse Williams first joined the cast. But now? Oh, mama. He's flirty - to a fault - but he's also a decent dude, and the show was in need of a seriously single dude. Game, set, match.
Cristina's been through hell on this show - actually, she's been through it about once a season. But now that she's settled down on the relationship front, her story arc of personal anguish in the wake of the shooting gets to take center stage. Sandra Oh's acting has always been one of the show's greatest assets, and she's getting some of the best material she's had in years.
Sure, Grey's is a melodrama, and you're guaranteed to cry roughly once an episode. But it's also peppered with silly, fun, honest dialogue between characters who genuinely seem to like one another. We could listen to Mark and Callie chitchat all day.
Izzie Stevens. Love her or loathe her, Izzie's story line cast an intense shadow on the show over the past few years, be it the ill-conceived Gizzie, Denny's ghost, or her battle with cancer. Enough was enough, and now Grey's is finally moving on - for real.
Romance, schmomance. The best relationship on this show is definitely Meredith and Cristina's, and this season it's been even more important. Both docs are dealing with some serious issues following the shooting - Meredith's miscarriage, Cristina performing emergency surgery — but they're helping each other cope. Who wouldn't feel better snuggling with Meredith and Derek?
Let's never speak of the deer CPR again. Grey's is finding its way back to the right balance of bizarre patients/cases as metaphors for the doctors' problems. To wit: Tree Guy. Indeed we are all freaks, as the episode told us. Also, HPV is a hell of a virus.
Sarah Drew slayed us as Hannah on Everwood and broke our hearts as Sal's wife, Kitty, on Mad Men. She finally landed on a hit show and... uh, yikes. April was chirpy, irritating, and immature, and her crush on Derek didn't endear her to us either. But these days, we say hooray for April; since Meredith declared that the two of them are pals, April's become a lot more tolerable, instead of being Lexie 2.0.
Hey, it's still Grey's Anatomy. We want some romance and cutesiness, and the Mer-Der relationship is hitting a terrific stride. They're so happy as a couple, yet each is going through some heavy stuff. But they're getting through it together! Yay, love.
Once upon a time, Doug Ross was the scruffy rogue pediatrician with the womanizing issues and sexy smirk. These days it's Alex Karev. Finding his calling as a peds specialist has given Alex a depth and sweetness we've seen him try to cover up for the entire series.
''Pick me, choose me, love me.'' Izzie stripping down to her bra while yelling at everyone. The amazing Dr. Bailey speeches. Somewhere after that, though, the show's signature monologues started losing a little bit of their verve and impact. But welcome to the spiel renaissance, as ushered in by Dr. April Kepner, and her terrific ''we're all freaks'' (and virgins) speech.
Besides, who are you Get Glue, to decide a show has jumped the shark?

Camilla the Outcast

I haven't blogged about the new RW/RR Challenge once this season, so it seems kind of funny to be jumping in right now when we're already a few episodes in, but whatever. Today, I saw this post on MTV's Remote Control blog about Camilla making herself an outcast by befriending Johnny.
If you want to gain your teammates' trust on "The Challenge: Cutthroat," then it's probably a good idea not to become besties with character-killing competitors like Johnny Bananas. Somehow, Camila missed that part, cuz she's been hanging out with JB even though her entire team is against it. Paula even explained to her that her "friendship" with him was the precise reason she was voted into the Gulag, but she just didn't seem to get it. Even though Camila defeated Katie in the Gulag and returned to her team, has she done enough to earn their trust, or is it too late? 
Ok, I get it. Johnny plays dirty. He has totally burned bridges with a bunch of people on the red team, most notably (in my opinion) Paula. So it makes sense that Miss Walnuts herself would be warning Camilla against spending so much time with him, right? Sure.

But this is just a ridiculous excuse. What girls are left on the red team besides Camilla? Tori, Paula and Melinda. All vets. All vets who seem to get along really well. None of them are crazy. None of them pick fights or get really drunk, they are (gasp!) normal. And they're pretty good competitors too. The reality is that none of those girls want to go in the Gulag. None of those girls want to vote each other in. So why not keep sending in little ole Camilla (who, for the record, wasn't even on Real World or Road Rules or even Fresh Meat. She is from the stupid Spring Break Challenge. Lame).

I'm not saying she should go in or she shouldn't. I'm just saying that all this Bananas bull is just an excuse.

