VMAs... or Kanye and Taylor show?

"No, no, no, don't applaud They're the reason MTV doesn't play your videos." 
-Chelsea Handler announcing the cast of Jersey Shore

This is embarrassing to admit, considering I was up for a job at MTV, but I never thought I really liked the MTV VMAs (and then I backtracked and realized I've watched it religiously at the Deeg the last four years). In fact, I didn't even see Kanye-gate live last year (I just heard abou it via Twitter and then changed the channel to MTV). I don't know why the VMAs never really appealed to me- maybe I get bored watching performances, maybe I don't keep up on new music enough to care.... maybe it's a good thing I didn't get that job at MTV.....

But this year, I watched. And so did more than 11 million other people. And I will admit, I was entertained. Yes, even during performances I didn't really care about (I'm looking at you, Eminem).

The Good:

  • The stage. It was sick.
  • Lady Gaga was... well, a lady. Last year, she was kind of crazy (remember that blood everywhere? Kermit on her shoulder on the red carpet?), but despite a dress made out of meat, she actually seemed down to earth while accepting her (numerous) awards. Plus, I'm super happy she swept the competition. Let's face it, her stuff was the best.
  • Cher coming out just proved that some performers are legends for a reason. She was so at ease on stage
  • Florence and the Machine's performance was my favorite of the night. Awesome vocals, awesome stage, awesome dancers.
  • Linkin Park's stage - the Griffith Observatory - was a-maz-ing
  • Kanye.... see below. 

The Bad:
  • Not getting to see Gabi on the red carpet! I missed the pre-show :(
  • The host..... not Chelsea Handler in particular, but really, do we even need a host? What is the point to have someone introduce the people who are introducing musical acts? Can't it just be a voice over? Does the host serve any purpose except to give an opening monologue and do dumb gags on stage?
  • A note to Justin Bieber. You failed. This was your chance to prove to me you actually had talent, and you decided to lip sync. Not cool, man boy.
  • Taylor Swift.... See below. 
My opinion on Kanye vs. Taylor Swift:
Kanye wins. Kanye always wins. Say what you will, but Kanye took the high road here. Last week, he apologized via Twitter and you know what Taylor said? That she thinks he was just doing it to sell records and that she wishes he would stop talking about it and stop 'using her name' to make money. And then how does she open her performance at the VMAs? By showing footage from that night!! WTF. She then proceeds to sing a sappy song about how Kanye needs to grow up....

Who you are is not what you did
32 is still growing up now ... you're still an innocent
Everyone of us has messed up, too
I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new

If she would have sang the song alone, people would have just assumed it was an answer to Kanye, but by showing the footage before, she made it clear who/what she was singing about. Kanye, on the other hand, sang a song about the douchebags, the assholes, and the scumbags.... aka himself. Maybe if Taylor's song had been about her, about her struggle, about her pain, instead of about someone else, I would have felt better about it. 

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