A letter to Mark

Dear Mark Schwahn and other OTH masterminds,
  • Please do not kill off Clay and Quinn. That would totally suck. Reasons why:
  • I like them.
  • They are stronger regulars than Mia and Chase and Milli and Brooke's mom and Alexander and...
  • Haley would go in to super depressed mode if her mom died AND her sister died. 
  • Nathan wouldn't have a manager.
  • The only 'hot' guys left would be Nathan and Julien.... and then you'll have to introduce a new love interest for Quinn if she lives and then you'll have more characters. Why not just stick with the ones we have?
  • If they both die, no one will understand why the bitch killed them because they don't know she looks like his dead wife. (or do they? I can't remember?).
  • His house on the beach deserves to be occupied.
  • I can only listen to Brooke's voice and Haley's whiny optimism for so long. I need Quinn. 
  • Quinn has pretty hair and cute clothes.
  • Clay has pretty hair and cute clothes. 
  • They actually provide some comic relief because they are funny together.
  • I want to see a couple being boyfriend and girlfriend and not in a love triangle or married/engaged.
  • Again, because I like them. 
Either way, I hate where this storyline went because if they live, they will either be depressed or angry or, possibly worse, more in love and appreciative of life than ever better. Remember how annoying Peyton was in the end when she thought she was going to die? Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

AND, my reason I don't want them to die is because my daughter will have her name!!



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