And in other news.... What was up with Ty? I seriously think that he faked a mysterious injury because he was afraid he'd lose to Brandon. Ty is real nice to look at, but think about it- he has pretty much underperformed in every challenge so far. As much as he thinks he is the 'most athletic one on the team' (his words, not mine), he really is the weak link (maybe even weaker than my beloved Big Easy who went home last week? Sigh). PLUS, just the day before at the challenge, Ty saw Chet say he had a headache and felt weak and couldn't see straight... and they stuck an IV in him and rushed him to the hospital. Why wouldn't Mr. Ty think he could just say, 'I can't move,' 'I need to lay down' bla bla bla and people would think there was actually something wrong with him. Instead of facing his competition, maybe losing with some dignity, he gave up. Now he can always say, 'I never lost in a one on one challenge, I was hurt and couldn't perform.' Bull with a capital S.


Angelina vs. Kerry

Angelina from Jersey Shore vs Kerry from Frank the Entertainer's Basement Affair. 

THIS is why I love MTV/VH1 reality shows. 
Oh, and did I mention there's video!

You're in

Gretchen wins!

Am I surprised? Yes. Mondo had been dominating the challenges towards the end, and I really do think he has a unique point of view that carries thru in his designs. Even if I wouldn't wear a lot of his stuff, I appreciate what he's doing. His stuff isn't neessarily ready to wear.... but it's fashion. I really thought the judges would appreciate that (well, technically Heidi and guest judge Jessica Simpson did, but I guess Nina and Michael either rule them out or persuaded them.....).

Am I sad? No. As much as I wanted Mondo to win, I would seriously like to pluck a piece from nearly every one of Gretchen's looks for myself. Those jackets. Those tops. Those necklaces. I just like her style. (Check out some of my favorite looks from Gretchen on Another Blog From Danielle.)

I've watched Project Runway on and off the last couple years, but this is probably the first time I watched a season all the way through (thanks DVR!). I can honestly say that I expect big things from Gretchen and can't wait to buy some of her stuff.... Hear that Macy's?


Book 'Em Danno

He may have been the famous Danno on the original Hawaii Five-O, but I always thought he was so dreamy as the brawn over brains Fritz in Swiss Family Robinson.

RIP James MacArthur



I told you about Mattson Creative's Dexter posters and just saw these photos from his site! NICE.

Mad Men: What happened, What's to come...

So Mad Men's season has come and gone.... Can you believe it? It seriously seems like just yesterday that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (Campbell) was formed, doesn't it? Anyway, some thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole...

On Don:
First of all, Megan? Seriously. Poor Faye. I get it- Megan is pretty. And young. And idealistic. And she doesn't need to know Don's past to see him for who he is. She isn't like the other disposable girls that like him because he is 'Don Draper.' And that milkshake seen... can we say she's the ant-Betty or what? It will be really interesting to see them next season when they are married (if they get married I guess). Don's been pretty stable this season (at least he was either depressed or happy, not enraged), and I don't really know if Megan can handle him at his worst. And I do hope Faye sticks around next season (although it seems unlikely), considering she is one of the few people that know about Don's true identity.

But on Don in general this season, man, what a performance from Jon Hamm, eh? Think of where he was in the first episode- coming home to that empty apartment, calling hookers, drinking a lot (well, more than usual). He definitely got his mojo back (and then some). Seriously, would he have ever in the past admitted that 'Dick' was a nickname of his? Or even took his kids to Anna's house? No way, Jose. I love the new Don.

On Betty:
Eck, was she even necessary this season? I guess we needed to see her happy, to then see her world falling apart. Wasn't it just a few episodes ago that she declared she had everything and Don had nothing? Funny how things work out.

On Sally (and Glenn):
Just throwing it out there- Glenn is creepy. And, as it turns out, sort of unnecessary. I mean, I guess his role was to show how Sally is growing up, defying her mother, but still, I was hoping for something bigger to happen with this storyline. Sally definitely proved this season that she is no mini-Betty. It will be interesting how much more that is explored next season, as Sally is getting older AND will have the influence of Megan in her life.

On Peggy:
I loved Peggy this season. She is more independent and, as the minds behind Mad Men promised, she is representing the changing times more than ever. She went from pretending to be a virgin with her lame boyfriend to working naked in a hotel room with that annoying art director (come on, where' Sal?) and hitting up questionable parties with her questionable new friends.

What I loved most about her this season is her relationship with Don. In the past, it was as if she admired him so much, was always trying to please him, and he would push her away.... until he needed something. Nowadays, he trusts her more. He sees himself in her. A lot of people were saying that her reaction to Don and Megan's engagement was out of jealousy, but I disagree. Betty doesn't love Don like that. She respects him. She expected more from him than to marry his secretary (a la Roger Sterling), and honestly, I did too. If he would marry Faye, Peggy would be happy because Faye was Don's equal. She is smart, independent- Peggy admires her as much as she does Don. At first, the scene where Peggy says goodbye to Faye seemed out of place to me, but now I think it was thrown in to prove that point....

On Roger:
Oh Roger. I heard a nasty rumor that someone was going to commit suicide in the finale and I was sure it was him. He's had a rough year. I'm really hoping that with Lucky Strike gone, he steps up his game and actually works to find clients. He would be good at it... if he puts his mind to it.

Also on the horizon.... being Joan's baby daddy, his BFF marrying a secretary just like him (can you say double dates? I sort of hope Megan and Mrs. Sterling the Second become fast friends....).

On Joan:
I love Joan. And I love the credit she has gotten this year (a raise! but by title only...). It isn't that she has grown as a character, it is that people are finally seeing how powerful she is and I lurve it.

Interesting to see.... if her husband survives Vietnam (honestly, I would be shocked if he did), how the baby affects Roger, how the baby affects work life (if Joan isn't in the office, will we still follow her at-home activities?)

On Lane:
He was my second pick to commit suicide, but alas, he lives. Did he say he moved his family back? I hope he cheats on his wife with that 'colored' girl, honestly. I thought that was a cool, cool way to let Lane stand out from the pack. All we ever see is him at the office, so I loved seeing him out of it for a while this season.

On Pete (and Ken sort of too): 
Pete is becoming a major player, especially in the wake of Roger's demise. Remember how he used to be so annoying? Now he is often the voice of reason! Way to go, Pete. And I just love how he put Ken in his place. Pete's a partner. Ken isn't. I'd love to see the two interact more (especially with Kan just landing the first post-Lucky Strike account...).

And on Sal:
Seriously. Where is he? Bring him back!

and PS. Sorry if this has a bunch of typos in it. I wrote it quick.. and hate editing. Bleck. 

Glee Does GQ

.... and the chaos insues.

People (namely the Parents Television Council) are saying the photos are too racy, and 'border on pedophile.'


My good friend Shep over at Let's Talk About TV said it best: "Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. GQ is not dressing up 14 year olds and having them pose. These kids portray high school students, they aren’t really high school students."

Today, I took a look at Dianna Argon's blog (which rocks, by the way) and stumbled upon a statement from the head Cheerio herself:

"If you are hurt or these photos make you uncomfortable, it was never our intention. And if your eight-year-old has a copy of our GQ cover in hand, again I am sorry. But I would have to ask, how on earth did it get there? ... I must say, I am trying to live my life with a sharpie marker approach. You can’t erase the strokes you’ve made, but each step is much bolder and more deliberate. I’m moving forward from this one, and after today, putting it to rest. I am only myself, I can only be me. These aren’t photos I am going to frame and put on my desk, but hey, nor are any of the photos I take for magazines. Those are all characters we’ve played for this crazy job, one that I love and am so fortunate to have, each and every day."

If you've got a minute, head over and read the whole statement from her. It is really well written and makes me love Dianna more than I did before....

And just because I don't think these images are too racy, I'm posting some here. Take that, PTC.

See all the 'Glee Gone Wild' photos. 


A Real Walker Wedding

OMG. How is this for adorable?
This past weekend, Dave Annable (aka Justin on Brothers and Sisters) married Odette Yustman (of October Road, that new movie and Kindergarten Cop. Yep, she was one of the kids in Arnold's class. I swear). Cute couple, sure, but there's more...

They got married in Ojia, California!
Matthew Rhys (aka Kevin Walker) was the best man!
Ron Rifkin (aka Uncle Saul) officiated the wedding!

And Odette is rumored to be appearing on Brothers and Sisters later this season as a possible love interest for Justin.

See ya, Rebecca.



From Mattson Creative, the same folks who did the Lost-inspired posters (and I own the green one, in case you were wondering.... Thanks Kristin and Chris!). 


The Best, the Worst, and Who that Leaves. DWTS Week 3.

I'll admit, as sad as I am that the Hoff and Michael Bolton were complete Dancing failures (I was hoping one of them would take on the suave older man role...), this season is shaping out to be pretty darn good.

My Best:
There are quite a few surprises for me this season. I really didn't think Audrina or Brandy would be good... boy was I wrong! They just seem so awkward and lanky, but they are doing really well! Oh, but Audrina- eat something. Her arms in the practice footage were making me sick.

The men of the season are the ones winning me over though. Rick, Kurt, Kyle, you boys are fabulous. Seriously.

Oh and of course Jennifer Grey is good. She was in Dirty Dancing for goodness sake.

My Worst:
Bristol and The Situation. These are arguably the most hyped contestants, so I doubt they will actually go home (which sucks for the next two people I mention....). But seriously, they are bad dancers. Mike is pigeon-toed. And it is painful to watch. Although, I give him credit for trying so hard. I love Jersey Shore and I love The Situation. But Bristol? She is boring, on and off the dance floor, and she's a bad dancer. If I had my way, she'd be going home.

And who that leaves:
Florence and Margaret Cho, both of which aren't good.... but they aren't bad either! I'm worried for Margaret because she is at the bottom of the scoreboard and probably doesn't have a huge fan base, but I really hope she stays! I don't think her dancing is deserving of such a low score! And I can see her improving, growing as a dancer.... as opposed to practically everyone else who is already really good. Oh, and can ballroom dancers not have tattoos? Why do they make Margaret cover hers up?


Best. News. Ever.

I've always said that One Tree Hill has the best music on television, and this is just further proof. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals rock. Seriously. 



CBS is developing a new show based on the Twitter account @shhdontellsteve (I know, I've never heard of it either....). In Mashable's story, they say....
'If you have a crazy friend, roommate or family member, tweeting about what he or she says is a winner.'
Um, sounds exactly like Troy/Pierce on Community with @oldwhitemansays, no? 


Judge Me

Ryan Seacrest tweeted this pic of the Idol judges and producers... Spotted! Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez!

A Letter to Mark, Part 2

Dear Mark,

Okay, Quinn is alive. Thanks for that. Now bring Clay back too.

Why does he have to die? I know you think you introduced too many characters last year, but think of all we've already lost - Peyton, Lucas, Deb, Dan, Karen, her husband, Lily and whatever the spawn of Leyton's name is, Grubbs (I assume his tour in London will keep him away awhile. Bummer because I really really liked him), Owen (no way he is coming back from True Blood), Miss Lauren, that British chick, Alexander....

Do we really have to lose Clay?

Here are other ways you could lose characters:
Send Brooke's mom and/or Milli to jail. 
They screwed up. Send them to prison. Brooke's mom is annoying and her character is going no where. Just when you think she is reformed and nice, the next episode she is back to her evil ways. WTF. And Milli? She's boring now. And she isn't with Mouth anymore. So what's the point. Send them away.

Send Skills back to LA
I know this sucks because I LOVE Skills, but he is underused anyway. Has he even been on it this season?!

Send Mia on tour
Is she like a regular now? Annoying. Kate Vogele, go be a singer. Drop in Tree Hill once or twice a season for a concert, a la Tyler Hilton. The Mia/Chase/Alex love triangle is made up of secondary characters that don't matter. Stop wasting my time, Mark. Get rid of her.

So there you have it. Clay is important. Keep him around. PLEASE.
Look at them running. They are best buddies. Keep Clay around for Nathan's sake, would ya?


Newbies: Hawaii Five-0 and The Event

I'll be honest here... I haven't started watching a new show in a while. It seems like there was that one big year when I picked up Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Lost, Grey's Anatomy.... but since then it has just been a series here or there.

But now that my beloved Lost is over and others may be should be meeting the same fate soon (cough, cough, Brothers and Sisters), I decided it was high time I check out some new shows and find some new favorite.

Monday it was reboot Hawaii Five-0 and mystery/thriller/Lost-replacement The Event. 

Hawaii Five-0: (Is it an O like 'oh' or 0 like zero? Hmmm). I've never seen the original (I like to think I'm too young for that), but who doesn't know the theme song? Am I right? Anyway, the show was good. A lot of shooting, but whatever. I was actually not at all looking forward to another cop show (CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Bones, snooooooze.), but this one I can handle. Beaches, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, story lines that seem like they are bigger that just one episode (who else thinks they may not find that guys body? eh?). Plus Lost alum Daniel Day Kim is in it! I have to watch!

The Event: I've been seeing these ads for months and getting excited.... I loved Lost, love Fringe, even had a potential love interest in Flashforward, and I'm so ready to add another big mystery to my must-watch list. The Event did not disappoint. Even though I had read up on it before and knew Ritter's girlfriend was going to get kidnapped, there were still a lot of unexpected moments.... Not like Lost unexpected where your reaction is 'WTF is going on', but like twists and turns that make sense once they happen and you piece everything together. Ok wait, there was one WTF moment at the very end...

Sorry, that was elusive and confusing.... but I don't want to spoil anything for people who still want to watch! Just trust me, okay?

The Verdict(s): I started off not clicking the 'record series' option.... but I'm changing that. I'll watch at least a few more episodes until I decide if they are 'obsessed' worthy, but I have a feeling they will be. 

Why I loved RW: NOLA

A lot of people think that Real World has lost its thunder, and, while I'll admit, my viewing habits the last couple years have been lackluster (I usually watch the first couple episodes and then dwindle off), I don't think the series is dead yet.... it just needed some revamping.

In my opinion, the Las Vegas season changed Real World as we know it. It became less about seven strangers picked to live in a house, work together and have their lives taped, and more about seven strangers who move to a city with a great nightlife so they can go out, get trashed and hook up.

And then Jersey Shore came along and made the Real World partying look like child's play. 

I don't work for MTV, I don't have insider information, but it is my humble opinion that last season's stint in DC was an effort to bring back some of the seriousness of the show. Someone over at MTV was like, "Hey, we can't compete with Jersey Shore by putting out another party show- so let's stick 'em in our nation's capitol and highlight them doing 'real', 'serious' work.... like at Congress or something."It was a good effort, but the cast just didn't work. It seemed like they were still just there to party (and drink and fight and hook up).

This season, MTV threw a bunch of kids (I say that because most of them are younger than me now... whoa) down in New Orleans.... a city known for, among other things, it's partying. Not to mention that fact that MTV already had a season (and a really, really good one at that!) in NOLA.

I thought they were crazy. I thought this season was going to fail. I was wrong. 

NOLA wasn't a great season because they did or didn't party. It wasn't a great season because they did or didn't have a real job. It was a great season because it wasn't about those things.... it was about the people.

Did it show them partying? Yes, of course.
Did it show them working? Sort of. Ashley and Preston supposedly worked for a radio station, even though it was only mentioned twice. A group of them built a house for Habitat for Humanity. The whole house spent time volunteering at a soup kitchen and made an attempt to see what it was like to be homeless in NOLA (shame on you, Ashley and Knight for cheating!). They got to work some Mardi Gras events, too.

But what this season showed, more than any recent season, was the roomies actually rooming together. We got way more of them in the house, hanging out, heck, even cleaning. This season we even saw them shooting the promo photos (!), which, to my knowledge, we had never seen before (I always wondered if they did it in the beginning of the season or then end! Now I know.) You saw what it was really like, what they were really dealing with, living together.... not just what is was like for them hanging out at clubs together.

So, hoorah for RW: NOLA. Well done, my MTV friends, well done. 

Better Than Expected: Dancing with the Stars

I watch a lot of TV, I know, but Dancing with the Stars may be on of my guiltiest pleasures. I don't know why, but this show just draws me back season after season (except last season, when I didn't watch at all, oops).

As if just watching the show isn't enough, I take notes. Not joking. I grab the nearest pen and scratch paper and write down the best performances, the worst performances, and anything and everything Tom says that makes me laugh.

Here are some thoughts from last night's premiere:

Spotted in the audience: Past DWTS contestant (and winner, right?) Evan Lyasek; Weddy Williams (?); The Situation's sister, cheering him on; Jamie Lee Curtis (?); Ray J, cheering on sis Brandy; and Elisha Dushku, cheering on boyfriend Rick Fox (yes, really. I looked it up.)

Everyone was actually a lot better than I expected (especially Audrina, Margarat Cho, and disney channel guy). I feel like this was the highest level performance I've seen in a premiere episode. No one  is hopeless (except maybe Bristol, Michael Bolton and Florence, who, IMHO, I think were the worst of the bunch).... There's a lot of potential there.

That being said, who do I think is going home? I think it will be Bristol. Yes, she has pretty brown hair and good legs, but she was bad. And she has just about zero personality.
Best live moment of the night:
Cariann says to Florence, "Some things get better with age..." and the camera cuts to Jamie Lee Curtis. 

LOL, indeed.


A letter to Mark

Dear Mark Schwahn and other OTH masterminds,
  • Please do not kill off Clay and Quinn. That would totally suck. Reasons why:
  • I like them.
  • They are stronger regulars than Mia and Chase and Milli and Brooke's mom and Alexander and...
  • Haley would go in to super depressed mode if her mom died AND her sister died. 
  • Nathan wouldn't have a manager.
  • The only 'hot' guys left would be Nathan and Julien.... and then you'll have to introduce a new love interest for Quinn if she lives and then you'll have more characters. Why not just stick with the ones we have?
  • If they both die, no one will understand why the bitch killed them because they don't know she looks like his dead wife. (or do they? I can't remember?).
  • His house on the beach deserves to be occupied.
  • I can only listen to Brooke's voice and Haley's whiny optimism for so long. I need Quinn. 
  • Quinn has pretty hair and cute clothes.
  • Clay has pretty hair and cute clothes. 
  • They actually provide some comic relief because they are funny together.
  • I want to see a couple being boyfriend and girlfriend and not in a love triangle or married/engaged.
  • Again, because I like them. 
Either way, I hate where this storyline went because if they live, they will either be depressed or angry or, possibly worse, more in love and appreciative of life than ever better. Remember how annoying Peyton was in the end when she thought she was going to die? Ugh.

Just when you thought you've seen it all...

"Just when you thought you've seen it all on TV, E! has ordered a new reality show that combines weddings and plastic surgery.

Bridalplasty will feature 12 brides-to-be competing in wedding-themed challenges to win the surgical procedure of her choice, the network announced Thursday."

VMAs... or Kanye and Taylor show?

"No, no, no, don't applaud They're the reason MTV doesn't play your videos." 
-Chelsea Handler announcing the cast of Jersey Shore

This is embarrassing to admit, considering I was up for a job at MTV, but I never thought I really liked the MTV VMAs (and then I backtracked and realized I've watched it religiously at the Deeg the last four years). In fact, I didn't even see Kanye-gate live last year (I just heard abou it via Twitter and then changed the channel to MTV). I don't know why the VMAs never really appealed to me- maybe I get bored watching performances, maybe I don't keep up on new music enough to care.... maybe it's a good thing I didn't get that job at MTV.....

But this year, I watched. And so did more than 11 million other people. And I will admit, I was entertained. Yes, even during performances I didn't really care about (I'm looking at you, Eminem).

The Good:

  • The stage. It was sick.
  • Lady Gaga was... well, a lady. Last year, she was kind of crazy (remember that blood everywhere? Kermit on her shoulder on the red carpet?), but despite a dress made out of meat, she actually seemed down to earth while accepting her (numerous) awards. Plus, I'm super happy she swept the competition. Let's face it, her stuff was the best.
  • Cher coming out just proved that some performers are legends for a reason. She was so at ease on stage
  • Florence and the Machine's performance was my favorite of the night. Awesome vocals, awesome stage, awesome dancers.
  • Linkin Park's stage - the Griffith Observatory - was a-maz-ing
  • Kanye.... see below. 

The Bad:
  • Not getting to see Gabi on the red carpet! I missed the pre-show :(
  • The host..... not Chelsea Handler in particular, but really, do we even need a host? What is the point to have someone introduce the people who are introducing musical acts? Can't it just be a voice over? Does the host serve any purpose except to give an opening monologue and do dumb gags on stage?
  • A note to Justin Bieber. You failed. This was your chance to prove to me you actually had talent, and you decided to lip sync. Not cool, man boy.
  • Taylor Swift.... See below. 
My opinion on Kanye vs. Taylor Swift:
Kanye wins. Kanye always wins. Say what you will, but Kanye took the high road here. Last week, he apologized via Twitter and you know what Taylor said? That she thinks he was just doing it to sell records and that she wishes he would stop talking about it and stop 'using her name' to make money. And then how does she open her performance at the VMAs? By showing footage from that night!! WTF. She then proceeds to sing a sappy song about how Kanye needs to grow up....

Who you are is not what you did
32 is still growing up now ... you're still an innocent
Everyone of us has messed up, too
I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new

If she would have sang the song alone, people would have just assumed it was an answer to Kanye, but by showing the footage before, she made it clear who/what she was singing about. Kanye, on the other hand, sang a song about the douchebags, the assholes, and the scumbags.... aka himself. Maybe if Taylor's song had been about her, about her struggle, about her pain, instead of about someone else, I would have felt better about it. 



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